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American Servicing Company / Everything Wrong

1 TN, United States Review updated:

Our mortgage was sold to ASC after being with another company for the first three years of the loan. We never had any problem prior to ASC but after was a complet nightmare! First they raised our payments, the problem we had a FIXED rate! We fought and fought but never got any where. The payments were alot highger but we were still doing o.k. until 16 months later the went up again. We again contacted a lawyer who went to bat against them for us. (A little FYI info when he agreed to handle our case we became his number 12 case he had going against them and completly cringed when we told him who they were because he said that dealing with a sack of poisionous snack would be easier and less dirty) He proceeded to fight with them for three months before they agreed on a loan modification program which would make our payment $824 a month on a fixed rate. Well we thought we had finally won but we had only started fighting these criminals.
Six and a half short months later we get a letter in the mail saying our payment would be going to $1585 a month because when they had been paying the wrong taxes, which we had in escrow. We had paid our taxes for several years independantly and knew they were always around $1, 200 a year but ASC said that due to fines and penaltys that it was going to average out to be a little over $1800 a year for the past three years. We went to the court house and they said that the only thing that they were charging was a small fee for being late that was added every month but nothing like ASC was adding. Turns out the so called fines were being added by ASC even though after paying our taxes on the right property for 5 years the suddenly started paying some other supposedly for three and were trying to make us pay!!! We talked to everyone at that place who we could get to listen but every one had a different person that they transfered us to and no one seem to get us any where or help. We tryed doing a loan modification again because we could not make those payments. I sent every little paper they wanted and kept every fax confirmation paper stayed on the phone for hours. Then we recieve a letter saying that we were not eligible for a modification because we failed to send in the required papers. I contacted ASC and asked what paper I did not send and the told me. Well I went thru the papers and found my fax confirmation and faxed that to them told them the representatives name, date and time of when I called and got a verbal confirmation that all of the required documents had been recieved. They just said they were looking into it. Two weeks later we get a letter saying our house was up for forecloser or we could choose a short sale option due to the fact they had reviewed financial documents and decided it was impossible to make current monthly payments. We called as we had done every day and asked what had happened to the modification we were told had been investigated and were told they looked into it and we had been declined due to missing information ( same thing I proved to them was sent) Our lawyer fought with them to the end but we lost our home. The home I was brought home from the hospital to, the home I bought from my mom when my dad died after three years of fighting cancer so she could get a fresh start, the home I brought my daughter home from the hospital to, GONE. This company keeps you chasing your own tail why they pull every low trick in the book to milk you dry of every last cent.

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  • Ek
      17th of Oct, 2011
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    Even though your situation is different...BEWARE!!! ASC lies and will use any means of trickery to steal your home. ASC kept my $9, 212 check for wind and hail damage and did no repairs to house. My son who is a contractor sent a bid to do all the work for $3, 000. He was basically contributing his labor and even buying some of the materials. ASC said Wells Fargo agreed to accept the check; send my son's company the money for repairs and use the balance to pay back payments and attorney fees so I could keep my home. I wasn't even asking them to modify or discount my loan. They lied, blocked all further communication from me and foreclosed on my house. These people would fit in well with the mafia. ASC and Wells Fargo protect and facilitate each other, stealing our property in the process. If you would like to join the law suit, send your story and contact information to [protected]

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