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Jadrolinija Jadrolinija Contacts & Information Posted: Jul 24, 2016 by Diane Martin Ticket purchased from AFerry not honored Complaint Rating: Contact information: Rijeka, Croatia, Croatia Jadrolinija reference number: 3358294 AFerry Booking ref.: 7278660 On July 24, 2015, I bought a round trip ticket from AFerry for the Ancona-Split-Ancona ferry. On August 14, I made the outbound trip. When it came time to make the return journey on November 12, 2015, I was refused entry to the ferry, told my ticket (my confirmation letter) was invalid, that I had no reservation and would have to drag myself and my luggage back through customs and passport control to buy a new ticket at Jadrolinija's office, which I had no alternative but to do. The ferry personnel were unapologetic and unhelpful. I am elderly and have a disability that makes walking, climbing, and lifting very difficult. I was also quite ill and exhausted at the time. Although I had reserved and paid for a sleeping berth, I was told there were none left. I had to sit up all night with a room full of noisy, smoking truck drivers, after which I had to travel for 8 hours by bus and train in order to get home. It was a thoroughly miserable experience, after which my illnesses worsened. I was very ill for several months as a result. I would like a full refund, as well as reparation, to which I believe I am entitled. I would also like AFerry to investigate the matter with Jadrolinija to discover why this happened. This is no way to treat your clients. Copies of my confirmation letters, new ticket and boarding pass will be e-mailed separately, as I have been unable to attach them here. Thank you for your anticipated assistance. Diane Martin

An employee no longer with AFerry promised to look into my claim and respond. I waited months with no response, then contacted him again only to be told he was no longer with the company, and I would have to submit my complaint and all supporting documents again, which I did.

I will not let this matter rest, as I am out of pocket several hundred euros and am very angry at being treated this way by both companies involved.

After some more back and forth, this is our latest exchange:

Good Afternoon,

I am very disappointed with your unwillingness to get to the bottom of this matter and to compensate me for my undue and unlawful expenses, not to mention my illness and inconvenience. This seems like very poor customer service and customer relations to me.

Did you present my boarding pass from your company and request an explanation of why Jadrolinija refused to honor it? If so, I wish to see that documentation. When I was refused entry onto the ferry, the man checking tickets merely shrugged his shoulders and told me to contact your company with my problem. As I told you previously, by the time I reached home, I was too ill to do so immediately and for some time. And when I did, my complaint was not investigated, if indeed it was, and I have no proof of that, until I contacted you again months later.

I demand proof of your investigation and reasons why I have been treated in such unprofessional and dishonest manners, by both AFerry and by Jadrolinija. I insist on being put in touch with your manager.

Thank you,

Diane Martin

Четверг, 13 октября 2016, 15:20 +02:00 от AFerry :

Good Afternoon

After checking our records I can confirm that we didn’t receive your original complaint in 2015 for the journey you made that year .My colleague Ehsen received your message concerning an update about your complaint and he chased up with the operator.

In July 2016 when we contacted the operator regarding your complaint and after a long investigation they advised us that they have no record for receiving any complaint from you in 2015. As per the Croatian law compensation claim and the complaint need to be made within 3 months of the travelled date.

So on this occasion we are unable to go any further with your claim.

Kind regards,

Fatima Nadeem

Customer Services

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Oct 13, 2016

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