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I was approached outside my local Target store by a young ma. He stated that he was involved in a contest to win tuition and travel money. He said that I could help him by purchasing magazines. The best way to help him, he said, was by donating a subscription of the Disney magazine to a women's shelter. This would earn him extra bonus points. I wrote out a check for $48.00 which he took. I got a receipt numbered. Upon returning home, I realized that this did not seem like a legitimate business, so I followed the procedures on the back of my receipt to cancel the order. I mailed it certified mail, and it has been received by Atlantic Circulation Inc. Their contract states that if I cancel, any payments made will be returned within 10 business days following the receipt by them of my cancellation notice. I was shocked today to see that there are so many other complaints lodged against this company. I hope that this can help someone else. If you are approached by someone representing this company, keep your money. It is a scam.

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  • St
      Jan 12, 2010

    There is a magazine crew travelling the US and scamming people. They recently were in TX you can see compaints at the below links. When some one comes to your door watch out for names liek Terri Miller, Sean Yannotti, Kevin Oxford, Emerson Winfield, Donna Stubbs, Devon Wescoe and Matt Nagengast.


    I don't understand why this hasnt been stopped earlier! Help stop them.

    Report, and complain about your situation

    go to and fill out complaint forms be sure to use names so that they are easier to track down. :

    and most importantly contact your State Attorney General.

    The list is at

    Please help stop!

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  • Ha
      Feb 23, 2010

    A young person came to my residence selling magazine subscriptions. I bought one called Unique Homes that was touted as inside tours of unique estates. What I received was ONE real estate magazine featuring high end homes that I could have received free. This is an out and out scam.

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  • Su
      Jul 18, 2010

    Well, like several others out there, I had a clean record of not having been scammed until two young men showed up at my door selling magazines for their trip to Europe. Immediately after they left with $40 for a 3-year subscription to Outside Magazine, I got online, saw the list of complaints about Atlantic Subscription Inc. being a complete scam, and knew I'd been had.

    At first, I was just going to let it go, say goodbye to the $40, and let it be a lesson of "NEVER AGAIN"--but after I heard several stories about how these kids (young adults in age but kids in maturity and how they've been dealt a bad hand in life), it became all about trying to stop people from taking advantage of kids like these.

    So, I've submitted a cancellation and made a copy and sent it to the Attorney General. I also have other copies and will continue to pursue this and make life difficult for the company until they step in and put a stop to this.

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