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Warning: make sure you read the entire contract with a fine tooth comb. What they neglect to tell you when the contract is issued is the following: There is a CAP on the amount of claims you can have on the contract, for example if your car is worth $7, 000 when you purchase the contract that is how much your warranty is worth for that year, and then the contract deprecates each year after as your automobile does according to current NADA vales for your particular automobile . So, if your car deprecates $1, 000 so does your contract meaning your contract is now worth $6, 000 when a year ago it was worth $7, 000. Suppose you had a $500 claim, and then a $1, 000 claim, and then another $500 claim, and then a $5, 000 claim you would be only covered up to $6, 000. You would have to pay the other $1000 out of your pocket, regardless whether you had another year left on your contract, it would be no longer valid because the contract would be maxed out.

Also be careful when it comes to repairs. They do approve most of the repairs as long as you have not met your CAP on the warranty. However, when the repairs become costly the representative for the company will try to find ways to deny the claim. Here is an example if you have a leak coming from you automobile and it is just slow drip they will not cover the claim. They will use a word called "SEEMING" to deny the claim. Seeming meaning you see fluid but it is not a leak according to their representative.

If you are interested in purchasing a contract form this company contact the claims department and verify items you think that might be covered under the contract and also have them explain the warranty CAP, depreciation scale and the word seeming before you purchase.

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  • Jr
      Dec 12, 2012

    I have to question this companies ethics, I had a part fail that caused heating damage and the only thing that this company will cover is the failed part as the say the damage is my fault and not that of the failed part. I would not recommend buying any policies from this company.

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  • Tt
      Aug 09, 2017

    They are a bunch of Scam artist. I had repairs done on my truck that they said was covered under my warranty, but when I send them the receipts and paperwork they said I did not follow the steps that they wanted me to follow correctly so sorry pal we will not be covering the cost of your parts. I called and ask am I current on my payments for my warranty, they said yes, is this part normally covered in my warranty, they said yes. Then I do not understand why it is not covered, they said you did not get our approval first, I said I called you and ask if this was under warranty and you said yes. They said it does not matter, you wait until we tell you it is approved before you tell them its ok to fix it. I have spent $3362.12 on repairs on my truck this year and according to my warranty paperwork half of this should have been covered and they have not covered 1 red cent of it. I also have payed them $2877.00 dollars for the warranty included in my truck payment. If they try to get you to buy a warranty with your vehicle from this place save your money for repairs because you will be paying for the repairs yourself anyway.

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  • Li
      Apr 30, 2019

    I got suckered into a warranty with this company on my 4 year old barely driven Jeep (it was a lease) and when I decided to buy the car out of the lease this warranty was rolled into my payments. I've successfully used it ONCE only because I kept calling and complaining to their rep. I just had an $1100 repair, followed the correct steps and they denied the claim. I will call and harass them again... if I don't get any resolution I will cancel the contract; call my loan company and have them deduct the cost. They are horrible, cover nothing. Waste of $$

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