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American General Finance / Mortgage /Refinance

1 Philadelphia, PA, United States

I am exposing this to you all because I have a mortgage with American General Finance on my property in South Philadelphia where there is current a Tenant residing. On October 6, 2010 (yesterday), a representative on behalf of Fox and Fox Law served my tenant with a copy of paper work from the Court of Common Please of Philadelphia County (Trial Division) regarding my property being under mortgage foreclosure. The tenant was instructed by the representative to NOT provide me (the Landlord/Owner of the property) with a copy of this paper work because the papers was for her records and they also told her that they already gave me a copy of these papers (which is was not true). Scared and panicking, my tenant called me because she had never experienced anything like this before. I had no idea of what she was talking about so she gave me the papers that was presented to her. However, I filed Bankruptcy with my attorney so I immediately faxed the papers over to his office late last night. I received a telephone call from my attorney's paralegal this afternoon informing me that my house is not in foreclosure because of the bankruptcy, and then he informed me that we would meet early next week to go over those facts. He also said, that he would speak with my tenant on my behalf because basically the bankruptcy is going to allow a reorganization of my debt including the property...I was okay with that.

15 minutes after speaking with my attorney's paralegal, I received a frantic phone call from my tenant telling me that there was someone there that presented her with additional paper work and he was telling her he was there to put a security lock on the property so that she and I could not have access to it because the property is in foreclosure. I asked to speak with the person while he was there, and when the man got on the phone he said he never told my tenant that my property was in foreclosure but that it is in preforeclosure. I said to him, are you there on representing my mortgage company, he said, he was just a contractor instructed to pad lock the company because the property was in preforeclosure. I said what company are you contracted through, he said, JCR. I said, well I need to give you my attorney's information because my house is not in foreclosure therefore you have no right to pad lock my property, he said, he didn't need my attorney's information so I asked him for his instead, he didn't have a business card to give to my tenant either but he gave his information to me (or so I thought it was his honest information until I researched it and found that he gave me bogus information because he knew he was doing something COMPLETELY ILLEGAL on behalf of the bank and he was trained not to get the bank in trouble) and said he hopes it all works out for me but that he only pad lock homes that are vacant and he wasn't going to pad lock my property tonight because my tenant is in there.

They have violated many of my consumer privacy rights, such as discussing my personal information with my tenant, giving my tenant a copy of my financial information which included information about all of the monies that was exchanged during the sale and purchase of my property, all of my loan information, my personal home address and other addresses that I have occupied in the past. In addition, they had no right to pad lock my property if it is not in foreclosure. Further, if it was in foreclosure the law requires that in order to pad lock my home, they must have a written rit of possession, as well as a sheriff or police escort in which they did not. Now, I am totally distraught because after doing further research over the Internet, for harassment law suits against American General Finance (also known as American General Consumer Discount Company) I found that there are many consumers that had an experience with this company coming to their homes personally an*d harassing them as well. This company must be stopped. After speaking with my attorney, we decided that we will pursue this harassment matter in court. Moreover, American General Consumer Discount Company is a big rip off, my interest rate is 12.89%. I initially did a refinance with this company so that I would have a fixed rate on the house back in February 2008. The original loan amount was for $64, 635.21 but at the time of maturity I would have paid out $255, 387.60 and I tried to do a loan modification with the company but they told me that because they were a private lender they do not offer that option because they are not legally required to. I purchased this house in 2006 with a 2/28 so I had to refinance it in 2008 to put a fixed 30 year on it. For the first 2 years of ownership I made my mortgage payments my self because I was rehabbing the home, but in 2008, I decided to move and rent it out. I explained this to my loan agent (Allison, who ironically is no longer with the company) at American General but she told me it would be best to do a owner occupied and say it was my primary residence because it would be easier for her to get me the loan that way and because it is still considered my primary residence given that it was the only mortgage I had and have ever had on my credit report so I signed the loan papers based on her advise...not knowing that her advise was not correct. With that being said, I didn't always have reliable tenants so the mortgage did fall behind at times, but on occassion, whenever I had extra funds, I would try and catch the mortgage up out of my own pocket and look for better the mean time, I tried the loan modification thing with American General because I wanted to make sure that I could afford to pay the mortgage if my tenants didn't pay again in the future (but at a 12.89% interest rate I knew I couldn't afford that and I was trying to make the payments smaller just to be on the safe side) but American General said NO WE DON'T DO THOSE and WE DON'T HAVE TO BECAUSE WE ARE fact, I went through what is known as consumer credit counseling who was offering to complete this process on my behalf with American General and American General told them no.

I have been publicly violated, humiliated, embarrassed and harassed at the hands of American General Consumer Discount Company and their associates...PLEASE HELP ME EXPOSE THESE HARASSING, INTIMIDATING, LAW BREAKING, PREDATORS because no consumer deserves this treatment.

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