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Air Deccan / Dont Fly by AirDeccan!

1 India Review updated:

I booked a ticked for a flight on 26 th April from Bangalore to Mangalore, I had to cancel a passenger first and then the whole ticket.

I got the passenger cancellation Amount but not the whole ticket of 3436.20, All this has been represented in my intenary dated 25 th march.

The Customer Care says refund has been done, my bank as not received it. I try calling up air-deccans nos it keeps ringing but no one picks up, I call up accounts ( no give from customer care ) its 24 Hours engaged.

And lot more issues too,

Dont Fly by AirDeccan!

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  • Vi
      7th of May, 2007
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    Air Deccan - Poor customer service

    We 8 of us booked a Air deccan flight to return from goa to bangalore our flight timing was 6:45 Pm on 2nd May( this is the time we got after two delay notifications) we reached the airport by 4PM itself. THe sign board showing the current status of the flight was showing "DELAYED" till 6:30 pm, but the aircraft was already in runway and boarding(We are not aware of that). We trusted the sign board and kept waiting, we realized this fact little late and went to the deccan office, the response we got from the officer there was absolutely negligent and arrogant.

    It required too much of arguments and fightings and blamings... before the deccan officials allowed us to was one hell of a trip we made with deccan.

    The ordeal does not end there, once we reached bangalore... we were not allowed to disembark for nearly an hour from the aircraft, because there were three flights already in the Apron..while the flight was stranded... I dont know from where... there comes an Army of mosquitoes that tastes our blood... Atlast after an hour we disembarked..and a sigh of relief came... But I actually underestimated Air deccan... We were asked to board two buses that actually looked like a huge garbage cans..somehow we reached the exit and then came the worst part... our baggages was not delivered..after an hour of searching and quarrellings and fighting... they delivered the baggage... I saw most of the poor passengers who missed there connecting Flights to chennai because of the worst service of Air deccan...

    AIR DECCAN is being run by the FILTHY idots of the industry..I had high reverie for Mr.Gopinath having started an Airline to service the middle class people, But having undergone all this I beleive he should have contended himself by running a lorry or truck service not an airline....My humble advice to fellow travellers is by all the means possible try not to travel by AIR DECCAN..

  • La
      10th of May, 2007
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    Air Deccan - Pathetic service

    I have been writing to Air Deccan for more than a month now regarding a refund that is due to me. All the mails to customer care show delivery failure and mails to Eshwar Singh go unanswered. This situation would not have arisen had the customer care numbers been answered by someone! Whenever you try to call on the numbers provided, you end up waiting for an hour without any one responding!

    That is what prompted me to write to them! The mail trail started on 9th April and is still going on.

    No one has even bothered to contact me on the status of the issue, let alone resolve it!

    The "SERVICE" provided by them is pathetic!!

  • Sr
      17th of May, 2007
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    Air Deccan - Poor customer service

    I booked a ticket on Air Deccan flight from Pune to New Delhi (25/01/2007). The flight got canceled due to some operational reasons...

    I had to fly to Delhi, to get operated the next day. The only options they gave me was to fly the next day (not possible for me) or cancel the ticket and take another airline. I took this option...

    At the airport-counter, the cancellation status was "under processing" for my ticket. They assured me that the money would roll back within 5 days. Till date (11/05/2007) that has not happened!

    I called their customer care lines.. and after long waits (30 mins +) I was told that they only handled bookings. Refunds would be handled by another dept.

    Even after numerous mails, i have not got any response from them. I do not know what to do.. Only thing i get from them is a CC of their internal mail reg my case saying the PNR is not verifiable...

    I have even written in the reader's problems column of major newspapers.. still no response from them...

  • Fo
      18th of May, 2007
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    I have booked my tickets from bangalore to mumbai and mumbai to bangalore PRN=DA09505418 and 1605846 which i have canceled on 12th march 07 (at 10.05 at bangalore airport). I got new PRN no that is 1467654 and 1605846. As per instruction by airdeccan i am supposed to get my refund (RS1145 and RS1133) by 40 working days.

    After calling 8 times in call center and follow ups with their corporate office... As of today i have not received my refund...

  • An
      22nd of May, 2007
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    Air Deccan - Did not allow us to board the flight inspite of having valid tickets!

    We, comprising of four family members, were to travel by Air Deccan from Hyderabad to Delhi on 19.05.07 by the flight DN 407, vide our ticket PNR NO. DA09425638 booked on 15.02.07 by Travelex Services, Himayat nagar, Hyderabad. Upon arrival at the check-in counter of Air Deccan, we were told that the ticket is invalid and we were denied boarding passes. On severe insistence the supervisor, Mr Ashwini Kumar wrote on our ticket that we are denied entry since our names are not reflecting in the system. By the time we could contact the call center of Air Deccan for further clarification, the flight departed. Mr Praveen Kumar from the call center subsequently told us that it has happened due to software problem and will get back to us by 9 am. When we received no response from them up to 9.15 am, we again contacted the call center . on listening to our problem, the lady in question asked us to wait while she examines the details on the computer and blatantly put the receiver down! Subsequently we again called the call center and Mr. Arun told us to go for fresh booking as we were asking re-scheduling of journey in the next flight. He bluntly refused to do that and instead suggested getting back full refund amount. We are unable to go for fresh booking because the cost of the tickets now is above three times (Rs 7,899 for flight DN 677 as against our booked price of Rs 2147.5 per ticket) the original amount we paid.

    We were shocked by the uncooperative and un- professional attitude of Air Deccan. Since it there fault they should have atleast re-scheduled the tickets. We had planned a vacation and already made payments towards booking 4 nights of stay in shimla and manali , travel by car and our return journey. This is plain harassment of the public !! n they r just not bothered about refunding !

  • Ad
      22nd of May, 2007
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    I appeal to all who have not been able to get their refund back to send me a mail... Air Deccan is not going to mend ways... It is only a collective effort from all of us that can bring Air Deccan to its knees...

    Please send me mail...

    My mail ID is given above...

    I too am a victim of the irrational / obscure response of the Airlines regarding their system of refund... we'll have to do things collectively...

  • Su
      24th of May, 2007
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    Air Deccan - Non refund of my ticket cancellations at air deccan!

    This is to inform you that i had booked tickets for myself and my family members from kolkata to Bhubaneswar on flight no DN-642 for 17th march 2007 PNR no DAO9240055. But due to some reasons i had canceled all tickets on 09/03/2007 at kolkata airport counter of air deccan and was assured that the refund will be made in a fortnights time. Inspite of this i also had called at their customer care no 080-39008888 and got the cancellation PNR no 1548568 along with refund request no 71256. But till date i have not received anything i therefore request the authorities to please take care of my ticket money refunded shall be really obliged.

    Thanking in anticipation,
    Sunil kumar mohanty.

  • Bh
      4th of Jul, 2007
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    I have purchased an air ticket last month as detailed below:

    Ticket No: 2730479
    Destination: Lucknow-New Delhi
    Date: 11/05/2007
    Fare Amount: INR 5612.70

    I had to cancel this ticked due to bad weather conditions and opted for the refund option which was then offered by Air Deccan officials. I have now sent many reminders besides several calls to the customer care numbers (as well as to the Banglore office). Sadly, no action has been taken as yet and despite your claims to refund the money within 30 days, I am still chasing the refund departments for my refund.

    The staff has been an unpleasant experience as I was offered callbacks many times by them, needless to say that they never got back to me. Not only this, when I tried to call up Banglore office, no one answered the phone second time.

    This careless attitude by Air Deccan staff is exemplary which has given me many sleepless nights. When I warn them to go to consumer court they sent reply that the money will be refunded in 7 days and the reference#93876 has been provided. Its already a long time since this term over - i am going to complain about this with the consumer court and will definitely ask for compensation!!!



  • Je
      14th of Dec, 2007
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    Air Deccan - No refund

    I tried to book Air Deccan ticket on 28/10/2007 for traveling from Rajkot to Bombay (Travel date 30/10/2007). I tried to book two times, but both times I was informed that, process is incomplete. But they debited two times from my credit card (Rs.3049 X 2 = Rs. 6098.00). On 28th October I purchased ticket from Air Deccan Cochin airport office by paying cash. I was calling Air Deccan and sending mails every alternate day. (Case no: # 110396). Some times they say it is under process. They are not able to say when they will be able to resolve the matter. They dont send any emails also (Other than automated acknowledgements). They gave two telephone numbers (9900822190 and 080-41585225), one is switched off, another is not picked up !!. Really bad service from Air Deccan. They care a damn for customers. Regulatory authorities should act immediately and those who delay refund should be penalized. They should be made responsible for paying interest not Bank rate, but charged by Credit card companies.

    Jessmon Joseph (09447174490),

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