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Afni Collections / Suspicious Settlment Offer

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I have been contacted by this "company" and offered a settlement of half of the bill (200.76, asked to pay 11.38) that I owed for Verizon North Inc. Smells fishy since this is NOT the collection agency that was dealing with this (true) debt. (my sister was divorced and I got her a phone in my name and she honestly forgot to pay the bill when she moved again) and we had no idea about this debt until I was attempting to buy my house and checked my credit report and I contacted Verizon MYSELF to get this debt resolved and they sent me to their collection agency, which was NOT AFNI!

I recieved this settlement offer from AFNI on 7/7/2009 and I was staying with friends at the time and it came to their address in my name, how they got that information, I have no clue. I did not move into my new house until 7/14/2009 so this was fishy from the start.

We got our tax returns so I was settling debt and when tried to go to the website listed on the collection it didn't exist, and upon a google search I found this site, and thank goodness!

BE CAREFUL out there!

I hope people do realize that by law a company cannot attempt to collect a debt that is over 7 years old. If you are being billed for a debt that is older than that, the most likely scenario is that it is fraud.

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  • Co
      5th of Feb, 2010

    just wanted to also add that it seems that when you contact Verizon about a bill you owe in collection they tell you to go directly to the agency you got a notice from, that they cannot handle it any longer, it seems this is what makes Verizon such an oft-used guise for this fraudulent company. They count on Verizon not actually discussing this with you and you have to take AFNI's word for it...I hope more people read these complaints.

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  • Ge
      29th of Mar, 2010

    same deal, AFNI has harrased me for over a year on an amount I had paid Verizon, and Verizon credited me on my phone bill by not owing for like 6 months. Now afni offers a settlement amount of 50% of original bill. I am thankful for this site, as I just sat down, with tax return to settle some debts, I stumbled upon this site. I never called Verizon to check validity, I was just going to pay to clear things up. Now, afni can kiss my ###! If there are this many complaints, where is BBB, or fcc, or some government agency to stop this fraud, or are they behind it all?

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