Applebees Restaurant / poor service

3701 Veterans blvd, United States

My friends and I were on our way out to a party and decided to stop at Applebee's for something to eat. Upon taking our order, she never told us she would be right with us, instead she constantly walked pass us and just smiled. Once she did bring our appetizers, with four other friends, she brings out only four napkins. We had to get up and get more ourselves. The drinks were watery as i dont know what. Once our main dish was brought to us, i did not have my garlic bread, my friend broccoli was hard as a rock, no cheese on her potato, my other friend steak was pink and she told her well done, my other friend ask for water with lemons and after writting it down, still had it wrong. They took my friend steak back, only to bring her the same steak back to the table. We spoke with the manager about all our complaints, but, we could have just kept it to ourselves because no justice was served. This was one the worst experiences i have ever had with Applebee's. I love Applebees and so do my friends. To end it all, her nails were dirty serving food.

Aug 17, 2014

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