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Atlantic Circulation Inc. / employee abuse

1 Akron, OH, United States Review updated:
Contact information:
Phone: 330-780-7652

My 19 year old son took off on this venture 9 days ago. He was promised free room & transportation & $20.00 a day cash for personal expenses during a 2 week training period. Now that he is in another state he has to help pay for the room each night & doesn't get his $20.00 a day. If they don't get cash sales for the day then nobody gets any money. People do not receive magazines. It's a scam. They just take your cash & spend it to live from day to day. They left my son & another kid stranded at a gas station in West Virginia because the "managers" didn't have enough gas to pick them back up at the "meeting point". So now I'm on my way to West Virginia to get my kid & bring him home. Unfortunately, alot of the kids don't have family that will help them get back home so they are stuck because they never get paid more than a few bucks at a time & have to use that to eat. When I tried to find the website for this "company" it says the domain name is for sale. You would think that somebody could put a stop to this.
Susan Pistawka
Akron, Ohio

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  • La
      22nd of Aug, 2009
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    its all true, i just got left in columbia south carolina at a greyhound station with no ticket, money, anything. It got so bad i started getting hit when i had so sales, he said it was either that or take a bus home. I made the mistake of letting my manager know i had nowhere to go if i ever left mag crew. They played me hard and no matter how many sales i had i saw at the most 5 or ten bucks a night, there was always a reason he couldnt pay me like or crew was too small and all the cash got u Csed for the room, or hed give me five bucks and say he had me later when people paid him back.When id ask for it later id get told to get out of his face and dont ask him for nothin. Theyre stupid response would always be GO TO WORK. Theyre a bunch of modern day gypssys that take advantage of kids with nothing and promise them the world and treat them like prostitutes and slave labor them until people realize whats going down and literally have to escape in the middle of the night to not get jumped by these psychos. NEVER TAKE THE JOB its all bs what they tell you, its a huge scam and they act like its not, i think they actually beleive their own lies. I dont know how they sleep at night. The skinny crackhead CEO drives a 745 beemer, hes proud to be a ###. CARMAS A ### MATT NAGANGAST

  • Cm
      8th of Nov, 2009
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    I am horrified not only by what I found when investigating this business but also by what my friend and I experienced in trying to get my 20 year old son back from a "CREW"!!!
    My son took a job with a crew that had come into our hometown. Once they had "recruited" him they took off to their next destination which was not one that my son was told they were going to. They had my son 3 hours away from home before I even knew he was gone. It does not matter if your "kid" is under or over the legal age of 18 - they are still your "kid" and mine was not going to be experiencing any of the horrors that I had read about!
    It is unbelievable to me that this organization has not been brought to justice. My heart breaks for these kids that are tricked into taking a job that turns out to be nothing like what they are promised but instead a form of slave labor with all types of abuse!
    With the help of a police officer, family and friends we were able to research the company and find out what my son had gotten himself into and then remove him before we had lost him for good.
    In the two/three days that my son had "worked" for this company he had his eyes opened as to what it was really going to be like for him with them and when I was able to reach him he was already trying to figure a way out.
    If you are a kid trapped in a crew please know that there is a way out for you. Just reach out to someone, anyone and you can find help. If you are someone who is approached by a crew member or manager...remember what you were taught when young...don't talk to strangers and run! If your a parent looking for your child my heart goes out to you. Have hope and if people can keep spreading the word about this awful business maybe something will come about to bring an end to it!!
    My son is safe and home.

  • St
      12th of Jan, 2010
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    There is a magazine crew travelling the US and scamming people.

    I don't understand why this hasnt been stopped earlier! Help stop them.

    Report, and complain about your situation

    go to and fill out complaint forms be sure to use names so that they are easier to track down. :

    and most importantly contact your State Attorney General.

    The list is at

    Please help stop!

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