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Je Aug 14, 2015
Contact information:
Phone: 831-703-4523

About a month ago, I was diagnosed with Severe to Moderate sleep Apnea. My doctor was not authorized by Aetna to provide the CPAP that was required.

My Dr. fitted me and sent the order to Apria, who was approved by the insurance company. They called and left a message which was cut off, so I called them directly.

They said (after being transferred three times) that my equipment was on order and would be delivered to the Monterey Branch. (Almost a two hour drive from my home.) I told the gentleman that I was speaking with that it wasn't convenient and can he please request it to be sent to San Jose, the town where I work. He said the order would take 3-7 days to be completed and they would determine shipping location at that time.

About a week later, I got a call that the equipment was available at the Monterey branch and I could pick it up after August 5, during work hours M-F. I immediately called and talked to someone who concurred that it was ridiculous and arranged to have it shipped to my home. She talked to the "machine" department and they agreed. It would take about 5-7 days for me to receive it.

About a week later, I had not received it, so I called and asked for status. The representative told me that the call notes showed that I was going to pick it up on August 6th. No one ever called me when I didn't show up, so I am not sure what they were thinking. I relayed information of my previous call to her and she asked if I had signed the rental agreement. I knew nothing about it. She said that my rep would have to send me the paperwork in the morning and as soon as I signed it they would ship it out.

The next morning, I had not received the paperwork, so I called again. Wait times with this company can be between 15- 30 minutes. The new person I am talking to says that my record shows that I scheduled to pick up the unit in Monterey on August 12th. Now I am furious and ask for a supervisor. He transferred me and after holding for about 20 minutes the call was disconnected.

Then I called the insurance company who sounded surprised at the total lack of service. Now after exploring the on-line complaints about this company, I wonder why any Insurance company would want to work with them. (I think I will provide a complaint about Aetna too.) This representative tried to call on my behalf and waited on line for extremely long time and wasn't able to connect with anyone. He agreed to call them the next day.

the next day, he calls me and says he talked to a supervisor. I should expect to receive paperwork the next day and the equipment will be shipped to me, but it could take up to 7 days. OK, so I wait for the paperwork.

The next day I receive and agreement to allow them to communicate to me via email. A few moments later, I get another email with the same request (or it looked like it). I tried to log into the form and it said error, please call. So, I call. The rep I spoke with said, they have all the paperwork they need. They will ship it out the next day.

Given the past experience I didn't want to take anything for granted. So, I called to confirm that it shipped. The new rep asked if I signed a rental agreement. I said, no, I didn't know that there was anything for me to sign. I look at my email and they had sent me a new form, although the email was identical to the first and second one I received. With her on the phone, I completed the form, I asked to have it delivered with no signature required and she said that was fine. It is shipping out tonight, I should have it no later than Wed.

I guess I will call tomorrow to see if it really shipped. I don't believe that this company will follow through.

If it hasn't shipped out by tomorrow, I want this company to have someone in the Monterey branch to get in a car and drive it to my home. I need sleep.

Jennifer Lopopolo
289 W. Hilton Dr.
Boulder Creek, CA 95008

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