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American Historical Society / 1921 Morgan Silver dollar

1 32922 BLACKBERRY ln, Tangent, OR, United States

I received a post card from the AHS for the free morgan silver dollar, nothing on this card says I have to pay for a previe1 coin, before I get my free coin. Nothing. What the he'll kind of scam are yo6 people pulling here. I called you this morning to receive my free coin, and the man misspoke with tried charging my CC for 79.80 or something like that, and I said for what it says 4.95 for p&h, no4hing more. He said it's right there on 4he card, I told him where, he said where it says when countries the coin. I said no it does not, then he says you don't want the free coin. I said wrong, I will get that fre2 coin, for free. And folks if I don't you name will have to change, because once I'm done with you, you will have to do just that. You see, intent to the dept of justice and filed a formal complaint about your scam. And if I don't get that coin, then I'm sorry to say, the internet can be a dangerous place for a so called reputible company, and I promise you this your name better. Be a good one, because the one you have, will go unnoticed and unused for the fifty or so years you've been in business. All wipp2d out for what, a scam you pulled on unsuspecting people. Why would u ruin your r2putation over a coin. Just think, I'm on my way 5o other sites that will be in touch soon as well. Because of the size of the internet, in1ill destroy your company.
Francis Romano
Tangent, Oregon 97389

This is 1here you s2nd the free coin, and you already have my C.C. info, and please only charge for the p&H, THEN I WILL PR2VIE2 YOUR COIN AND IF I WANT IT, I WILL O.K. YOU TO TAKE PAYMENT. BUT I PrOMISE YOu, YOU TAKE THAT PaYMENt WItHOUT MY PREVIEWing any coin and we'll let's just quote, John Mamlloncamp, and the walls come crumbling down. Thank you.

Jan 27, 2016

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