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AdvanDate Professional Dating Software / scammers beware

1 United Kingdom, United States Review updated:
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Advandate professional dating software scammers beware

Bought software, and it is garbage. Does not work, they keep asking for more money.

No help, and if you complain they hang up on you...

Beware of advandate professional dating software scammers beware

Oct 4, 2016

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  • Jo
      4th of Oct, 2016
    +3 Votes
    WARNING Advandate Dating Software | SCAMMERS - Advandate Dating Software | SCAMMERS
    United States
    United Kingdom

    AdvanDate Professional Dating Software SCAMMERS BEWARE
    AdvanDate Professional Dating Software SCAMMERS BEWARE Contacts & Information
    Posted: Oct 4, 2016 by JohnnyDep
    AdvanDate Professional Dating Software SCAMMERS BEWARE
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    United Kingdom, United States
    AdvanDate Professional Dating Software SCAMMERS BEWARE

    Bought software, and it is garbage. Does not work, they keep asking for more money.


    BEWARE OF AdvanDate Professional Dating Software SCAMMERS BEWARE

  • Ri
      5th of Oct, 2016
    -3 Votes

    These are fake reviews done by the competition. They are laughable at best. Charging for customer service? That's insane. Again, these are fake comments by one certain competitor that feels they need to blacklist other providers in hopes that they can sell more software. These are just absurd. Our customers know how we operate. I guess this is what you get when you're the leading dating software provider located in America.

  • Gi
      25th of Apr, 2017
    0 Votes

    @Rick Jacobson Blacklisted!?!? I made some bad reviews and my serial number was revoked but I noticed my money wasn't refunded. That makes Advandate, or more specifically Rick Jacobsen a thief. There are too many reviews and he can't keep blaming this "competition" for long. What a dirt bag!

  • Em
      29th of Jan, 2017
    +3 Votes

    We are looking for other people that feel they have been SCAMMED by the company called AdvanDate also known as Rick Jacobson. We are filing a Multi Plantiff Federal lawsuit against them for running what we believe to be the largest SCAM in U.S. history. We are wanting to file this this month and there will be NO charge for the Attorney. You can call me direct if you have any information. If you can, try to get a refund, but it can be already too late.

    This number I see on the AdvanDate site (1-843-732-4944) is a Skype number. AdvanDate is a one-actor show.

    It's not AdvanDate that is the scam, it's Rick Jacobson that is the Scam. Ask any of his former business associates about him and they will all give you the same answer. This guy is just a bad person. Try to stay clear of him if at all possible. If you are associated with him now, try to get away from him asap. You will be glad you did. I say this based on my own and others personal experience. I have nothing to gain from it, just trying to protect others from having to deal with him like I did.

  • Kr
      4th of Feb, 2017
    +2 Votes

    I'm seriously unhappy that I decided to go ahead and purchase AdvanDate EVEN AFTER reading all these terrible ratings. I am not one to be deterred by random disgruntled customer/black pr... thought since the "pre-sale" customer service was so good that I'd go ahead and buy it. anyway long story short - a day into buying the product i've already come across a hurdle. installation didn't go through all the way (they blamed it on the hosting company - although i know from past experience and a quick call to my hosting company that it wasn't a problem with hosting). they are so quick and dismissive once teh sale was done. Now i'm scrambling for help in the forum - trying to figure out all this problem with my site crashing randomly. I have NO CLUE and no help certainly... and the best part... when i ask for help through the support system - i get offered the wonderful $95/month plan to pay for support... YEAH RIGHT!! i pay for a product i cannot even customize even though they say it can be! moment you step into the backend to customize css, everything falls apart and no documentation to help us out! This is beyond illegal to scam customers into buying a bugged-out software, with very little to no support (and limited "unique" templates) and then have them scurrying to pay more just to fix YOUR software... we are the customers, we shouldn't be fixing your errors. So if you cannot guarantee a bug-free product - then DON'T charge us for support!!! I SINCERELY learned my lesson (although it cost me a grand $500 USD). Never buy from a company with real bad PR... there's truth behind it (after all it cannot all be "fake comments") and by the way, before you step on this message board telling me to come forward. I'd be glad to.. except i dont' plan on releasing my personal information on the web. simply contact me (I'm unfortunately still stuck being your customer til I find a more reliable software). So reply back to me if you have a remedy for this ridiculous situation!

  • Ho
      17th of Feb, 2017
    +3 Votes

    Everything said about advandate software being a scam is true. Every file is bug filled for the purpose of you paying them to fix it. Even after you pay for ad/link removals, there is no true functionality unless you spend thousands more for modifications. After you spend thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours working on the software, they then abandon it totally and start re-creating, re-coding and come out with a total different software... still buggy with the same results- dollars for cost and hours of work to try to get some form of functionality out of it. Plus Its full of encoded files which links to them .I know, I've tried using advandate for several years and just when you think you could possibly get it to work BAM, they drop it and have something else.. with even more bugs and fixes to have to pay for.. Advandate is an insult to website designers everywhere. They could have something worth using if they'd stick with what they start and make it functional.. nobody wants to spend 10 years trying to build a website and to just 'test' new software. Try to google advandate scam: or Rick Jacobson scam

  • Ha
      13th of Mar, 2017
    +1 Votes

    Yes, AdvanDate is basically Emeeting renamed. This is how Rick Jacobson makes business - renaming bad things and thinking they will taste better. Just a review from thousands on the web:

    eMeeting is a SCAM Bought the script 2 years ago - currently running v9.23 and still not stable - too slow and full of coding errors - The promise they make on their advertising pages are far from what you get. The main drawback is the inability for automated emails eg. notification to a member when a new member joins that math his/her match settings. When they started out the idea was good, but with all the bugs the are trying to fix they lag behind other companies with new integrations (facebook login, 3d etc. etc) You work day and night to modify and get everything up and running, trying to work around the bugs and shortcomings - and then WOW, after nearly a year a new version upgrade. First you must PAY for new version, and then start all over again. If you complain about bad customer service or unstable script in the forums you get instantly banned - Yes they don't tolerate anything that might indicate their software is unstable at all. An open invitation to the eMeeting team - PROVE ME WRONG - Remember? I still got all our conversations we had over the years - email and in the forums. Complaints I had in 2009 is still not resolved - oh sorry, my posts got deleted so that future customers can't read it!!! Do a Google search "scam emeeting mark fail" and see that I'm not alone. Contact me at -

  • Gi
      5th of Apr, 2017
    +2 Votes

    I agree with so much I have read here. The customer service is absolutely horrible. Rick is always ready to blame anyone but himself...I mean God forbid he actually stands behind his product. He claims Advandate can be customized, but it's only if you are a coder. If you hire a coder, he has many places blocked so you can't hire who you want. Stay away from Advandate. I honestly think any other software would be better than this crap. Even worse is the customer service though!

  • Em
      12th of Aug, 2017
    0 Votes

    Ai gree, take a look on chat:

    You Please update your info
    can you sent me some links of website you did
    and does it include seo optimization

    You can via them on the front page of our site towards the bottom.
    Only certain packages have SEO included.

    You Please update your info


    You Please update your info
    which packages


    You Please update your info
    can you help me to compare complete solution of skadate
    with yours

    skadate is a joke. lol
    Russians and overpriced
    We offer something called WLD
    No one else has it.

    You Please update your info
    which package that you offer can match Everything in Basic Package +
    Branded mobile apps with source code
    Mobile app monetization features
    Mobile app setup
    Mobile app customization enabled
    App store submit
    SEO setup and basic assistance
    complete solution
    inluding source code

    Diamond package

    You Please update your info
    it means you are overpriced

    Not at all.
    Don't like the prices you can go buy the Russians crap.
    Have a good day.
    AdvanDate left the chat

    You Please update your info
    Amanzing service
    AdvanDate joined the chat

    You Please update your info
    thank you for leaving chat

    Sure thing
    Bye now.

    You Please update your info
    totally unprofessional

    Sorry you feel that way mr "Totally overpriced".
    Go buy SkaDate. You'll be happier with it. I'm sure.

    This is how they reply on email:
    "Ahhh, did the poor little baby get butthurt when he didn't get his way? So sorry you're a little snowflake and you can't handle it. Go f... yourself f... loser. We sell 500 units a month and don't have time for winey reta... like you so go post your gay reviews, no one cares. "


  • Cu
      15th of Jul, 2018
    0 Votes

    Dont even consider they will take your money and run! Its been a year and no word, they took 10000 from me and didnt say a word.

    Been trying to get a hold of Rick and he must have fled the country. I cant be more pissed at this crook. What kind of person makes a website to supposidly help people make dating sites and ultimately steals their money and runs. I hope that Rick rots in *** He seems to be the only one behind the facade and is running this scam of an operation.

    The number provided never calls you back and also Rick might be nice before you pay but ultimately he takes your money and runs. Someone might *** him i bet.

    Reason of review: Damaged or defective.

    Monetary Loss: $10000.

    Preferred solution: Full refund.

  • Ri
      31st of Jul, 2018
    0 Votes

    After having scammed dozens of his clients, Rick Jacobson has decided to make YOU part of his scam business. Don't believe me? Check this out:

    "We provide you with the dating software package that you can sell on your website. We'll setup your website and the demo on your hosting. You'll just need your own PayPal and Stripe account to take the payments."

    Just for $10k LOL :-)

    So if you want to be considered a scammer and to be known for trying to sell a really lousy product online, well actually there is no product at all, it is just a piece of ..., then please pay $10k to Rick Jacobson now and you are all set! Who could dream of a better fate than to be a scammer? Do not hesitate and grab this opportunity right now!

  • Jo
      8th of Aug, 2018
    0 Votes

    UPDATE: Now he is trying to get rid of it all For just... $300, 000 :-D "Great" online reviews included.

    He bought Emeeting right there on Flippa 2 years ago for...

    $10, 000 :-D A scammer? You bet!

  • Jo
      18th of Sep, 2018
    0 Votes

    Rick Jacobson, aka Michael Allen, aka "Wyoming scammer" is at it again. He does NOT pay attantion to the badge "Verified order" (which means that TrustPilot contacted the client and verified the order manually) and still continues call ALL of the negative reviews fake ones :-) A great example:

    And this is what Rickmichael has to say about it:

    "This comment was posted by a fake reviewer who is a competitor. The dating software business is plagued with fake reviews from one specific competitor. We would never tell someone to go buy a competitors software. We would never talk to a customer this way but there's not much we can do about fake reviews. Anyone anywhere can post whatever they want and get away with it. This is just the nature of the business."

    You really think you still want to send your hard earned money to Wyoming?

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