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Arlees French Bulldogs / French dog breeder

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This lady “Lily” likes to play games, I’m very close from calling her a scam artist. When she responded to my inquiry with what exactly I was looking for I told her my expected price, gender, color etc. She responded that she had one exactly fitting my criteria but had others (different color etc) at 4000. For the next 7 hours I emailed her questions about the puppy himself, whether it liked dogs cats, kids etc, housebroken to which she replied extremely vaguely, to which I found odd. I was always very polite and cordial with her. Her replies were always one worded and vague. She said she didn’t have a current picture of the puppy (which is odd for a breeder selling puppies) but sent me a video of very poor quality of a 2 black Frenchies playing. When I told her I was serious about it and would like to see him and potentially pick him up this weekend, she replied back (within 30 minutes) by telling me that someone has just made a deposit on the dog therefore he was no longer available - HOWEVER, in the same email told me she had other puppies for sale for $4000. She totally gave me the run around, this is typical of scam artists. They lure you in with an enticing offer then at the last minute when the transaction is about to get serious they pull out and tell you they have others that are better at a greater price. We were extremely disappointed with the entire dialogue with her, she knew exactly what she was doing and from some of the other reviews online, it seems I am not the only “victim” of her shady methods. If she employs shady selling techniques who knows how good her puppy raising technique is….Trust me on this, having a fancy website doesn’t mean you have a quality product and know what you’re doing. From me to you: STAY FAR AWAY!

Nov 17, 2016

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  • Li
      17th of Nov, 2016
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    The person's real name who posted the complaint is Tony Clerc, who is a college professor of the College of the Desert. I have responded to his questions with the prompt answers. The conversation did not even go to the point of the deposit and etc. I was told that we will come and pick up the puppy. However, the process does not work that way, because I first get to know the potential puppy parent. Have conversations with them. Furthermore, I was accused of not having the puppy and being the scam artist. Unfortunately, those accusations came from that person who never saw me, never spoke to me. I never took any deposits from that person. I never promised to sell a puppy. That was just a mere inquiry. However, the puppy got reserved by the people whom I had a previous contact with. As soon as I received a deposit, I informed Mr. Clerc that the puppy has been reserved. I have offered a different puppy, as a courtesy to him. He originally was looking for a lower priced puppy and a different color puppy. Unfortunately, certain people do not take "no" for an answer. I have a process which people go thru in order to adopt the puppy from me. I will be happy to forward the emails to whom ever is interested in the communication between me and Mr. Clerc regarding this matter. I took my time and answered every email he sent to me in the appropriate fashion. Those emails are available upon request. They consist of threats, accusations from the person whom I never met or spoke with. Thankfully, this web site allows posting the responses. Therefore, I took the opportunity to do that.

  • An
      18th of Nov, 2016
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    Yes, and this is coming from the lady who told me that she had an MBA and a JD to prove her self worth to me (hard to believe). She will distort what was said. If any reader wants to have a copy of the conversation and follow the flow of events as well as how the conversation went, I would be also very happy to attach it., including the part when she tells me she has an MBA and a JD. She never ever informed me about how I should go about buying a puppy from her, she never told me about a deposit or any of the process involved in our 7 hour conversation. Only answering very vaguely to tell me at the end that the puppy had been spoken for but that she had another puppy for 4000! Once again, see for yourself people. Trust your instincts. I am obviously not the first person to complain about the way she does things. I hope more people realize this if they think about doing business with Arlees French Bulldog and Lily Harper.

  • Li
      18th of Nov, 2016
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    I am happy to verify my education credentials. Unfortunately, this is an attack from a college professor. Sad...
    This is the proof that I place my puppies very carefully. I don't sell just to anybody. What kind of home that will be, if I sold a puppy to that person? The college professor who is engaged in this personal attack.

  • Al
      15th of Dec, 2018
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    I adopted a Frenchie puppy from Lily in April 2018. Our interactions were just what I expected from a reputable breeder. I am involved in two breed rescues so I expected a breeder to qualify me as a potential home for a puppy. Lily was extremely professional and took the time to make sure that we were the right fit for a dog and answered all my questions about the history of her breeding line. After we took our puppy home, Lily stayed connected on a regular basis to make sure everyone was settling in. I have zero hesitation working with Lily again or recommending her to any interested Frenchie parents who might not want to explore Frenchie rescue.

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