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This company advertises in home music instruction on your schedule. We contacted with company to provide 16 weeks of lessons for my grandniece. As the date that the lessons were supposed to start approached, we had heard nothing. We contacted them and were assured that this was taking a little longer, but that the teacher would call in a few weeks with a start date. That date came and went with no call... We contacted them via email again and received additional assurances that we should hold tight.

I called after a few weeks and left a message - they rarely answer the phones for me anymore. The return call indicated that a decision had been made to issue a refund.See Top 10 Worst Companies in Sparta, NJThat was over a month ago. Since then, I called and was told by the person I spoke to that she was only a teacher and had no authority. And that I HAD TOO follow up with the president. She could do nothing. At this point I was pretty fumed. I left the president, Heath something a pretty blistering voicemail indicating that I needed a call back ASAP. If that didn't happen, he could expect me to contact the credit card company and file a chargeback request, the BBB and as many of the state AG offices as I could determine that they did business in. To date, no calls.
I did find that the New Jersey BBB seems to know them fairly well. They have an Unsatisfactory rating with 33 complaints, 5 with no response.

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  • Lu
      Dec 23, 2008

    I am sorry I didn't read the BBB report before I was scammed in much the same way. I am in the process of trying to get a refund. What a ripoff!!! Be smarter than me, check out their reputation before giving away your credit card info and committing to a service that never provides. PS They are soliciting me via phone and email to spend even more money on nothing.

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  • Ju
      Dec 23, 2008

    I'm a music teacher for AHMS (they contract their work out to private instructors). I've been working for them for over a year now, never with any problems with payment, but I'm as of now three checks overdue. As far as I'm aware, these kinds of customer complaints didn't exist a few months ago -- the company's fraudulent business practice seems to have begun right when the economy went south. I'd guessed they were having trouble getting commercial paper like everyone else at first, and were running the teachers in circles about paychecks, but I didn't realize the students were getting screwed as well.

    This also puts me in a real spot, given that the one student I have through this company has payed for many many weeks in advance, and as of now I don't think I can continue teaching in good faith (expecting I'll get payed at some point).

    I just want to point out that the company was not started as a scam, but they seem to have been caught in a tiff here, and the management has apparently decided to plow ahead at whatever cost to their clients and contractees.

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  • Ju
      Dec 23, 2008

    Just a quick follow up to my last post after reading the others' complaints:

    I feel for the fellow who's "guitar teacher" was a moonlighting fork-lift operator. When they took me on, their vetting process seemed thorough enough; I have a university background and have performed in various professional ensembles -- music is my livelihood and my sole source of income.

    If any other Amadeus teachers see this posting, please contact me. I wonder if there's a possibility of a class-action suit.

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  • Me
      Feb 03, 2009

    Hi justineamelie,

    I am a piano teacher at Amadeus, too, and I am in the similar situation about the paychecks. I finally got my 4 overdue checks in December 2008, and I am still waiting for their reply from the payroll department to let me know about the remaining one. They have not responded to my email for few days now... I also have been working for them for more than a year now, and I agree with you that their current "fraudulent business practice" has begun recently as I can see from their recent demeanor when it comes to our checks.

    When I signed the contract with Amadeus, I was confident that I would be able to expect the steadier source of side-money/income (although I was not given many students, still), and they seemed very organized and thorough at the beginning. I now feel that it would be very hard for me to continue teaching in such a work environment. I sincerely do hope though that the situation will get better for both students and teachers.

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  • Jg
      Mar 21, 2009

    I'm a full-time guitar and piano teacher and I have two students through Amadeus. I started with the first one through them about a year ago, and I have consistently been jerked around when I email them to request payment. The quickest it has ever happened is about 6 weeks, and I always have to send at least 3-4 requests. As I get progressively more pissed off, they always respond apologetically and blame it on the "payroll department", and they tell me that they have no contact with the payroll dept. except by email, and they also told me 8 months ago that they were getting ready to implement an auto-pay system, but obviously that hasn't happened, as I currently owed for 16 lessons that I originally requested over a month ago, and even when they give me final notice that payment has been mailed, it takes a few weeks, and that hasn't happened yet.

    Anyway, I've been through so many headaches with this company and it's somewhat comforting to see that other teachers feel the same way, although it mostly just makes me more angry. Class action lawsuit? I would absolutely love to take part in that. I wonder if it's legally feasible.

    musiclessonskc (at) gmail (dot) com

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  • Pa
      May 11, 2009

    I live in NJ. I am a piano teacher. I took on 3 students and was getting paid regularly. Then I was told that one of my students decided to go with someone else. I thought, fine. And I needed to get paid for the final two lessons. That was 70 dollars. 6 months later, no emails, no check, no nothing. And now the web site says they are trying to pay everyone and refund as fast as they can. yeah, right. Never again.

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