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I have always used a bipap - no water, and it went on and off by itself. Due to stupidness beyond my control I now have a cpap, still no water (I figured it would grow mold or something and kill me). This cpap does not turn on or off by it self, the mask design is just plain dumb ( The mask issue leaves me with taking pieces apart every time I want to "get up" ., , Along with every time I roll towards my spouse I hear "Adjust your mask". In addition, if I lay on my back, even with the cpap, I wake myself up trying to breath. This machine
Finally you might think this is really a silly thing but I keep getting robo calls that tell me how much on average I have used the machine in the past "whatever" days and I am well on blah, blah, ... I really really don't like that the company that provided the wrong machine, who will not let me speak to the local Apria office, and is generally a pia to deal with, can read the data wirelessly off a machine next to my bed - all without my permission. (The best remedy the supervisor could offer was to turn off the robo calls.) Btw when I had a question about the website and asked to speak to someone in IT - I was told over and over that they had no Information Technology Department.

Mar 20, 2017

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