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I have been buying furniture from this Value City Furniture Store for 15 years and never had a problem until my most recent purchase of a "Celebration Red" Sofa/Chair and Ottoman Package. ($ 1157.37). I've actually made all of my purchases from the same sales associate, Diana Ensinger, a long time employee. She has always been attentive and helpful without being over your shoulder like most sales people that work on commission.
Anyway, the first delivery attempt was a nightmare, two hoopies were actually dragging my couch cushions across my muddy driveway. They were loose and not covered in plastic and covered in dirt from the delivery truck. The first red flag went up.
I went to the truck to inspect the rest of the furniture before the unloaded it. They let my up on the truck for a better look. I dont think they are allowed to do that but they did. I knew immediately that I did not want this furniture. It was not covered or wrapped and covered in truck dust. I told them to sent it back and they offered to send me another sofa/chair/ottoman delivered in plastic and I agreed. I also requested new delivery people with a little more professionalism.
The next delivery came and the delivery went smoothly. After the delivery people left, I decided to inspect the furniture. I immediately found large cuts across the ottoman feet and a large tear on the fabric on the bottom fabric. I also found fabric torn and hanging down from the bottom of the sofa with broken staples jagging out. Several of the feet on all of the furnitre move around and need to be fixed as well. The back cushions on the chair and sofa are loose cushions with a fiber fill and they look like they are old or poorly stuffed. If I sit on the couch for 15 minutes and get up, it looks like a 800 lb. sumo wrestler has been sitting there for a week. The fiber fill inside is loose and is coming out of the cushions.
I purchased this furniture in Feb. 2012 and I called Value City immediately, several times with these issues. I'm still waiting. I don't even use the furniture. I don't think it is sturdy enough to sit on. I made a terrible mistake buying this furniture. I just want it to be GONE!!! AS far as the sales associate, Diana Ensinger, she was just doing her job. Sell furniture, get commission, forget about the customer. Pawn customer off to Customer Service.

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