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David Hayes and Peter Fabian working and consulting for Advanced Coatings Enterprises better know as A.C.E. are professional scam and con-artists. They were accidently sent money that does not belong to them and now will not give it back. They have been in the news many times for past unethical business pratices and fraud. They try and sell Dealerships to people that think they have a legitmate manufactured window film, but they only repackage a pre-made product from another company. They owe millions of dollars to many creditors and still continue to conduct business and steal money from people. Peter Fabian himself is trying to go bankrupt for over $5.7 million dollars, but they will not let him off. David Hayes who said he left the company is still working there and he continues to do there dirty work for A.C.E. They changed the name of the compnay 3 times in the past 3 years but no one if falling for it. Do not do business with these people as they are nothing but low down crooks and belong in jail. They will do and tell you anything to get your money from you. They are the fomer ACE Security Laminates, ACE Corp. and World ACE.


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  • Do
      Jan 19, 2010

    I agree they ripped me off for over $50, 000.00 for a dealership in Brazil that never happend. The good news is we won our court case but now trying to collect the money. They are real crooks.

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  • Mr
      Jan 20, 2010

    Domonic is a fraud from Nigeria. His posting is anomynous and holds no credibility. His other ficticious name is Churchill. The Canadian Consulate has warned us about his activities. He stole money from an unsuspecting person pretending to be an ACE agent. ACE is working with authorities and is now returning the money to its righful owner. Please do not do business with this person. He has an unstable disposition.
    Mr. Owen ...President

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  • Mr
      Jan 20, 2010

    I have been a dealer for over 7 years and have had no problems with ACE. I have never made more money than i make now. I can not understand why these people are having problems. If these people are honest in their business dealing they would also be successful with ACE. A word of advise...if you are negative in your business approach then you will get negative results.
    Patty from ACE South Asia

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  • Ri
      Jan 20, 2010

    We too have been ripped off by ACE many years ago in Australia and New Zealand.
    There is no dealer in Nigeria by the name of Domonic or Churhill. It is Mr. Owen who is the fraud here and speaks nothing but lies. He is none other than Peter Fabian himself and his henchmen David Hayes at work. There is no Patty in South Asia people. Just google search Peter Fabian ACE or Peter Fabian Bankrupt and you will see for yourselves all the bad news press about these unstable individuals. The company and Fabian are in major debt for millions of dollars and they under are under investigations by many legal entities and yet they still continue to try and scam people all over the world. Do not do business with these people, if you give them money they will only take it from you and return nothing. These bad business men belong in jail for their crimes.

    R.L. from Australia

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  • Ri
      Jan 20, 2010

    We could not agree more that this company ACE is bad news. We have been scammed by ACE, ACE Security Laminates, World ACE and now calling themselves Advanced Coatings Enterprises (A.C.E.) These evil men Peter Fabian, David Hayes and Dan White conned us out of monies to buy a dealership in Mexico. We were all prepared to go to Ottawa / Canada to receive our training and products but then were told they sold it someone else in Mexico and they would not return the many of thousands of dollars we sent them. We have been trying to get our money back from them for a long time, but they are hiding under bankruptcy protection and using a new name for the company and we cannot get our money back. These men are nothing but liers, crooks, con-artists and theives. We have spoken to many people that this happened to in the past. Call any real old ACE dealer and they will tell you these people are very bad. We are very sad they continue their business stealing from people and selling fake dealerships and product they do not make as they claim. Don't do business with them. The media has many news articles on the internet about this company, none of it good.


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  • To
      Aug 23, 2010

    Patty from must be on drugs...
    They have been around for many years ripping people off. Selling Hanita coatings as their own product...smoke and mirrors!!!
    We had a dealership in 2000 and they ripped us off...Their Former name before 2000 Ace Clear Defense!

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  • Vd
      Jan 11, 2011

    I was majorly scammed by ACE, Advanced Coating Enterprises to the tune of 31, 000. I want to organize a class action lawsuit. I want you to tell your story and join this lawsuit to close down Peter Fabian and his crew and bring them to justice. Tell me your story at [protected] If you want to join in the lawsuit by contributing, please send your donation to ACE-SC, 1000 Johnie Dodds Blvd, Ste 103-338, Mt Pleasant, SC, 29464. Let us never have anyone scammed by ACE again!!!

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  • Vd
      Jan 19, 2011

    They have now changed their site to USACE, trying to change their name for the umpteenth time!

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  • Vd
      Feb 06, 2011

    Mr Peter Fabian, aka the Duke of Kent who died in 1942, resurrected in 2010 in Canada, to play a barrister to this humble widow who was scammed for 35, 000 usd. Mr Fabian wrote that" the buyer should beware." He said cavet emptor, or in other words you are a sucker to buy his 85, 000 dealerships. This is what you get with this Canadian company, when you are told you are buying a franchise, which turns out to be dealership or distributorship and then just sh--. Do not involve yourself financially in any way with the Canadians. They take your money for absolutely nothing in return, and promise everything. They are teaching their children to be scammers like them, so watch out for another generation of ACE. Buy American! not Advanced Coating Enterprises!

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  • Ji
      Mar 23, 2011

    I walked into their office in late 1999, and ready to talk about a dealership rights for China. At that time, it was Peter Fabian and Harry Kater talked to us. We found both of them are lier after a few months doing business with them. They were simply re-boxing the film which they purchased from someone else. In 2001 we stopped purchasing from them and in turn buying same products from America at about half of the price. Their business name used ACE/ClearDefense Inc. (until 2000), ACE/Security Laminates (until 2008), World ACE.

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  • Ge
      Apr 22, 2011
    advanced coating enterprises - bad business
    advanced coating enterprises

    I am in-house counsel for Advanced Coating Enterprises. It is our business to take people's money and then say buyer beware. If people are stupid enough to send us money and it happens all day long, every day of the week from all over the world, especially the United States. Americans are suckers and easy marks. We have gotten money from NC, SC, Fl, Texas. and more. We have five million dollars, and the Canadian govt, or any other govt will not prosecute us. We have been in business for over 20 years. We must be doing something right. I am a barrister of the first order and I keep ACE out of trouble with the whiney people who want their money back. We buy laminate from America, relabel it with the ACE label and made in Canada and sell it at 10 times its value. People think it is made in Canada. This is how we fool them. Give us your money, you rich Americans. Barrister George Windsonr

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  • Ge
      Apr 23, 2011

    I am inhouse counsel for Advanced Coating Enterprises. It is my job to take people's money from all over the world and give them nothing. Afterall, Buyer Beware, Cavaet Emptor. We get money from people from all over the world, everyday, all day long. We have over 5 million in the Royal Canadian Bank. Americans are especially vulnerable. Our operation sells laminate made in America, which we label in Canada with the Advanced Coating E label, Made in Canada label and sell it back to the Americans for 10 times the cost. Now that is enterprising. Americans are so stupid that they will buy anything! No govt will prosecute us because we are in Canada, and then they cannot collect. We are in the best country in the world for this kind of fraud and misrepresentation. We change our names when we want to, from Trevor to Peter to Bill to Michael to Patti to Valerie. These people do not have a clue, and the Brazilians and Russians are stupid too. They love the bullet show. It is a real seller to them because they are like children at a circus. We have been doing business for over 20 years and no one will touch us. George, the Barrister

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  • Ge
      Apr 23, 2011

    Do not bother to sue us, you will not get your money back. INC magazine advertises our wonderful dealership in their magazine starting at 85, 000. People all over the world are just sending money to us.So you lost your life savings sucker! I say too bad, so sad, the Barrister from Canada

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  • Ge
      Apr 23, 2011

    I own Advanced Coating E and have made over 5 million dollars on reselling laminate for windows, which I buy in America, relabel with Advanced Coating E and made in Canada label; then I resell it for 10 times the cost and make a fortune. I have been doing this for 20 years, have gotten lots of complaints, but nobody has prosecuted me because I am in Canada. All these countries, mostly America, are so easy to con with our show that makes our glass look bullet proof. The foreigners love it! We live like rock stars with all my staff, Valerie, Mike, Bill and me, but those are not our real names. Ha Ha! I used to sell stock in my company, but alas, it went bankrupt! The stockholders want their money back, but alas, the Canadian gov will never prosecute me. Right now I am ready to collect 100, 000 from a person in Texas for a "dealership" in Texas. It is like this every day of the week, 24 hours a day and I have my soliciter and barrister to ward off the disgruntled investors. Why be honest, when you can collect money for doing nothing? It is part of my gypsy background which believes that theft is a better way to go than real work. Peter the Gypsy (which really means gip)

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  • Gr
      Aug 12, 2011

    You know, I have been an ACE Dealer for a long time. I started with ACE way back 1999 when they were called ACE Clear Defense Inc.

    I have seen Mr. Kater and Mr. Fabian grow the company. I also know that some people are not meant to do business. I am also surprised that dealers that fail never take responsibility for themselves. How is it ACE’s fault that you did not pay your bills? So you were shut down, too bad, get a ###ing life.

    I just came back from Canada. I visited with ACE and got a chance to meet Mr. Fabian again. I think the whole re-organization of ACE is good. Michael is a great guy and the whole team is very dedicated. Nick Proulx is a very smart plastics engineer, and he knows his stuff. I admit that my ACE business has its ups and downs. But I had more ups than downs. I have made good money and I have even tried other films and laminates. The only one that works for me and has never left me on the hook is ACE.

    I think it is funny when I look at other websites that carry ACE video’s, or ACE testing but complain that ACE is no good. Or fake ACE companies that use the ACE name, testing and video’s but sell Lumar, or 3M, Bekaert, or Solar Guard. If ACE is so bad, then why continue to use the name, videos and test reports? All you guys who do so are cheats. The real issue is those of you who are sore losers.

    The real COMPLAINT is this guy who says he was the ACE dealer in China; YES, ACE did have a dealer in China and I met him. He lived in Toronto Canada and had a business in China. His problem was he got caught selling cheap Chinese films as the real ACE and Mr. Fabian booted him out of the business for cheating.

    For the Olympics in China a few years ago, ACE had the contract and did all the trains, toll booths and some Olympic buildings. Since then the Government of China has purchase directly from ACE.

    So this guy claims that in 1999 he was ACE's dealer, OK, so why did it take him 13 years to complain. I tell you why, because he now sees that he was wrong to cheat and that ACE and Mr. Fabian are good and loyal and he was an -###- because he lost out on all the work for the Olympics, the new Airport and so on.

    ACE is the best and I am making money with ACE and I consider Mr. Fabian to be a freind and a good man and I want to set the record straight!

    I am an ACE Dealer and proud to be part of the ACE Team.

    And I am NOT afraid to put my name to this letter.
    Randy Brandsmere

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  • Al
      Mar 17, 2012

    This is to reply to Randy Brandsmere.

    How is it the we never see a testimonial by clients or end users, in any of ACE clients, in any part of the world.

    No certificate of appreciation issued by a government officials or trusted source.

    I was working on exclusive dealership with Fabian, and I had to stop, when I saw so much complains about a scam by Mr. Fabian.

    Thank you.


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  • Sd
      Apr 02, 2012

    Hey Randy you don't even exist as a dealer and as for the China dealer they got screwed by Fabian years ago. There was no work done in China for the Olympics. Nice try Fabian always shooting your mouth off and making up more lies. Who wrote the story for you this time? Once a crook always a crook. Anyone reading this, do one thing...stay away from ACE and Fabian or any part of his little band of thieves. You will only loose your money and precious time. It's all smoke and mirrors...just do your research first you won't be sorry you did. Simon says its time you go to jail.

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  • Th
      Aug 05, 2012

    Hey Randy, you Fracking A-Whole...your not even real. Fabian is a crook and always will be a crook. He turned and burned his new office at 150 Isabella just several weeks ago for NON-PAYMENT FOR SEVERAL MONTHS AGAIN...Dam Fools let him operate for months without realizing he was and Always is a Fracking Crook and Thief. "Peter Go turn yourself in and pay pennance for your Crimes before they throw you in and lock you away for EVER...Your time is comming you basted Child that should haver never been born. People like you should be Killed from Birth, before they can harm anyone. You have ###ed so many inoccent and good people, you must be the Devil Child himself. You are a ###ing maggot and them some...Burn in Hell you Mother ###er...


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  • An
      Aug 07, 2012

    Advanced Coatings Enterprises Inc. A.C.E, Ottawa, Ontario
    ACE – the best security solution to safeguard your valuables No doubt about it.
    Peter Fabian from Ottawa, CEO, ACE, works relentless with his team of professionals to equip these fascinating safety solutions with more advanced technologies and features. ACE Worldwide safeguards your home, your vehicle, your business and even the government and is continuously doing more to keep the world a safer place.

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  • Sh
      Sep 30, 2012

    i meat peter fabian in california in baverly hills and he show me the product of bullet prof plastic . we and up buying the exclusive for ca.ace clear defense in 1998 seclusive to bring to los angeles ca my partner lee Gordon (another stupid)try to go behind my back to make deal Wis peter i found out i file a suit and i won i gate must money from my x partner and i have big judgment agents ace and peter fabian They have been ripping people off peter Burn in Hell ...shaul from B_H california

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  • Ra
      Dec 10, 2012

    No don't tell lie. I know Peter Fabian has hired a IT professional team from India and they are posting positive comments on the net to bring up the rating for ace. But this will never happen. As I have a big question, they are using the name A.C.E. means Advance Coating Enterprises instead of ACE. While the patents are in the name of ACE not in the name of A.C.E. Because these all are might be the patents belonging to Peter's old company and being used by Peter now for his new company. These guys are not doing the business in fair means. So careful of them

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  • St
      Dec 31, 2012

    The COO, a Gabriel Draven, (his personal phone number is 819-682-1405) who was told by Peter Fabian not to use his real name and goes by the name Michael Draven, tried very hard to get us to sign on to two country territories. I ordered 2 rolls of laminate and an 'installation kit' for 200 bucks (the kit could have been bought for 50 bucks, and they insisted I buy it, thereby ripping me off). I received the laminate, SL 14 and SL9. The SL9 isn't that good for smash-and-grab, and we double layered SL14 for bullet proofing. I told Mr. Draven about our testing, and prior to purchasing the laminate he was ok about it, till I later told him we did testing with fire arms, and he got rather 'angry' saying they (ACE) don't like it when rogue testing is done without proper training. He was all for testing when I was about to order the 2 rolls, but changed his tune when we got the laminate and did testing. I posted my tests on You Tube and he asked it be made private. I have since made it public. He didn't like that I mentioned the name of the laminate.
    To put it mildly, he tried a lot of hard-sell tactics like saying other inquiries were coming in from the two countries we wanted territorial exclusivity, and that he would have to respond to them. This was to 'hurry us' to sign a deal. He also kept trying to say we need to do the training in Ottawa and that we should sign a deal, pay 50% (about 45, 000CND) of the required stock amount up front, go to Ottawa and then once we saw the firearm testing, pay the remaining 50% for the required stock of laminate in order to fulfill the territorial quota.
    During the many weeks of conversations with Mr. Draven, some odd comment he said, like they spend millions on R&D, the company was public but then they changed direction and bought back the stock, the number of successful territories, and the progressively increasing 'hard-sell' tactics made me go deep into researching the background of the company. This is when I found this complaint board.
    I am thankful to have had my eyes opened. Mr. Draven should also consider himself lucky. Had we entered into an agreement, and he jerked my rather wealthy and powerful partner around, I don't think he would appreciate the consequences. After all, the idea of security laminate came from my partner's need to protect himself and his family. Instead of ACE, we have found several legitimate companies we are now doing business with. Peter Fabian and Gabrial Draven, you have dodged a bullet this time, and it wasn't because you were hiding behind your laminate.

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  • Sa
      Sep 01, 2014

    do we have ace laminating film dealer in Nigeria?

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  • Jo
      Mar 18, 2015

    They are all still up to their Old Con Game...People Pay Attention...their criminals at large, report them to the Police and RCMP...Enough said already

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  •   May 11, 2015

    Ronald Georgevitch (Sisco Ronin ) the partner of Peter Fabian, the one joined the group of Samir Geagea .who's Samir Geagea? 
    This is the criminal. 
    His work during the civil war
    After the entry of the Syrian army and the occurrence of the Battle of Tel Zaatar he returned to his studies at the university, but left before graduating a few months later following the renewed fighting. He asked Bashir Gemayel Balhakh in the Lebanese Forces newly formed, and in those battles, serious injury transport wounded evacuated to France for treatment.It also led the group that sent Bashir Gemayel to Ehden to the assassination of MP Tony Franjieh militia leader Maradawithin his plan to unify the Christian Venice. After growing his control and his criticism of Christian leaders, which he described CB was expelled from the Phalange Party stood uprising on the head of militia forces Fouad Abu Nader withKarim Pakradouni and Elie Hobeika and that in 1985 , where he became Elie Hobeika commanding general of the militia, but he overthrew him in January 1986 and handed leadership place after the signing of Hobeika on the tripartite agreement with the head of forces Amal movement Nabih Berri and head of the Progressive Socialist Party Walid Jumblatt,  sponsored by Syria .

    Also it fought a fierce war against the Lebanese army , led by Gen. Michel Aoun called the war the cancellation . After the Taif Accord forces turned into a political party as the rest of the warring militias.

    His prison and post-prison

    In 1994 prison because of being accused of the bombing of the Church of Our Lady of Deliverance in Kesserwan has received a patent from the charge, but he was tried on charges of assassination of former Prime Minister Rashid Karamiand President of the National Liberal party Dany Chamoun , also accused of the assassination of MP Tony Franjieh,  son of President Suleiman Franjieh and his family in Ehden It is the so-called later massacre of Ehden . Court and sentenced himto death , but the referee commuted by President Elias Hrawi to life imprisonment, and was sentenced to dissolve the Lebanese Forces . He was released through a special parliamentary amnesty by the Council of Deputies that emerged after the departure of the Syrian army from Lebanon in 2005 , and then returned to his political activity.

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