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Apex Realty / Beware

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It seems I am not the only person that has had issues with Apex Realty. As a matter of fact I still have to deal with them even though I moved 3 months ago. I lived in one of their properties for 4 years in Lewisville, TX. Of those 4 years I was under a lease for the first 2 years, I was on a month to month lease after that point because Apex Realty never felt the necessity to have me sign renewed lease. (I thank my stars for that now)

During my 4 years at the property I had nothing but problems trying to get Apex Realty to take care of issues at the property in a timely manner. They expect rent to be paid on time but do not give the same courtesy to their tenants for repairs. To make the situation even worse, right after my first anniversary in the house and a long awaited repair that had not been made I finally got Ray Johnson (w/Apex) on the phone and he had the nerve to tell me that they were in no hurry to get the issues fixed. To which I clearly stated my unhappiness. He then went on to inform me that per my lease if I have reported an issue in writing and it is not taken care of within 10 days I was within my rights to terminate the lease with no penalty. I was shocked that he would rather have me break my lease and move than to take care of the situation. Just from a business standpoint that did not make any sense. Living there they got rent from me yet if I moved they would lose rent as well as incur costs to find a new tenant. That would be wasted revenue if the house stayed empty yet they would still have to fix the issue before someone else could move in. I pointed that out to him and he snickered and stated that he would not be taking business advice from someone who had to rent instead of buying their own home.

Here are just a few examples of the issues I had with their untimely, sometimes nonexistent maintenance service.

My first month in the complex (June 05), the AC went out and had to be replaced, it took 2 weeks for them to get someone out to the house to look at it, and get approval to get it replaced. Yet when it was replaced the heating core portion of the unit was out of stock and I was told they would be back in a week to put that in so I could use the heater when winter arrived. To my dismay it took me 5 months to get Apex Realty to send someone back out and put a heating core in the system. Well after winter had already begun.

My hallway flooded (multiple times) Apex had a carpet company come out and remove the padding from under the carpet and they were supposed to send them back as soon as the issue of the flood was taken care of to replace the padding, it took 4 months and 3 written requests for them to send out the carpet company to put the padding back.

March 2008 Apex sent a plumber out due to a flood (yet again) in the hallway. The plumber cut a large hole in the wall in the kitchen to get to the pipe that had to be repaired. The hole was large enough for a 10 year old to walk through. I requested multiple times in writing to have the hole repaired. 15 months later, I still had a giant hole in my kitchen wall because Apex Realty never sent anyone to fix it.

I notified Apex Realty in writing about a soap dish that fell off the wall in the shower (my second month in residence). I also added the issue to the list of issues each time I sent in a written request for repair (they don't accept phone calls for maintenance issues). To date (4 years later) it has still not been fixed and they now have mold growing behind the walls and coming through all the grouting in the shower.

When the City of Lewisville came to the property in May of 2008 and found a leak on the property. I notified Apex and let them know that I would need a letter from them stating that the situation has been fixed to give to the City of Lewisville. Of course my repeated requests where ignored and I never got the letter, so instead I got to pay a fine for something that was completely out of my control.

I was not been able to cook in my oven for the last 6 months I lived there due to the heating core burning out. 6 months of not being able to cook correctly.

Those are just a few of the things that happened during my time in that home. I finally reached my breaking point decided to move on to a place where I could cook when I was hungry, take a shower without mold, have a kitchen that doesnt have a giant whole in the wall and have no worries that when something breaks, it will be fixed. You would think that would be the end of my story but sadly it is not.

I sent them a certified letter in June 09' (per the original lease stipulations) giving them 30 days notice of my intent to vacate the property. I made it clear why I was moving and itemized the information above in that letter as well as letting them know that I expected them to pull out all of my written notifications regarding issues with the property and to hold none of those items against my deposit since they were not caused by me but by their lack of property maintenance. The letter was signed for by B. Brewer.

Yet each month for the last 3 months I have received a letter from them stating non-payment of rent for that particular month. As well as getting 3 calls from Ray Johnson during the first month after I moved asking me why I hadn't paid my July rent yet. I told him each time that I had moved and that they were notified in writing that I was terminating my lease. Each call he apologized and said he would notate the records and forward my deposit back to me as soon as they inspected the property. I got a second letter in August stating nonpayment of rent for August. I called and left 4 voice mails for Ray but he never returned my calls. I got another letter in the mail yesterday stating that I had not paid my rent for September. Of course when I called this morning to speak with Ray he was not available and I was sent to his voice mail. I have very low expectations that I will receive a return call.

Renter BEWARE this is not a company you want to rent/lease from.


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