American Home Mortgage / They foreclose my house

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we purchased a home with American Home Mortagage back in May 2006 in 2007 we noticed they had lied to us in regards the loan. we tought it was a conventional adjustable yearly not monthly. we try loan modification and got denied we attempted this 3 times we even paid to get help. all they could respond in a simple letter was that we had lack of income and at this time the Lender/investor was not doing modifications to try next year and be current on the payments. we stop paying the loan to see if their "home retention Specialist" would help. yeah Right. we never got a single letter offering help or options to help us retain our home. all we were receiving was harrasing calls from overseas from a [protected] and they were no help they never had info on nothing. we contacted a realtor to short sale our property AND EVEN HER WAS IGNORE THEY NEVER GOT BACK HER. the negotiator the the case on hold??? well we just found out our property went into foreclose without our knowledge and no one purchased it so its Bank owned. I been doing my research and many states have a class action againts them. Is anyone going to stop them. please help

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