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Amadeus Home Music School / Ripped off

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I set up lessons with Amadeus in July 2008 for my three kids. Teachers were supposed to call me the week before August 22 to set up lesson times. No teacher EVER called. Each time I called or e mailed Diane I was assured that a teacher would call me within a few days. Diane's usually involve something like the teachers were so busy making up lessons from the summer, but for sure they would call soon. What a bunch of crap. No teacher ever called, no services were ever rendered. My requests for a refund have been met by total silence. I have given up and turned my claim over to Bank of America, Visa, and the Attorney General's offices in NY and NJ. Don't use this service, they are thieves.

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  15th of Oct, 2008
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Amadeus Home Music School complaint:

"I signed my grandson up for music lessens Dec 2007, no lessons. I have called and called and here it is Oct 2008 and no refund. Do not use these people. They are scam artists. They have a Customer service contact number on their web site. Call it and you get answered by a recording and will never get a call back so don't waste your time. If you have money to throw away here is the place to do it. They stay in business because of fools like me. Hear one and all don't be a fool and pay money with out checking them out."

This is just one of several I have found in just a few minutes on Google... search string: 'Amadeus School of Music review"

I was contacted by them to become one of their teachers for the central Ohio area. I have yet to be paid after 7 lessons (supposedly would be paid after every four lessons.) My confidence level in them has plummeted especially after finding these bad reviews. I am now discussing a Class Action with my attorney and asking all victims of this scam to sign up.

  23rd of Oct, 2008
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OMG!!! Same thing happened to me. Diane kept telling me that the teachers are busy with other students, that they are backed up. So I told her that i would like to canc ell my contract and want my money back, she told me she can't do anything, then hanged up the phone on me!!! I am so mad because my son wants to learn violin so much that the Amadeus School just ripped him off. We should have a class action with this company!!!

  28th of Oct, 2008
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The exact same thing has happened to me in the last 2 months...I cannot get a call back from anyone at Amadeus.
I wish I would have seen this before I gave them my credit card.

  30th of Oct, 2008
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Amadeus Home School is the best! Contrary to what some people in this forum may have experienced, my impressions are great. Not only did they send a violin teacher on a holiday but when we failed to show up for one of our appointments, Amadeus did not charge us anything and even called back to offer us discount if we use the teacher for more than one month. Our son has some experience playing the violin so I think they were concerned that we'd think the price is high. But the price is very reasonable and after we used them for 3 months, our kid plays much better. His school band teacher is thrilled with his progress. Great job Amadeus Home School!

  30th of Oct, 2008
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Another thumbs up for Amadeus Home School! I have been using them for the last 2 years sporadically and have generally been very pleased with both their service and prices. I tried some of their competitors and was less than impressed. The complaints posted on this site apply very well to some of those competitors, which I am not going to name so that I don't get accused of finger pointing. Basically, we started using Amadeus back in the fall of 2006 b/c my daughter wanted to learn the piano. Amadeus sent us actually several teachers to find out who works best with our child and only started charging us per hour AFTER we settled on using one of the teachers. I don't know of any schools our there that will send 4 teachers one after the other for free just to figure out what works best for your child. After about 3 months our daughter started a foreign language class and we had to limit the music lessons to one per week instead of the usual three. So Amadeus offered to have the teacher come on the weekend so there is more time to play the instrument and ensure that our daughter's skills do not languish due to the reduced exposure. Guess how much extra we had to pay? Zero, nada. Amadeus would rather have us as a customer and get the same payment for using more of their teacher's time than lose us altogether when we said we can't do any more weekday lessons due to our daughter's language lessons. Other people here have expressed disappointment but there are always at least two sides to every story and this is mine - Amadeus Home School is a great service at a great price!

  30th of Oct, 2008
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Got here by referral. A friend found this page and directed me to it. I want to say something in defense of Amadeus Music School. They have been great to our community. We live in Charlotte, NC and Amadeus has been helping us with our community band. Most of us are in our 40s and 50s and we have some music experience but we wanted to join a state competition and our existing skills at the time were nowhere enough. So we contacted Amadeus and requested a 3-month gig consisting of guitar lessons, piano lessons and flute lessons. At the time, we were told by lots of people that flute teachers are so hard to come by that even if Amadeus manages to find one we can use we should expect to pay a ridiculous price. Well, not only did they find 4 flute teachers for us but also charged us their base rate. The flute teachers ended up being cheaper that the 2 guitar teachers. Thank you Amadeus Music School!
Finally, I'd like to point out that I have friends in NJ and NY area and they say that Amadeus' service is even better there given that it's closer to their headquarters. Just like one of the previous comments said, if you are close to their HQ you can apparently get teachers on weekends and holidays at no extra price. I have not used their teachers in the NJ and NY areas but the ones they contracted in NC were simply great! Professional, patient and willing to go the extra step and teach some stubborn adults:-)

  8th of Nov, 2008
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THEY ARE SCAM ARTIST!!! I applied to Amadeus for my children to receive music lessons at home. I received a phone call discussing my children's needs, their instruments of choice to locate a suited teacher for both of them, as well as the payment having to be paid a minimum of eight weeks in advance. I paid two months in advance debited from my Credit Card Sept. 1, 08 in the amount of $880.00. On Sept.2, 08 I received a "thank you for working with Amadeus" email from a Diana Efre, Client/Teacher Relations with an attachment of a contract. It also listed my fee as being "paid". ON THE SAME DAY, September 2, 08, I replied to the email address Diana used, requesting a cancellation of music lessons and a refund of my $880.00. Sometime within 48 hrs, I received a voicemail with someone telling me that a check will be in the mail. I waited for a few days searching my mail, but no check. I called again-left a few msgs. I wrote a few more follow up emails, but nothing. Someone did return my call, but now it's been approximately a week to two weeks later when this person tells me that they thought this was taken care of and I told them I will give them ten more business days. Please note, they are only in New Jersey and mail doesn't run longer than two days if they would've dropped it in the mail. After those ten days were up, I still hadn't received a Check nor was the refund credited back onto my card. My most recent attempt to date has been my FedExing a letter to two separate addresses in hopes of receiving a response. One was un-deliverable and the other showed as being "delivered" to the Sparta, NJ address. FedEx delivered on October 6, 2008. I did not receive a phone call after delivery, nor another phone call prior to me over-nighting a letter, attaching the email correspondences, and copy of contract as a reference. A Refund Check could have been received to date after the Oct. 6th delivery, as again we are all in "New Jersey". It's now Nov. 8, 08 and I still have NOT received my refund. I can’t believe you people would actually think they deserve any kind of recommendations! Be thankful they didn’t burn you out of YOUR money, as they did me and my family's.

  15th of Nov, 2008
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AMY, DIANE and RICHARD are thieves. I have been waiting since September 30th 2008 now to recieve my money back. So all I can do is call them thieves as well since they don't bother to contact me.

GOD is our ultimate judge. No matter how much education they might have muscially, GOD might just take that away from them for cheating people like this. I pray that GOD will work on their hearts, and GOD will give them the justice they deserve.

Amy, Diane, Richard, be careful how you treat people cuz you have families too and you have no idea how justice will be done.

  17th of Nov, 2008
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The people who wrote the positive reviews on this board are employed by Amadeus Home Music, etc. Another observation one might make are the countless website addresses this company uses to attain new business. A Google search reveals there are several listings for this school, all with different website addresses. It is apparent that its owners are highly immoral and unethical. You will not be able to catch the named representatives of this firm that they may have a chance to deny this.

  17th of Nov, 2008
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Amadeus Home Music School is a complete scam. I, too, have been duped into registering my child for voice lessons, paying money upfront, only to be delayed for 60 days from the time of payment until I said enough. To date, I have received NO refund, have received NO reply to emails or voice mails. Their phone number is always busy. While the concept is a great one, this group of people are liars who have no teachers on retainer to teach your child anything other than the art of ripping off people who want to enrich their lives with music.


I have filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau and disputed the charges on my credit card.

  18th of Nov, 2008
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Hi i faced the problem, thay got the full amount for my keyboard lesson.But they didnt pay my Instructor till.I dont know what to do?I m planning to complaint against them .If others are ready to do, can we file together against them.Lets try to stop those thieves.

  25th of Nov, 2008
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We paid for guitar lessons in Jun 2008 and one teacher turned up. This guy said our son is too young. They were supposed to send another person but nobody turned up till date (Nov 25, 2008). I am asking for my money back but I suspect this is going to be a difficult process. I should have checked this site earlier!

  28th of Nov, 2008
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Please, before doing business with this company, take a moment and review the info at the Better Business Bureau at:

I am in the middle of a horror story with these people. We contracted for 16 weeks of lessons form my grandniece in Aug 2008. Never happened. No teacher ever tried to call. All the above stories match mine. I am trying to get $1040 for the lessons. I feel like a chump.

  6th of Dec, 2008
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ATTENTION: Anyone interested in filing criminal charges against the owners of Amedeus Home Music, please email me at

They are headquarted in Sparta NJ. I plan on contacting the local police dept and filing a complaint. The more people that pursue this, the more likely that they will take this seriously. I also plan on contacting the local TV staions to see who has the consumer watch reporters. I am sure Heath and his buddies will love to have a news camera outside their offices and home.

  22nd of Dec, 2008
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Same story here. The violin class never started this is a scam and we should definitely do something. Do yourself a favor think twice before use them.

  23rd of Dec, 2008
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Unfortunately, I join the majority in their opinion of these thieving scam artists - Judging by the comments posted here, I can kiss any hope for a refund goodbye. My story: I paid up front for guitar lessons. Our "teacher" was reliable at first, then cancelled and "doubled" the lesson times on numerous occasions. Our "teacher" was actually a forklift operator moonlighting and had no formal schooling. I wanted my son to learn to read music and the chords. Neither was ever taught. What was taught, were some heavy metal tunes. Most of the lessons consisted of my son watching the teacher play away on my son's own guitar. We did develop a relationship with this "teacher" and being ignorant of the art of music teaching, I naively re-enrolled for another course at 880.00 About three months into the roller coaster ride of lesson rescheduling, Our "teacher" became very unreliable, cancelling last minute 4 weeks in a row. When I called to ask for another teacher, I was assured one would be provided. Alas, The one provided was even more unreliable and never even made it at all. The second reason left on my answering machine for cancelling was: "I forgot I have a gig in Manhattan tonight, maybe we can get together next week.
Enraged and frustrated, I spoke with Donna (who seems to serve in the capacity of kindly jerking people off) who assured me that she would speak to "Jason" (who I am now certain is fictional) and I would be satisfied with their "solution". About 2 weeks and 6 emails from me later, Donna left an extremely long and sad story on my voicemail at work: "Now I really know why Joe (the latest loser no show "teacher") didn't show, It turns out his mother is very sick and dying in California and he moved back so that explains why he could'nt make it to you" HUH????? That's my sad story, I am owed money, haven't been contacted and join those who would be interested in putting these thugs out of business.

  30th of Dec, 2008
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Sure wish I would have found this web site before signing any contract w/Amedeus!!! Same thing happened to me as many of you, signed contract and paid in full (should have known better!) on Sept 12th. Music teacher was to contact me on Oct. 9th for piano lessons for myself & daughter, Donna was my contact who kept telling me that teachers were behind. Losing patience and confidence I requested for a refund in Nov. It is now Dec. 30th and No refund!!!

How can we stop these scam artists????????

  31st of Dec, 2008
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Just to let you know, I've filed a report with the Better Business Bureau. Good Luck -

  14th of Jan, 2009
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Those who paid by credit card please be careful.I disputed thru my credit card companyand got the money back.Not the full amount.Reduced amount for the 2 classes eventhough my instuctor didnt get paid for.After some days they sent a letter to my bank stating that I didnt cancel the classes before 24hrs.It violated thier policy.Even to talk about thier service also they are not picking thier calls.Its going to voice mails directly.How can i cancel the class?I dont know what to do.Now they took the money back what I got thru the whoever gave thier credit card number please be careful.

  15th of Jan, 2009
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Hi Lucretia!
I also had filed a complaint w/the BBB, they have had no response from the company and forwarded me over to the N.J. State office of consumer protection.
To make matters worse, we found a NEW charge of $544.00 from Amedeus to our Credit card just yesterday! Donna does call me back and assured me that there is a glitch in there system and that charge will be taken off our credit card!? We are currently disputing (now both charges) with are credit card!
Warning to all of you; if this company still has your credit card info, cancel it!!!
THIS IS JUST CRAZY! they have now scammed a total of $1584.00!

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