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I was a client of Ancient Mariner. I dealt with the owner, Ken Meilkejohn. He breached our contract and never finished the job for my shop's grand opening date. He is rude, and treats his clients like garbage. I asked for references and he never sent me any. All he did was send me a link to his own webpage. I did my own research, found previous companies that did business with and all of them informed me they had the same issues. Not completing the job, keeping deposits he was not entitled to, not responding to emails or phone calls. He screwed me over and kept my money. I plan to persue legal action against Ken Meilkejohn and his company. Any others that have any issues with, including contractors that were never paid by him, please contact me.

Jan 21, 2015

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  • Ke
      Feb 05, 2015

    This post is complete nonsense. I know who this poster is. He has been notified that a statement of claim for damages to my and the Ancient Mariner companies is pending. The statement of claim when filed in British Columbia Supreme Court will be posted online and his and his companies name will soon be able for all to view on this site and Google Searches. He will have this on his back for decades.

    I know every one of Ancient Mariners customers and suppliers. It is only a process of elimination to determine who some of these posters are. As projects are finished and payable's paid I am having a stat declaration signed that certifies they are not the posters.

    Internet laws are changing and different in many countries. Court actions can be undertaken for orders for certain web sites to provide details on posters including names, IP addresses etc.

    I suggest that current posters and others that have made untrue comments about myself or companies I am involved with be very careful.

    I am a very determined fellow and will find any posters that make untrue and defamatory statements sooner or later. When I do you will face serious legal actions and your name will be on the internet for life.

    Ken Meiklejohn

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  • Th
      Jul 03, 2015

    Biggest peice of work in Vancouver - Ken Meiklejohn

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  • Th
      Jul 03, 2015

    Ken you are nonsense

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  • Th
      Jul 03, 2015

    Take a look at this piece of works RECENT court history...

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  • Ke
      Oct 26, 2015

    Interesting to read. I have owned dozens of businesses over the course of the past 45 years. I have raised millions of investment capital and been in a silent investor in many companies. Some that were very financially rewarding. For some reason a number of years ago I got caught up in some very frivolous lawsuits. The Pattison one was a billboard company I owned was out negotiating Pattison Outdoor on many billboard locations. They had to remove some of their billboards and we put ours up. A lawyer that worked for them at the time filed a frivolous lawsuit against me to try and stop me. It went nowhere. I ended up selling to CBS Outdoor about 100 billboard faces in the City of Vancouver and on native lands in the outskirts. Very, very rewarding.
    The British Columbia Supreme Court ones were mostly related to the mother of my child trying to force me out of my child’s life. I fought back. Today my child and I have a great relationship. Penny Paul is a lawyer that represented me the start. I did not like her bill so I contested it. We settled out of court and she was paid in full years ago. The Hartman one is my child’s grandfather. He lent one of my companies $70, 000. When his daughter and I split he asked for his money back. I had just invested the money so it was very inconvenient, but he was paid back in full, plus a huge interest.
    The one from Enterprise was related to a car I had rented from them. Unfortunately the credit card company that I have a gold card with would not cover the damages as I had rented it over 45 days. Was not aware of this restriction. In any case, Enterprise has since been paid in full.
    The balance are related mostly related to the Ancient Mariner companies. Ancient Mariner Sign Services Inc. fabricated and installed 9 awnings on the North West corner of Robson and Thurlow. They were powder coated by Apple Display Products. Powder coating is to stop rust and make the awnings look better. Staff informed me that rust was developing on the top. This was within a very short period of time. I tried to negotiate a settlement but it was not accepted. They filed a statement of claim in Richmond Small Claims. We ended up negotiating a settlement which was almost the same amount that I had offer.
    Parente was related to a retractable awning that was fabricated and delivered to his home. The measurements were wrong and he would not accept it. He was there when they were taken. In any case, this case was settled. He actually was quite a nice guy.
    There are a few others and each has its own story. Some have been settled and some are still in the courts. In a couple of cases the individual filing has abandoned them after filing as they learn that they have no case. They are just sitting there.
    If there is an issue I always encourage the other party to file a statement of claim in small claim court and we will deal with it there. That’s what it is for and in many cases it is much easier to deal with the matter when there is a judge present.
    Not shown in the files that were posted is the legal actions that I filed against others. In one case, my lawyer and I filed a statement of claim against Pattison and won. We won another one against a welding company that induced a customer to breach our sales agreement, plus several more.
    I will soon be filing notices of civil claims against all individuals that have posted such nonsense that I am stealing deposits etc. In not once case have I ever been paid directly from a customer, so it is completely defamatory. They will soon find out. I will be posting the notice of civil claims online. They will forever will be named as a defendant in a defamation action.

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  • Un
      Jun 15, 2018

    Would you like outstanding invoices not paid with a million and one excuses. Would you like your full deposit taken but not have the work completed? Besides the various Ancient Mariner companies, he also operates under Spectacular Acquisitions in Vancouver.

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