Afaa / like trump university, I was sold a completely useless class for my needs

1 Chandler, AZ, United States
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I was lied to by the people who I now know are just salespeople at AFAA about the certification I need. This is a scam similar to Trump University, only not as expensive. I was very clear with the three different people I talked to on three different occasions that I am 68 years old and that I am not ever going to teach a class to anyone under the age of 80. That I only need a certification for Older Adult Fitness. They assured me that I had to first get my Fitness Instructor Certification before I could get the Older Adult Fitness Certification. When I received the materials and started to read them I thought it was way over my head and more than I needed. I called again and was told the same thing. I continued to plow through, reading and watching the videos and not understanding why I had to learn so much that didn't apply to what I needed to work with wheelchair-bound people. I have finally given up and they will not refund my money. I was misled from the beginning and I am very angry as I could have applied this money toward the right course elsewhere and I could have that certification in hand. An organization of high quality would not have sold me something I did not need. An organization with integrity would have been honest and directed me elsewhere. The people at AFAA are in sales and they out and out lied to me to get my funds. I have reached out to them and they say that the window has closed on the refund period, although I called during that refund window and was told to hang in there. They did not offer to refund, they told me to keep at it! They seem to miss the point that they lied to me and this is about the misrepresentation of a product. I have filed with the state AG's office and the BBB.

Sep 15, 2017

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