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I was told by cls that I was approved for a car loan and that I should meet my loan officer at aic kia of manassas. When I arrived I was told tthat max and theresa were in the back helping customers. I waited and no one came out to help. I asked a gentleman by the name of chris who identified himself as the loan manager if they were back there and he said tney left already after I. Had just called to confirm they were there. I was then told that I needed a 15% down payment or a co signer. They were rude and then took me to the nearest bus stop whereit took me 2 hours to get home without a car. THis company needs to be put out of business. And I. Will work to help make this happen. Don't go there please. It is a scam.

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  •   Aug 20, 2009

    Yes they do need to be put out of business!!! I had a VERY SIMILAR EXPERIENCE. I didnt have to take a bus, but Im very sorry this happened to you. They are extremely unprofessional, and rude. There a total scam!

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      Sep 07, 2009

    my sister and i both got calls after we applied. i was scared to even go ahead n do this in the first place because i read the complaints before we went down there. they asked me all these questions about my income...which i told them was 2500.and they explained to me that things would change if the income proof that i brought in was differnt then what they had on file. we both went down to the dealership a couple of days ago to meet with our loan officers. to make a long story short. i was able to actually get a car...which wasnt a kia haha... about 2 days after the actual meeting. they had to i guess transfer a car because i wanted a different year then the one they had there. in my case everything did go smoothly which was a blessing. as for my sister, she was denied. basically the money that she made monthly was cash and she didnt have anyone willing to cosign for her. i would have but i wouldnt of been able to get my car. i mean the people werent mean or anything. and i actually did meet with one of my officers which i was happy about because we got to the dealership way after the appointment. i dont think that they are a bad company i just think that people need to pay attention n make sure that you go over everything with them before they send your stuff in. im glad i got my car...sorry to those who didnt. im spreading the word about cls because beleive it or not they're helping me out.

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