Arizona Medical Boardfamily medical walk in prescott

Dt Nov 29, 2018 Prescott, AZ

Family Medical Walk In Prescott has repeatedly refused to disclose the results of my blood test (sample takin at facility). Over 3 weeks had passed and several calls by myself to get results. FMW said that my results were "abnormal and concerning" and they required me to see the Nurse Practitioner, Alice Proia, before they would release the results.

I have been told, that it is illegal for a facility to withhold test results.
I ordered the blood draw, I paid for the blood draw. The results should not be withheld from me in order for FMI to have another office visit paid by me.
And then for them to use the scare tactic, saying that the results were concerning, is a disgusting ploy on their part.

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