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Hi I just returned from Italy after the ferry travel from Palermo to Napoly. it was very very BAD .
A- Ship boarding was at 21:00 - 3 hours delay. Check-in GNV gave me 3 rooms 10128, 10130, and 7115. Saying this automatic and she can not change. She said they change 7115 on ship to floor 10 with the other 2 rooms.
B- On the ship the reception officer women insists that there are no rooms and I must have the 7115. It was small room with two beds one over the other, sower over the toilet, no towels no soap and looks like a prison room. This is not the room I paid for. I returned to this reception women and she shouted at me and talked to me very badly saying I must stay at 7115. (we are 63 years old, we made the reservation few month ago - how dare she send us to 7115 ??)
At this point I approached the ship "total manager" and forced the reception women to give me a normal room 11108. She still argued with him not to give us the room on deck 11) But thank god he helped us and moved us to 11108.
C- then the other two rooms 10128 and 10130 could not be delivered to us. The same terrible reception women said they had double booking and have no rooms ! and we need to speak to a manager, we waited another 45 minutes until the other reception officer came and gave us rooms 11111 and 11113. only at 23:00 we could go for dinner.
C - I purchased 6 adult complete meals, but still could not get chips and other stuff, had to pay for a fruit..why was that?
For Breakfast we could not get the scrambled eggs...
D - the ship stinking from oil and gasoline, specially in the dining room.
E - we arrive late at Napoly. Only one elevator operated to get us down to the car...
In summary - very Bad experience, The reception women (Black hair) was terrible and did not want to give us her name!
Only the "Total manager" was very helpful and good person that actually helped in this extreme bad situations.
As a result I was very disappointing with this travel and this is NOT the way to treat customers.
As a result I want you to reimburse me with total cost I pay.
Gershon Nir

Jun 02, 2018

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