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ATIC / Bad service

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Worst company ever. Not re-writing my review. Speaking of that where did all of our reviews go? This company doesn't deserve 6. Customer service horible. If you end up with bad hardware don't expect them to help you.


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A  4th of Feb, 2009 by 
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Worst most unprofessional store ever. Worst customer service in history of Earth. They are very rude, don't speak clear English, and sold me a damaged product, telling me it was new. They would not let me exchange it for another. They said I had to take it up with the manufacturer. This was 5 minutes after I bought it! DO NOT EVER BUY ANYTHING AT ATIC COMPUTERS IN VANCOUVER. They do not deserve your hard earned money.
D  23rd of Sep, 2011 by 
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When is the staff from NCIX.com going to stop posting fake complaints on the internet about ATIC? If you didn't purchase anything from ATIC, and you've never done business with ATIC, you shouldn't be posting misleading and false complaints about ATIC.

If you're going to post something, please cite the following :
1. What you purchased.
2. What your invoice/order number was.
3. What the exact nature of the problem was.
4. What attempt to resolve the issue you *actually* made, not something made up in your head.
5. What our *actual* response was to the issue.

The first review says nothing, the second review says we sold them a "damaged product", telling them it was new. This doesn't tell anyone anything. What was the product? How was it damaged? And really, you discovered it 5 minutes after you bought it? The only way you did that is if you dropped it on the way out of the store, in which case, you're right, we would tell you that we can't exchange it, because we don't cover damage caused by you, particularly when you drop something on concrete (the little bits of dirt that are stuck to the packaging are kind of a dead giveaway).
A  5th of Jul, 2012 by 
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^^ ok smart ###.

1. A PC that is supposed to accommodate up to 12 Monitor Displays
2. Order #: 141366
3. I had talked over the phone with Ken Gallant in regards to building a PC that would allow me to use up to 12 displays. I said that at present, I will purchase the system with only 1 video card that will allow 4 displays, but that I want the system to be set up so that I can add the additional videocards to support the aforementioned multiple displays. Ken said that was no problem and put together a system with 1 PNY Quadro NVS 420 video card and said that all I had to do in the future for more displays is to buy the 2nd card identical to the first, and the 3rd card the same but with a PCI slot. I picked up the System and at the same time I ordered an additional PNY Quadro NVS 420 card. Yesterday I went to pick up the extra card, and made sure to ask Ken himself if all I had to do was to install the card and everything would work right away. He said, yes, all you have to do is install the card and everything will work fine. After installing the second card and the appropriate drivers, I came across the issue that the second card was not working. (In the device manager, it would have a code12). I tried basic troubleshooting and internet research to fix the problem but nothing seemed to work. At this point I called ATIC and talked with Ken. I told him the issue, and he just bluntly told me to call PNY to solve the problem. I argued that this is a problem that should be fixed by ATIC because it was the stores, more specifically Ken's, responsibility to make sure that the system I purchased was working to the specifications that I requested. Ken responded very rudely and said its not his problem and that I need to call PNY and then HUNG UP ON ME. I couldn't believe how rude and unprofessional his behaviour was, I called back and spoke to him again asking him not to hang up but to resolve the issue. I told him that I specifically said this system was to work with multiple video cards to allow up to 12 displays and that he said it would work but it clearly doesn't. Therefore he should fix the problem and not send me to the video cards manufacturer. His response was even more rude than before. He told me that I can bring in the system but it wont be checked out until tomorrow and that I will be charged $60 an hour for it to be fixed. I again argued that I shouldn't have to pay repair costs for a system that I JUST purchased that did not work as was agreed upon. I paid for a system to work with 12 monitors, I received one that didn't. He almost yelling said "CALL PNY, IM NOT GOING TO HELP YOU" and again hung up the phone.

4. I called PNY, after hours of waiting before I could actually reach technical assistance, the conclusion was reached that this was not an issue with the Video cards but with the system it self. Thus, Ken's rude insistence that I call PNY resulted in nothing but wasted time, the only thing that came out of it was that I knew that it wasn't a PNY issue, but an issue with the system that ATIC put together and therefore should of been trying to fix in the first place. After hours of trial an error I finally solved the problem myself by updating the bios.
5. read #3, your response was to completely ignore a customer who has made MULTIPLE purchases from your store. Ken Gallant was the most disrespectful and rude employee I have ever had to deal with, hanging up on me twice and telling me its not his problem. When I pay over $1800 for a system, I expect that it will work as was agreed upon.

I will never make any purchases from ATIC again, and recommend that you either prevent Ken Gallant from dealing with any customers in the future, or fire him completely. His behaviour is completely inappropriate, especially when it was his responsibility to ensure that the system was working properly before handing it over to me.

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