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All County Waterproofing did a horrible
service they came into my home and almost collapse my foundation. My house was
built in 1927 the foundation was in good shape until Healthy Way came in and
destroyed a good foundation base to install french drains and a sump pump after
finding out later I, did not really need it...

Feb 15, 2014
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      5th of Jan, 2019

    All County Waterproofing recommended and installed a $3200 waterproofing system that I did not need. The problem was made worse by their solution, and all I needed was a $600 Roto Rooter snaking of my house drainage line (for tree roots). All County Waterproofing never investigated the reason for the water pooling. They went straight to the $3200 system. Owner Rob Praizner told me over the phone later that they are not in the business of providing solutions where they don’t sell a product, as they can’t make money that way. They are either incompetent or unethical in business practices.
    I called them to find a solution for water seeping through one section of my basement wall, near the sump pump, and through the window well. Area manager Michael Grollimund told me that the parging was old and the cinderblocks were hollow, allowing water to flow from outside into the basement. He said once water finds a way into your house, it will continue on that route. He said our current French drain was not equipped to accept water coming from the outside top ground layer, only underground water, and he recommended a new drainage system along the front wall, with holes drilled into the brick at the floor level, so it would drain directly into the new piping, and be carried to the new sump pump. They would also install waffle board at the base, so any future leakage would be directed into the drain. At no time did Michael Grollimund inspect the area outside the house to look for the reasons for leakage.
    The work was performed on November 2, 2018. During the next rain, water continued to come through the wall and window well. Mike’s response was to send his foreman, who tacked up waffle board going up the wall - a bandage, not a solution, and was unsightly.
    On November 15, New Jersey had a huge snowstorm. Water pooled outside the affected basement wall. The sump pump ran every 20 seconds for several days, and I started hearing water purging noises from the side of the house as well. Water was being forced out of the house drainage pipe, spilling over to the flooded area, with every pump. It was cycling through the sump pump and drainage system. I was worried the sump pump was going to burn out.
    That month we had another heavy rain, flooding the area outside the affected basement wall. Now water was pouring over the basement walls (not just through the parging. The sump pump was running continually, pumping water every 15-20 seconds. I insisted he come look at it. After looking outside, he said his crew put the gutter drainage spouts into the home drainage system, and there was a blockage in the drainage system. We should call Roto Rooter to get the pipe cleaned out. Roto Rooter came that day, and the problem was solved. We had tree roots in the pipe leading to the street. The sump pump was pushing water through the clogged pipe, and backing up to the area outside our basement wall, causing flooding. The heavy duty sump pump battery they installed, plus putting the gutter drainage into the drainage pipes, made the problem worse.
    After Roto Rooter came, we had no more problems. I reached out to Mike and then to All County Waterproofing owner Robert Praizner, asking for a partial refund as an ethical and competent company would have looked into all reasons for the water problems before suggesting a $3200 solution. The owner returned only one call, asking me what I wanted for resolution. I sent him the information and never heard from him again. Turns out the Better Business Bureau has 3 active complaints (made Sep 2018), with 2 others saying he never responded to phone calls about problems they had.

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