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I read on aspkin's site itself that this "auction stealth" guide by aspkin is utter garbage. I got a copy and found out this is true - IT IS GARBAGE!

I read on aspkin's site itself that this "auction stealth" guide by aspkin is utter garbage. Supposedly from what some people on there say, Aspkin was booted off EBAY two years ago and has not managed to even get back on since. His ONLY EBAY account built up a whopping feedback score of 26.

Also he does not sell ANYTHING on EBAY anymore according to what I read. What a fraud. How can someone who doesn't even SELL on ebay try to teach people ABOUT EBAY? Like the blind leading the blind.

Why buy a guide from someone who knows NOTHING about EBAY? Whatever he knows he lifts from his forum is what the guy said in his posts.

From reading the Ebay Stealth Guide, it is clear that aspkin knows NOTHING about Ebay.See Top 10 Worst Companies in San Antonio, TXHe has not sold a single item on EBAY in over two years, and has no idea what is going on with Ebay for a long time now. If you look over, say, the last hundred posts from aspkin at his forum (if you want to research this at, you won't find a single mention of "wow I sold this on EBAY and that happened, " "I got a complaint from an EBAY buyer, " "Ebay is removing my listings because I did this or charged too much shipping, " "Ebay changed this policy this is how it is affecting me, " "I opened this account on EBAY this is what happened, " etc. etc. Whatever aspkin has to say on the subject of EBAY he lifts from the forum or states "in theory" what he thinks should be.
I discount anything aspkin has to say on the subject of EBAY, and the biggest joke is his "Ebay Stealth" guide which someone else (named Mike, a Canadian) wrote for him and then aspkin edited based on what he thought might be true that he lifted from his forum.
John C
San Francisco, California

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      Oct 30, 2015

    Sounds like a [censored] pcomplaining because someone else can do something he can't

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