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American Legal Services / Fraud/Scam/Harrassment

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My father and I kept getting phone calls from a guy calling himself Dexter Taylor, the phone number is [protected], he kept calling my dad's cel phone number, and my home I finally called him back, when I called, he said that there was noone there by that name, so I called again, then he asked my name, I told him my name and he kept telling me to give him my real legal name...LOL!.. so he hung up on me because he didnt believe that I was I called back again from a different number, and got someone that calls himself Gabriel Canoy, he too was rude and cursed at me, and called me an idiot, they all have Indian accents, and get rude and aggressive when you try to defend yourself. So I hung up and called back again and got a third guy, that guy was Joe Harris...again an Indian accent, very rude, they told me finally that they are going to take me to court because I got a payday loan and didnt bother to pay it back, when I told him that I didnt get a payday loan, he said he has my work name and social and that they will get payment one way or another. I hung up and called back and got the same guys again..when they figured out it was me, they hung up and kept calling my cel number and hanging up...then they called me and tried to pass themselves off as the California Police Department...I could hear the other collectors collecting in the background, they tried to stick to their story but, I told them that I knew who they were and that I could hear the people in the background, they hung up and havent called back since. LOL!...This is definately a scam, I read a few other posts where its themselves trying to make themselves seem like good legitamate people..Keep a look out!

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  • Fr
      27th of Nov, 2010
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    I also have been receiving harrassing, threatening calls from these people. They will never tell me what "law office" they are from. The man today identified himself as "Gabriel Kanoy". I am a Collections Manager from a large bank so I know the laws when it comes to collections. When I advised him of what the laws were, he became threatening and rude. They have also left messages disclosing my full name, address, place of employment on my voicemail which does not have name identification. Today, "Gabriel" kept calling me and as soon as I hung up, he would call right back. He called one time a minute for 5 minutes straight. On the last call, I told him I would be filing a police report if he called again and he said he would call me 100 more times and he was calling the police on me too. I specifically asked if the phone call was to collect a debt and he wouldn't answer me. He just kept saying he was from a law office and civil charges have been filed against me. I will be filing a formal complaint with the Attorney General's Office and FBI. They are very threatening and have previously left messages on my voicemail telling me that they are sending an officer to my house. They also have identified themselves as being an officer with the Financial Crimes Unit. I hope they stop these people soon!

  • Ke
      30th of Nov, 2010
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    Please be assured that these calls are not from the law firm American Legal Services, PC based in Washington, DC. According to law enforcement, the people who are calling with this scam are not in the United States at all. There is an investigation underway, and we intend to fully prosecute these criminals for using our name.

  • Dr
      15th of Dec, 2010
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    I, too, have been harrassed by these criminals, off-and-on, for the past several months; unfortunately, the have all three of my telephone numbers (home/work/cell), and the last four digits of my SS number. Unlike other posters, however, I did actually have a payday loan, several months ago, however, I'd repaid it in accordance with that lender's payback stipulations, and on time. They seem to call in spurts, usually on Mondays and Tuesdays, with several weeks elapsing between barrages of calls. I've been called by them from three different numbers within the US, seemingly (however, they are using VoIP, and can project any number, apparently, on caller-ID units - I am assuming that they are based in India, judging from their dialect), which are: 916.226.9823, 347.635.5952, and 831.531.4266. They have used the following aliases, when they had left VM messages for me, at all three of my numbers: Kevin Saunders, Eric Jones, Ryan Clark, and John Hudson. (One time, the same individual left me two VM messages, within several hours, at my work number, and used two different names, and it was obviously the same person, which indicates that they're not too bright.) My loan was for $300, and I ended up repaying $390 (I was in tight spot, and needed some quick cash), and they're claiming that if I don't send them $10, 000 (yes, you read that correctly), that they would have me arrested. I have tried reasoning with them (perhaps foolishly), indicating that I know that they running a scam, and that's it's widely known that they are, and that if they don't stop calling me, that I'm going to report them to the AG's office in SE PA, which is where I live. Well, they left three VM messages for me yesterday, and then called me again at work, later in the evening (I work evenings). I told them that I was gathering data on their operation, which would assist the authorities in closing in on them, and that really caught him off guard. My patience has worn thin with them, and I am going to call that office first thing in the AM. The bottom line here is that they're just criminals with cell phones, who know a little bit about communications technology, and obviosly having some hacking skills (they had to have hacked some customer database, in order to get their grubby hands on our personal contact info). Sure, they can make life a bit uncomfortable for you, but in the end, they'll either get shut down, but whatever authority, or just give up.

  • Ti
      15th of Dec, 2010
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    I have also been receiving these harassing calls. They called from another country as the number on my caller ID was 99765. I was very frustrated. They even went to the extend of contacting my job and trying to speak to my superiors. Luckily I am the one who answers all of the incoming phone calls. I tried to get a address from them telling them that I would send them some money. They said I had to western union or use one of my cards. After I told them, I wouldn't do that..they again said that they would keep calling to speak with my superiors at my job. While speaking to them I looked them up online and seen these comments and told them that I knew they were a scam. I told them they needed to go back to where they came from and stop trying to take Americans money. He then cursed me out and told me he would [censored] me. Called my a b*t*h and hung up..not to call back. I will be soo glad when the gov't find out who they are and prosecute them to the fullest extent of the law.

  • Sh
      21st of Jan, 2011
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    I also have been getting harrassed by these guys. We keep getting these phone calls from some guy w/ a strong indian/arabian accent says that his name is John MIller, Keven Thomptson and some others from a lawyers office. He said that my husband owes 899.00 and that he wants an appoligy letter stating that my husband did not rip him off. I don't know where this guy got my husbans info, but I had a friend over yesterday and when this guy called my friend answered. This guy told her everything about my husband like if he doesn't pay then he was gonna get my husband fired from his job and that they were gonna sue him and stuff like that w/out her telling him who she was. So this guy assumed she was his mother or wife. My friend asked if she was being recorded w/out her consent and the guy said yes. So my friend prosteted to tell this guy that what he is doing is illigal and that she would like to file a complaint. Well the guy told her that to do that, she must fly to pakistan. Then my friend was going off on this guy. And everytime she would say illigal the guy would hit a butten so their was a beep so that one word would be beeped out. Well then the guy called my husbans cell phone when he was in the dr's office and my friend answered again. The guy said that he needed to talk to my husband and that he was a friend from work. Well my friend asked him what job, the guy said some hospital that isn't even in this state, so my friend was going off on this guy again. She had all the ppl in the dr.s office just cracking up. Well now I guess he is calling my husbands job.

  • Hi
      14th of Feb, 2011
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    I have been recieving calls from these same people all day. They are using a california number to call me from. Every time i hear from the same man he has a different very American name and he is of course of Middle Eastern Decent. He is very rude and told me that he was an atty. I work at an atty office and i put "my" atty on the phone with him and then he was quick to want to end the conversation. He called me back later in the day and i asked him for his bar number. He gave me a bar number to an atty practicing in California, i called the atty to warn him that his bar number was being used in a scam. He was very thankful. I tried to get an address out of this guy but he would not give me one. I could here other people in the background yelling what seemed to be along the same lines of what i was told by that man. Then after i had hung up on him several times he called me back and said he was calling for someone else, gave me her name, SSN, address and i am not that person. When i told him he apologized and i asked why he just called me and said the same exact thing that i had defaulted on a payday advace loan from Cash Advance USA he just hung up on me but then called right back and continued on with the other woman's information (BTW i have never taken out a payday loan). I wish they would leave me alone. I have reported them to the FBI and it seems that others have as well so hopefully they pay for what they are doing soon!

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