Amigo Loansloans

Amigo Loans are irresponsible lenders and the CEO Glen Crawford takes millions in bonuses and salary off the back of the desperate, vulnerable and ignorant.

They do not make proper affordability checks and ask to see actual evidence of the income the applicant is declaring ie wage slips, bank statements or anything similar from the guarantor. Desperate people unfortunately lie to secure borrowing and main stream lenders who make the proper affordability checks will not lend to them. Hence turning to legalised loan sharks such as Amigo

Amigo put profit before people
ie £10, 000 borrowed over 60 months total repayable
equates to over £23, 000
Glen Crawford has blood on his hands suicides due to debts are increasing.
Wonga loans another high interest sub prime lender collapsed and Amigo also need to be held to account .

Nov 30, 2018

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