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Arby's / common sense

1 1140 - 16 Avenue NW, Calgary, Alberta, Canada Review updated:
Contact information:
Phone: 403-289-6486

The following is a letter I wrote to the manager of this Arby's location in Calgary. I have heard absolutely nothing from anyone at this restaurant to rectify the situation, so am following through on my promise to let others know what they can expect from this restaurant on 16th Avenue NW Calgary:

"Arby's is grounded in the belief that every individual has the power to make a difference. As a corporate citizen we feel it is our responsibility to be an active participant in improving the quality of life of the people and communities we serve." This is a quote I found on the Arby's website. Arby's seems very proud to be able to make such a statement, and appears eager to stand by its principles and ensure that its restaurants represent these fully.

Having both family and friends nearby, I have been to your Arby's location on many occasions, and have always been happy with the service, product and experience received there. What happened to me the evening of May 6th, however, has left me with a different perception of your restaurant. That evening, immediately after learning I had a flat tire, I parked my vehicle in your parking lot. Despite being a patron of your restaurant on many occasions, a friend and I had planned to go to Earl's this time for dinner before attending a show at the Jubilee. The only available spot to park on the entire block was in your lot, so I had to park there to prevent further damage to my vehicle, for our own safety, and for the safety of the public. Because of the way the other vehicles in the lot were parked, I was only able to park over two spaces instead of just one. I immediately began working toward a solution for my flat tire, and in the end, registered for an AMA membership so that my problem could be resolved as soon as possible. I was advised by AMA to call them back after the performance to begin dealing with the tire, since I had already purchased tickets for this show.

I contacted AMA again right after the performance, once we walked back from the Jubilee. A tow truck was there and looking for my vehicle. When we led him to where I had parked it, you can imagine our shock when we saw that it was no longer there. The AMA driver, my friend and I considered what might have happened to my vehicle. The AMA driver told us that it would be very highly unlikely that it would have been impounded since it had only been in that location for a few hours by this time. He did say that this was an area where criminal activity can and often does occur, but not until late at night, and so having left my vehicle there in broad daylight and before dinner time would not justify suspicion of foul play of any type. He said there should be no reason for anyone to call to have it towed. Since he deals with similar situations every day, I trust he knows what he's talking about. Before reporting it stolen to the police, the driver offered to call and confirm with the impound lot that my vehicle was not there. My friend and I decided to go into Arby's to inquire if anyone there knew anything about what happened to my vehicle. When I asked the supervisor, he looked extremely uncomfortable and told us that it had been towed. There was ticketing done of vehicles in the lot, but mine was the only one towed since it "looked abandoned". We were in disbelief. How could my vehicle look abandoned? It was clean, in good shape, had a Bluetooth ear piece in the console, cased liquor to be returned in the back, and a child's booster seat and videos in the middle row, all in plain view. This does not constitute a vehicle that has been abandoned. Given the flat tire, the only reasonable assumption to be made would be that it had a flat, and that the driver needed to park it however possible to ensure the safety of the driver, the passenger (who might well have been a child as young as a toddler), other drivers, their passengers and passersby (who could have been you, your staff and/or your customers). My vehicle was towed exactly one hour after I parked it, hardly indicating that any action was warranted for its removal from your lot. The supervisor might have made more accurate observations, and then made a decision based on simple common sense and more probable assumptions.

No apology was offered to us for having misjudged the situation or for making the call to have my vehicle impounded. I informed this supervisor that I would be contacting you to follow up on this situation, and that if not satisfied, I would ensure that others knew of the type of treatment they can expect from this Arby's.

The AMA driver confirmed that my vehicle was at the impound lot, but only a limited amount of time was left to get there, have the tire changed, and complete the paper work to retrieve my vehicle. The sensible and kind driver gave us both a ride to this location since we had no other vehicle to use. He did not charge us for this ride, as to do so would not have been using common sense in this situation. Otherwise, we might have had to take a taxi to get to the impound lot, likely costing $50 or more. Had we not made it there in time, I might have had to spend an additional $100 or more to get home for the night, and then back to the impound lot in the morning to deal with this unfortunate event. Imagine if my passenger had been the child who regularly uses the car seat that was in my vehicle. Traffic closures prevented us from arriving as quickly as we had hoped, and so we had to detour, making it take longer to get there with very little time to begin with. Ultimately and luckily, all was complete before they closed for the night after we left.

I do appreciate that people make mistakes and that they are likely to learn from them. Be that as it may, I should not have had to endure what I did, nor the cost involved, as a result of a poor call by your staff member. In addition to my time, this poor decision cost me $159.23. Please advise me when I can collect my cheque for this amount, as I expect to be compensated for this expense. If this is not resolved in 7 days, I am fully prepared to contact local media, the Better Business Bureau, Arby's, etc. to share my experience with them. Thank you for taking the time to consider righting this wrong.

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  • Ir
      13th of Jun, 2011

    Private property and parking laws are often misunderstood, but in a nutshell, your vehicle can be impounded by a property owner or their agent if:

    •You park your vehicle on any person's private property without permission, or in a handicap space, and leave your vehicle for even a minute.
    •You park in a manner that obstructs a fire lane, dumpsters, or an access point.
    •You park your vehicle at night in a "public" parking lot not designated for overnight parking.
    •You park your vehicle in any marked parking space in a "public" lot that you do not specifically have rights to, such as in employee parking at an office building, or a "reserved" space at the gym, or a numbered tenant parking space at an apartment complex.
    •You park your vehicle in any parking lot posted as private, or for paid parking only, without permission.
    •You park or leave your vehicle for more than 48 hours anywhere you don't have permission. (this is considered abandoning a vehicle, and is unlawful in Alaska.) This includes the side of the road.

    I'm sure if you asked the manager if you could leave your vehicle there they would have understood, but they had no idea who owned the vehicle. Maybe you could have also left a note. Not sure how they will respond, but really they did nothing wrong.

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  • Wa
      13th of Jun, 2011

    Let me get this straight... this is all Arby's fault because you parked your broke down vehicle in a parking lot that is intended for customers only. Not only that but you parked your car in a manner that took up 2 parking spaces? You are lucky that your car wasn't ticketed also.

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  • Ma
      13th of Jun, 2011
    Best Best Advice

    My eyes glazed over after the first few hundred words of whiny, sniveling, victim mentality. From the comments, I gather you dumped your car in TWO SPOTS in Arby's parking lot because, as you whined, there were no spots anywhere else, then you went to dinner elsewhere, then a show elsewhere, and the meanie poopoo heads at Arby's held you accountable for your poor life choices so now you want them to pay your way in life?

    As a member of the "local media, " I can assure you you will be heavily mocked everywhere you turn. We work hard to deliver quality, ACCURATE news and we don't appreciate self-absorbed ###s feeling entitled to use us to dig them out of the messes they create of their own sorry lives.

    Your pathetic what-ifs that never happened and are completely irrelevant to your sniveling pity party are clear proof that even you realize the truth on its own isn't going to get you any freebies.

    You were towed immediately because Arby's is tired of entitled ###s like you crowding their parking lot on show nights and watched you DOUBLE PARK then walk off their property without buying so much as a junior roast beef sandwich.

    Time to man up, or woman up, and own your ###! If you actually have a driver's license, you're plenty old enough to take some responsibility for your actions.

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  • Jk
      13th of Jun, 2011

    "I do appreciate that people make mistakes and that they are likely to learn from them."

    I hope you're likely to learn not to abandon your car again in a lot FOR CUSTOMERS ONLY next time you get a flat.

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  • Ir
      13th of Jun, 2011

    Go Marge you're on a roll!

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  • He
      13th of Jun, 2011

    You got what you deserved. If you did not go into that Arby's then you were not a customer at that time. Their parking lot is private, it is not a public broke the rules and paid the price anyone else would have to pay...grow up

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