Apria Healthcare Group / billing department

United States

On the 8th September 2017 I called Apria to pay my bill for $87.18 and instead of my bank account been debited once it was debited twice. I called Apria and the person said one debit would "drop" off. However this did not happen resulting in my bank account overdrawing causing overdraft fees for $72.00.

I then sent an email to them on 15 September attaching a copy of my bank statement reflecting the two debits and the overdraft fee. I also advised them that I requested the bank to reverse out the unauthorised debit for $87.18 . Furthermore I requested Apria to refund my Overdraft Fee for $72.
Today I receive a email from Apria telling me there was only one debit to my bank account for $87.18 and the other one "bounced." I have never had an unpaid debit to my account in all my life and this certainly was not the case here. Naturally I am furious to say the least and have sent them emails requesting an immediate refund. I also called them today and spoke to a Jim who verified with the bank my account had been debited twice as well as the overdraft fees. He transferred me to someone who said that there was nothing recorded about my conversation with Jim and admittedly I let her have it. She promptly transferred me to another department who informed me "Billing" had left. What has transpired is totally unacceptable as with my many dealings with Apria. As soon as I can I will no longer deal with them. Unfortunately I had no option but to change insurance at the beginning of this year and due to this my cpap contract started all over again. Therefore they have received almost double payment for my cpap machine. Not good!

Sep 19, 2017

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