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Arctic Shores Kennels / Fauls Advertisement of the animal purchased.

1 155 Stonegate LnCampbell, VA, United States Review updated:
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I purchased a 12 week old puppy which was supposed to be a pure breed Siberian Husky. It turns out he is mixed with a Malamute and if blind in one eye. He was apparently born with it blind and she claimed he was perfectly healthy and his eye was fine. She also stated she would be sending the AKC papers to me. It has been almost 3 months and I have received nothing. She has stopped responding to my emails and complaints. AKC should get involved with breeders who claim to be selling a product or animal that AKC supports to be a pure breed.

The dog also had mites and was very dirty, he appeared to be covered in urine which turned his fur yellow, after a few baths he his coat has cleaned up and he is a beautiful dog.

Buyer beware, do not purchase from this breeder, her dogs all appear to not be treated well, her house is also a mess and spells of urine and feces. The dogs are not kept in good condition.


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  • Ke
      8th of Feb, 2009
    -1 Votes

    My family purchased a ( siberian husky ) pup from Artic Shores Kennels on 09/07/2008. My pup was very clean, no fleas, mites, nothing was wrong with this pup. I received great customer service from this breeder. I was in total and complete contact with this breeder every week until, my pup was shipped to us in Jacksonville, Fl. on time. My family and I did not have any issues, problems with this breeder. I have taken my pup to the VET, I had several test run on my pup. My VET was very impressed with the health of the pup.
    The VET stated " He is the best looking dog, I've seen in years."
    My pup is SUPER with wife and my 5 year old little girl.
    My family could not be happier with our pup " Dragon "

  • Ga
      13th of Mar, 2009
    +2 Votes

    I purchased a Siberian husky from the same place. The poor puppy was filled with fleas and worms. He is a very beautiful dog. I was never at her house so I do not know the conditions there. She didn't offer a contract like most breeders do. Haven't received AKC papers either. Purchased puppy in November 2008.

  • Zo
      16th of Mar, 2009
    +2 Votes

    I purchashed a puppy from Arctic shores in 08. Deb was very hard to cummincate with . When I finally got the pup, Which was two weeks late, she had mites and lice on her, was malnurished and was extremely filthy. She also had huge scars all over her face, which would explain why she would't send me a recent picture. She didn't not let me know abot her face and did not give me a good reason why she was in this condition.The pup also had giardia, and now has IBD.The pup isn't even a year old and I have already spent 5, 000 and more on vet bills. The pup also had not been socialize at all and was very agressive. She was and is scared of people and children. Arctic Shores Kennel should be shut down. People need to contact Animal Control as I did and the Better Business Bureau also to let people know. If there are enough complaints about the puppies conditions hopefully they will close Deborha Creamer down. I consider this the most expensive puppy rescue of all times. Breeder like this are why there are husky rescue.

  • Tb
      17th of Mar, 2009
    +1 Votes

    'Kevin' Interesting, sounds more like Deborah Creamer to me, don't come on to here and try to help your cause with a good note.

    You should be shut down. Your house was filthy and all the puppies were dirty and had mites and and lice.

  • Wa
      3rd of Aug, 2009
    0 Votes

    I do not know this breeder nor do I know of this breeder so I can not comment on her puppies or practices specificcally. I can, however, state that this breeder makes FALSE claimes on her website and advertisements concerning the puppies she has for sale. I am a breeder of AKC/UKC Siberian Huskies and commonly have 1 or 2 solid white puppies in a litter or even full litters of 4 - 8 solid white Siberian Husky puppies. Solid white, nor any other color, is considered "rare" among Siberian Huskies. Solid white Siberians, however, rarely do well in conformation shows and are discouraged in such shows because they simply don't show as well as other colored Siberians. As for woolies, which this breeder also offers, they are generally discouraged in northern climates because their coats collect & retain snow & ice which is often harmful to the dogs and, therefore, also discouraged among dog show people. All this being said, the value of a Siberian is not based on his/her color. All colors of Siberians are acceptable by AKC standards. The value of a Siberian IS based on his/her conformation to standard, working ability, health and temperament. Siberians are NOT, however, the right breed for just anyone. Please research this breed and be well knowledgeable on them before contacting any breeder about adding a Siberian to your family.

    P.S.: I've had 2 litters this year. The 1st litter consisted of 6 puppies, 1 of which is solid white. The 2nd litter consisted of 8 puppies, all of which are solid white.

  • To
      25th of Mar, 2010
    +1 Votes

    Arctic Shores kennels is a PUPPY MILL!! Please check with the Siberian Husky Club of
    She is NOT a member because all the she does is breed her dogs. She has OVER 100 dogs... that is RIDICULOUS! Her dogs are kept in horrible conditions. Please do your research before buying from anyone who sells puppies. If they don't do the health certifications required for that breed, they are a PUPPY MILL! I know for a fact that Arctic Shores does NOT check their breeding stock for juvenile cataracts and hip displasia which is prevalent in the Siberian Husky breed. Ask to see PROOF of the parent's of your puppies health checks. These are called CERF and OFA numbers. If they can't produce them... they are nothing but a puppy mill and can't possible guarantee their puppies to be free from genetic diseases. I PROMISE!!!

  • Ve
      4th of Aug, 2010
    0 Votes

    2 hrs 33 mins ago by vettechngladstoneva99 0 Votes

    I know a breeder snow storm kennels clifton forge va shelly smith got a dog from arctic shores, when the dog was an older pup it snapped at shelly's child who was in the floor eating, she contacted deb at arctic and deb told her sounded like her kid needed to learn manners and what kind of mom sits a toddler (i'm not sure but i think the guy who told me this said shelly' s son was NOT a toddler ) in the floor with a plate of pork meat in front of a puppy of any breed or a dog period, shelly ended up having the dog fixed and she is stunning but shelly really had to do a ton of training and socializing, shelly is an angel to the breed she doesnt give up on a dog, she has a problem with a friend of deb's a family more so the girls parents i heard cause the step dad is in jail now for drugs and arson but huskies who 1 is blind 1 had a testical issue that would have turned cancer if he didnt get fixed and it was a much more intense surgery and he had been purchased as a foundation show stud so shelly's dream lost and the blind one was a replacment for him and he actually had started his show career and had stud services lined up from what i heard, she had a female that the mom was owned by arctic shores, dad by the other people and the pup had lice, fleas, ear infection, every type of worm and two parasitical bacteriall infections of the intestines, then she had problems with one in PA a lady named mary who she got a dog with bladder infection fleas worms and those 2 stomach parasites as well, shelly has all these dogs still last I heard even through a bad divorce, shelly now has some good healthy show dogs has done some rescues as well and had some good solid litters, she is a true matriarch of the breed, i know someone else got a dog well 3 people all breeders 2 in GA 1 in CA from arctic shores as show/breeder dogs she assured they were that quality and sold the dogs $1500 each plus shipping to CA, the 2 from GA picked their's up they said, well the dogs turned out to be from a brother and sister mating and the mother was only 9 months old, they all had lice, giardia and coccidia, 2 had severe socialization issues and 1 was at 4 months old so aggressive the girls vet out in CA suggested she be put to sleep, the two in GA said arctic shores had over 100 dogs packed like sardines and no dog houses or covers and they said she started rambling to them crazy stuff about preparing a mine for the end of the world and they claim she has a page about this on her website, I had 2 dogs from her, both giant malamutes and 1 husky out of apollo and a female named firestorm, all had lice, worms and coccidia and giardia, the malamutes had violent behavior . A guy named alan yates has stories like you wouldntt believe, says he's been to her place a lot and a breeder Mrs. Carter of NC has some stories as well . As bad as she is though they say that other one that was friends with her, the huskita kennel, was headed as bad, they had 2 studs from arctic shores and used gizmo and apollo of arctic shores a couple times and had 1 or 2 girls from her, and they had two really amazing females that have off spring that are pointed in AKC shows, 1 named Icelynd had 2 AKC champion daughters and 1 daughter that is a triple champ, 1 ch title in akc, 1 in ukc and 1 in ckc . The daughter was really ill, Allison, they say she died back in Jan. of 2009 in a car accident at some place called Thomas terrace, the mom Carrie people with blind and other defected dogs have sought to no avail, last I found she was divorced and I found Mc Freeman the husband via a PI he is and I have the info if anyone out there with defective dogs from ib huskitas the freemans wants it, he is in augusta ga is an address but i got some gal that says she is his current girlfriend and that he is in jail from charges in VA for drugs, arson and other stuff and she blames Carrie saying he left her after 18 yrs for this gal and carrie got mad and framed him, but if you ask me he is nuts from what i hear they think the dog thing he made it fronted by that poor girl allison using her cause of her being ill and so sweet but he ran the show as far as breeding and treatment and care of the dogs and customers . I know 1 person who says they have akc dna proof, 3 vets and 4 show mentor breeders that back up her statement that she got a malamutes from arctic shores back in 2003 and it arrived and aside from health and behavior issues it turned out to be a husky, then I know 4 people, 2 in Canada who have huskies they say are dna'd to be husky/malamute mix, and on top of it they have a link to a blog of cat breeders that says arctic shores has and breeds cats now and they have tons of horror stories on that now . All I know is aside from my own story and now yours where I got all these others I have just told is a blog they have soley about arctic shores, huskita kennels and 1 in PA and some breeder in TX, I dont know the TX or PA one, other then what I heard about the PA on along with arctic and huskita from the man who knew Shelly -snow storm kennels and Alan yates of alan dale sibe's.

  • Br
      7th of Sep, 2010
    +1 Votes

    I would like to add an additional BOOOOO!!! to Arctic Shores Kennels. I got my siberian in March of 2008. This dog is now the light of my life and in complete health but when she first came to me, she was not. She came with one of the worst cases of giardia, roundworms, hookworms, and coccidia that I have seen in quite a long while (I am a Veterinary Technician.) She was extremely malnourished, filthy, and timid of every situation. She too ended up having terrible IBD but that has now cleared. We did lots of different treatments and it was very costly, even for working in the field and having extreme discounts.

    What I have not yet seen mentioned on this thread is that.. when I went to pick up my husky from the airport, she was not there. I had called the airline with the confirmation number as Deborah had instructed me to do before driving to the airport. I did and the automated recording told me that my pup was on the plane. I thoroughly enjoyed arriving at the airport only to find NO dog. The airline had no clue what was going on. After they called around, they also learned that this was happening to another family in another part of the country. I called Deborah immediately because I was sure I had been scammed. Never returned a phone call (oh yeah, her phone had been shut off.) Never returned and email. I finally had to go to the police and finally got a detective assigned to the case who drove over there and demanded that she called me. I got my husky a week later after she "claimed" to be sick and had that be her excuse. (Even if sick, you can send a text message, email, have your husband call, etc.) I got my puppy finally but never heard another word from her. She promised my AKC papers were on their way but never showed up. I didn't care for them anyway. I spayed my girl as soon as possible (which I encourage everyone else to do as well.)

    I keep an eye on the website and now this wackjob is selling persian kittens and warning us of the end of the world in 2012. She is a nutter who deserves what is coming for her.

  • Co
      20th of Oct, 2010
    +1 Votes

    Have you seen where she says she is building a mine shaft for the end of the world and for a fee will help you ...i bet i suspect this woman would do nearly anything for a buck she has clearly sold her soul already by all these messages of sorrow on what poor helpless animals to who went through god only knows what to survive and make it thank god to you all, have you seen her picture she dont look right, they say she has small dogs, and cats along with many large breeds cause her so called partners on her site are her under other names to just make it not seem she has many animals for sale of all sorts, just ask people who have actually been to her place like Shelly, Alan, they can name the byb's of her Huskies in VA, and "she created the rare wooly coat" ask AKC, SHCA, a show breeder about woolies

  • Co
      29th of Oct, 2010
    -1 Votes

    I ordered a pup from this place late in 08. I will admit the puppy was late in arriving by a couple of weeks... Deb claimed to be sick, and she blamed that for the delay. I wouldn't have minded, but she didn't communicate with me during that time and I was starting to worry I had been scammed. The puppy was expensive and I nearly called the police...just due to worry because no one was communicating with me. Once she got him on the plane though, he arrived as promised, on time with no problems, and is a great dog. He loves everyone, has a good temperament and is really handsome. He was clean and healthy when he arrived and so was his cage, and the toys, food, and etc that she included. So all in all my only complaint was communication. I don't believe that all of you are lying though, so I hope she cleans up her operation and someone looks into it.

  • Te
      10th of Nov, 2010
    +1 Votes

    Please do not buy any dogs from this breeder. She runs a puppy mill and should be shut down. My dog is now 2 yrs old and anyother person would have put her down for aggression issues. These dogs live in filthy conditions are sick, and are not socialized.

  • Dg
      28th of Dec, 2010
    +1 Votes

    Had major issues with my puppy and the breeder is a scam artist hack. She has serious aggression issues and a genetic birth defect in her urinary tract. The breeder becomes non responsive to emails once the sale is completed. The puppy was severely malnurished and obviously neglected. Come on, no legitimate breeder advertises "rare" colors... that is an obvious red flag for scam artist / puppy mill.

  • Hu
      10th of Mar, 2011
    0 Votes

    I emailed Arctic Shores in 2009 about getting a Siberian Husky and Alaskan Malamute. I found the puppies that I liked, and wanted to get. So, I sent my deposits in, and made arrangements to pick them up in person. When I picked the puppies I wanted, they were only about a week or so old. When they were nearing 4 weeks old, I was looking at the website because Deb told me that she had finally posted new photos, and realised that, I had no idea who my pups parents were. Oh, and there were no new photos of MY pups. I never got any photos past the very first ones!

    I asked her about the parents. She told me that the parents of my Husky was a girl named Firestorm and a boy named Zorro. The parents of my Malamute being a girl named Panda and a boy named Maverick. I looked all over her website, and none of those dogs are shown. I asked her for photos of the parents, and she made excuses for 4 weeks!

    When my pups were 8 weeks old, I tried to make arrangements to go pick them up, but there was always something else happening. I went to her website again to see if I could find a phone number for her, and my pups were back up for sale! I contacted her, and she told me that she was selling them because I had not come and got them. She let me come out the next day. When I walked into her house, the place smelled so strongly of pee. She took me into the room that the babies were in, and it was disgusting. There was poo all over the floor, and the mommas were in wire crates with their babies! My two pups were both stuck in a crate that would have been good for a large house cat!

    I also asked about meeting their parents. All she would tell me was that the parents were not there! But would not tell me where they were, or anything!

    I took the pups to the vet that same day, and they had to stay at the hospital for 5 days for treatment. They were infested with fleas, lice, and mange. The Husky was so weak, he could not even stand up! They were so skinny you could count the bones in their spine :(

    Deborah also advertises that her malamutes will be 120-200lbs...she told me my puppy would be about 150lbs...she is almost a year and a half now, and weighs 65lbs!

    Both of my pups are healthy now, but not with out a fight. I almost lost them both when I first got them. And to this day, I have still not seen their parents, and I have still not received their AKC papers!

  • Bu
      28th of Mar, 2011
    0 Votes

    I had no problems with this breeder. We purchased a Siberian Husky pup from them around Christmas time in 07. He arrived exactly as they said, he was clean, beautiful, healthy, and we quickly received our AKC papers. He remains healthy, and beautiful. The one complaint I have is that she was a little on the slow side answering emails. Though she was not extremely slow. Other than that, great customer service.

  • Ma
      22nd of Aug, 2011
    0 Votes

    My fiancee and I got our Puppy in early 2010. We drove 6 hours to get her as it was cheaper then flying and paid for half of her before arriving and the other half when we got there. She told us she had just given her a bath when we got her but I doubt it, she stank! and not only did she stink but when we got her home and gave her a bath she had fleas had sawdust all throughout her fur and multiple cuts on her including a small triangle missing out of her ear (it is a perfect triangle the vet says that someone must have cut it with scissors) We took her to the vet and got all of her shots redone because we no longer trusted the breeder. We also had her treated for worms. We noticed a few weeks later that our dog was petrified of people especially little girls and men with facial hair. we tried desperately hard to fix this and after talking with a few professional trainers we were able to turn our dog around. She is now one of the most loved dogs in the area we live in she goes to every pet store every beach every dog event we can find. Arctic Shores Kennels is a disgusting place ran by a disgusting woman and they need to be shut down for the sake of the dogs.

  • Hu
      21st of Mar, 2012
    0 Votes

    I bought a puppy from Deborah at Arctic Shores and have a similar story.

    Basically I paid extra for AKC papers which were never received, found out after some investigation her rights were revoked by the AKC and that's why she didn't have paperwork.

    She didn't respond to emails until I sued her, then she responded to say she wanted to handle it. I let the case drop and never heard from her again.

    This is a crook and knowingly rips people off.

    Our puppy had cataracts at 7 months old which our vet says is due to bad breeding / hereditary. We love our dog, but have spent a LOT of money on vet bills over the years.

    Additionally when we received her, she would scream if she was out of our site. She is now 4 years old and has gotten over her anxiety after much work.

    We absolutely love our dog, she's a beautiful dog, but Deborah should not raise, sell, breed, etc...

  • Ns
      22nd of Apr, 2012
    0 Votes

    Sounds like this place has gone down hill. I bought my husky from Arctic Shores Kennels in 2006. He is now 6 and has always been really healthy. He is the biggest lush and I love him to death! I even got his AKC papers. I didn't not pick him up from the location i had him flown to Daytona Beach, FL. The only thing that I would have to complain about is that he has cataracts in both of his eyes but they are behind the lens so he can still see. I've always considered getting another husky pup but now reading these reviews I won't be getting another one from this location. Appreciate the reviews!

  • Ko
      4th of Feb, 2013
    0 Votes

    the reason you wont see any photos of your dogs parents is because how can someone take a picture of each individual dog when they have 150+ huskies and only reason not as many giant malamutes is cause for one giant malamute if you contact akc they say it is the same as a rare woolie husky its a huge fault and only bybs and mills have them and they are trying to really weed them out via th inspections they do, but if you ask me their inspections arent doing enough since she I know has been in business 10+ years, I wonder when the inspectors go to they knock on a house door or a mine shaft bunker like underground door and have to use magic words LOL no it really is not funny when you consider the dogs and cats, I have family in the area that is how I came to know of this person, they knew I bred malamutes and they asked me what was a Giant Mal because a lady was breeding them in their area about what seems likes 10 years ago now and since I have only heard horror stories from customers coming to friends of mine and me crying about dogs with hip issues and either having to be put down or they having to give them up to someone because understandably they expected vet bills and investing in it like a child but a malamute is even at its standad size larger then a husky then you breed brothers and sisters and then the uncle whose the dogs dad then breeds to it meaning its daughter just to get it as big as you can get and all that inbreeding and people have a dog who the vet at it's 6 month check up says $25, 000 in immediate surgeries on both hip replacements and double knee replacements or put him down, what does a family with 3 kids in school, 1 about to start college do?When she blocked their email and phone numbers, they had to break their hearts an more over their kids hearts and give the dog to a malamute rescue person, it is heartbreaking, how can she not havea heart at least when you abuse kids they take um in her county cause a girl that knows her ex huband said all her kids she either willingly gave up or the dad and/or grandparents forced her to give up so between thoe stories and blogs and complaints from better bus. and this thread it is heartbreaking nd I just wonder when will it EVER stop, when will someone STOP her. Cause apparently somebody is selling her dogs so she can keep breeding (wait no she inbreeds and mix breeds to produce hr own stock) but some people are either ignoring the warnings, not doing research cause all they have to do i google her name and all that comes up is complaints, or call the breed clubs, go to a show something and learn what not to look for such as giant malamute or woolie huskies and how breeders should give written contracts and if theyve been breeding as long as she adverts to customers she should be able to provide not emails (where you do not know whom your speaking to for all you know she could be writing you herself as someone else claiming she is the bomb breeder best you ever seen)no ask for phone numbers, vets you can speak to, fellow reputable breed mentors she should have had atleast in the beginning.Other wise if AKC or the local SPCA does not do something, this cycle and poor animals will suffer 10+ more years!!!

  • Ko
      20th of Jun, 2015
    0 Votes

    Does anyone have a good contact number or email for this kennel?

  • No
      2nd of May, 2017
    0 Votes

    I am really surprised. We got our Husky in 2003. She was very healthy and clean and probably the best dog we have ever had. She passed in 2015 and we were finally thinking about getting a new husky. We had such a great experience with Deb the first time that we went looking for her again. Obviously she has been shut down as her website is inactive. I am very disappointed but also happy that she can't mistreat her huskies anymore.

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