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November 1, 2012, I was interviewed for a sales position for Ardmore Nissan by an outside recruiting firm National Auto Academy by their company representative,

Paul Colpin. I was accepted and trained for three days and on the last day November 3, 2012 it was announced at the end of the class that in order to be eligible to be employed by Ardmore Nissan that I had to pay immediately $698.00 or I could not start work on Novemberr 5, 2012. Reluctantly I paid the fee and started my first day on November 5, 2012. I reported to work and started studying and testing on product knowledge from November 5th to November 12, 2012. Then I was told by their General Manager, Tim Shields and their Sales Manager, Ann Hettinger that based on declining sales that they had hired too many salesman and I would be terminated. Both Tim and Ann assured me that my training pay of $400.00 would be directly deposited into my bank account, which they had all the forms from my bank to deposit funds on November 16, 2012. Not receiving the training pay as agreed, I sent a certified letter-return receipt indicating that they had not made the deposit. I waited for a second payroll period thinking that perhaps sometimes it may take two pay periods to receive the payroll. This was not the case as they never paid my wages as agreed. On December 1, 2012, a formal complaint was filled with the Pennsylvania, Department of Labor & Industry - Wage Complaint. Under rule "Wage Payment and Collection Law" Act of 1961, PL. 637, No. 329. Under this Act, Ardmore Nissan and employees can be held liable for Liquidated Damages (Section 10), and in addition under Section 11 (Criminal Remedies) and Section 11.1 (Criminal Penalties) (a) "The secretary or any employe, group of employes, labor organization or party to whom any type of wages is payable may institute prosecutions under this act". (c) Where such employer is a corporation, the president, secretary, treasurer or officers exercising corresponding functions shall be guilty of such summary offense." My advise to anyone thinking of becoming an employee of this company be aware of their unethical practices.


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Ardmore Nissan is a Disgrace- Poor Customer Service. My dealer is an absolute disgrace to the Nissan company. I was treated with the most unprofessional and disdainful customer service I have ever experienced. After talking with one of their online internet sales reps, I was told that my vehicle would be worth $18, 00 or more. So Saturday I came into the dealership, ready to buy a 2011 Nissan xTerra. I explained that I was ready to buy over 60 months the xTerra and would like their best offer. I also told them I had limited time but would be willing to come back to sign the papers either later that day or on Monday. The sale rep that I dealt with in the store was not the internet rep as the internet rep was on vacation and he would have to evaluate the value of my vehicle. After close to an hour he came back in to tell me that my vehicle would only be worth $16000 because of scratches that were on it would take hours of repair. I told him I wasn't aware of any scratches and I told him that was unacceptable and that his $16000 offer was unacceptable and I would shop around. The sales rep then went to his sales manager to ask for more value. They both came over and said they would call around to see if they could get $17, 000 but that if they could they would like me to promise to make a deal with them. I again told them I would shop around. After I left, I got the car washed to see what specific "scratches" they were referring to. Once cleaned there were black marks which after 30 seconds of gentle rubbing were removed. I immediately emailed the sales rep back explaining this and asked that he reconsider the value as originally appraised by the internet sales rep. He failed to get back to me so I went to the store. When I arrived, he met me in the lot and told me that the best he could do even with the lack of scratches was $16, 500. So I went in to speak with the sales manager, he was just as ignorant and disrespectful and told me I could take it or leave it. I asked where the $18, 000 offer went that I had in writing from one of his reps? I also had an ad sent by the store that said the store would give $500 above Kelley Blue Book (which my vehicle is currently valued at $18, 464). Both the sales manager and the sales rep asked me, "Who sent this post card to you? The value of the vehicle depreciate all the time." I said, "Your store sent this to me and one of your reps put in writing 24 hours ago that the value of my vehicle was at least $18, 000 and I highly think my car depreciated $3000 in 24 hours." I also confronted them about the alleged scratches on my vehicle that would take "countless man hours to fix" that I literally wiped off in less than 30 seconds. They both lied and said the scratches had no bearing on the $16, 000 price they gave me yesterday.

These lies, rude behavior and horrific customer service are making me significantly question my choice of the Nissan brand. I have been a loyal customer for 3 years. I was ready to buy a new vehicle TODAY and in CASH, however because of this terrible treatment over the past 48 hours I am doubting if this is a company where I want to spend my money. These men are an awful representation of a car buying experience and an extremely poor reflection of your company and brand. As a business owner myself, I would be appalled if any of my sales team treated any customer the way I was treated not once but by 3 different employees

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      Dec 06, 2012

    Please stop doubting. DON'T BUY FROM THERE! It's your money, if they cannot appreciate you as a customer vote with your feet! It's time we as consumers teach these lazies that we own our consumer power not them.

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