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Alexander MacKenzie Cooperative Living / Economical Extortion

1 Sarnia, Ontario, Canada

I’ve always thought that discrimination one of the most pathetic thing someone can do, especially when it involves children but that’s just what Alexander Mackenzie is doing and they have only started.

Apparently management at Alexander Mackenzie Co-op in Sarnia, Ontario approved a few too many units for subsidy, and didn’t quite know what to do about it. After a few rounds they decided that everyone will get an unbelievable 99% increase to there housing charges to make up the difference.

Basically what they did was put a mandatory cap on subsidy assistance, so that $200 rent just went to $450, and there’s no way to recover it, if you work to offset it, they will take that too or any other income you might get.

They also announced that if you have two kids of the same sex then they have to sleep in the same rooms otherwise you will be fined $30 every month for separate rooms.

Its no secret management knows that these families cannot possibly pay more than double rent and will have to move out making them even more money because now
they will charge full market value for the unit.

The board of directors for that place should be ashamed of themselves, not one
of them were effected by there decision, as they live somewhere else.

I can’t help but ask? How can you possibly steal someone’s breakfast, lunch, and dinner and then sleep at night?

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