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2806 Business Center Drive Pearland, Texas 77584, Pearland, TX, United States Review updated:

Back in February I went to this location to purchase a bedroom set. I informed the salesperson that I wanted to pay for the set but was in the process of having my new home built and would need to have the furniture delivered to a different address. The salesperson informed me of a "layaway program" that holds your furniture and you incur no interest fees or minimum payments. I told him I was going to pay for the furniture that day and he said this program would be better. So I did that. About 6 weeks later I went in to make a final payment( although none had been required I had gone in twice to make payments and to check on my merchandise, which I had been told was there in the warehouse) and schedule the delivery. After my check cleared I was then told by the rude clerk that my delivery date was the 25th. I said well that today. She say no, May 25th. I was then informed that my merchandise was never actually there on site. I requested the manager who was of zero help. He was rude, careless, and offered no apology or solution other than for us to select new merchandise that could MAYBE be delivered in 2 weeks. I was so fed up with them. I gave them a few choice words and vowed to drag their name through the mud. They have my money and we still have to wait for our bed room set. This store is full of rude liars who have no customer service etiquette what so ever. I wish I had someone to tell me not to do business with them prior to spending my money. However, I am making it my duty to spread the word on this store. BUYER BEWARE. Do not purchase anything from Ashley Furniture. EVER

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      25th of Jun, 2012

    I honestly cannot see how this scamming operation is allowed to continue to steal money from the consumer. I also wish I had done the research on the internet to see all the complaints prior to me losing my hard earned money. Where do they dig up people like this to work for them, so deceitful. How do they sleep at night? I went in the store and found something which I thought would be a nice fit in my home. I proceeded to give the down payment to order and was told it would be about 3 weeks. I think I have made a good purchase for the moment. I was told everything I wanted to hear to seal the deal. I come home and tap on my computer and get nothing but warnings about ASHLEY FURNITURE along with the product I purchased. I immediately drive back to the store only hours from the actual completion of the deal. Explained to them I changed my mind and don't believe this is a good product for me. I asked for a refund to my DEBIT card and was told rudely that they cannot do refunds. Really now...I told them not to bother ordering the product and to have the area Manger call me (he was the one who I mostly dealt with at the time) The little ### did not have the nerve to call me. But I did receive a call the following Monday from the so called customer service only to call and confirm the sale and delivery address etc. I was shocked! I explained to her there is no delivery...I do not want the stuff and made that clear to the so called sales clerk in the store days ago. I went into detail with her that I wanted a refund. I am told that she will work on that and get back to me...OH YEAH...RIGHT! After many calls I speak to someone else that tells me that I actually owe them money for a restocking cancellation fee which is 25%. I was beyond mad from the stupidity of such. I explained..I have NO PRODUCT...NO PRODUCT HAS BEEN ORDERED THEREFORE THERE IS NOTHING TO RESTOCK! WTF! I still have not received my money back and I don't have a piece of junk furniture either. So, I have learned a hard lesson and not about to stop here. I have decided that the people that work for them are trained clones or spawns of the devil. Pure evil to know each day you have shafted every person that walked in the store. On that note. I pray you all rot in hell at ASHLEY FURNITURE AND GET WHAT YOU DESERVE. Your day is coming !!!

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