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Advance Auto Parts / discrimination against customer

1 821 Towne Center DrPoinciana, FL, United States Review updated:
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Phone: (407) 343-1493

I was shopping at Advanced Auto Parts today for cleaning supplies. When I was done gathering what I needed, I went up to the counter to get in line. At this point there were 2 employees at the parts counter/register and 5 customers total in 2 different lines waiting to be helped. While I was waiting there, another gentleman walked in with a drive belt and got in line behind me. At the same time, a 3rd employee emerged from the back of the store and stood behind the salesperson who was working the line I was waiting in. He scanned the line and made eye contact with me and as well as the customer behind me. Then, he started a conversation in spanish with the customer behind me laughing and joking around. Now for whatever reason, the salesperson that was helping the customer in front of me walked out the store with his customer and the salesperson having the conversation with the guy behind me stepped forward to take over and I had put my things on the counter to pay. He knew I was next line, but he gestured to the guy behind me to come forward instead and totally ignored me. I politely told the salesperson that I was next, but then looks at me and says something in spanish and laughs in my face! I said excuse me, what did you say? and he just kept laughing. I turned around and started walking out and another customer pulled me aside and told me what the salesperson said.... "speak spanish next time and you might be helped." This made me so mad. At first I wanted to see the manager and he was there but I was so mad, I didnt want to lose my temper and make a fool of myself. So, I went straight home and called the store back directly which was not even 5 minutes later and guess who answered...that same salesperson. I asked to speak with his manager but he said he left an hour ago.. big lie!

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  • Br
      28th of May, 2008
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    HWY 25 Travlers rest, south carolina advance auto store...why is it that the the paper always goes blank...You take the part back even in its box and your told dident buy that here...we dont have it on the computer. I will never spend a penny a another advance auto parts store again...and the same gos for anyone I know...this has happened over 6 times...GOOD BYE ADVANCE AUTO PARTS.

  • Wi
      30th of Jul, 2008
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    we had attened a car show on the 4th sat. of june 08 & my freinds car battery went bad so after the show we jumped him off & he & his wife went up to the advance parts house on 54 hyway [ga] at around 7:30 to get a new battery[my freind is leagealy blind]& this black guy started to replace the battery but told my freind he had to check on something in the store & never came back out to finish the battery insluation I belong to a local car club & we are gonna give you a lot of free advertisment like dont ever buy ANYTHING FROM ADVANCE AUTO PARTS.sales person was rude & dont give a crap about what you had to say & again this advertisment will be free in hopes it will cost you in the long run>

  • Sc
      27th of Aug, 2008
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    Why would you bite off your nose to spite your face? I have read similiar posts from consumers that had different experiences at every major parts chain across America. There is what is called "observation inference conclusion". What you percieve to be one set of circumstances, could be something completely different. Give Advance the benefit of the doubt, I know a great deal about this company from HQ to the stores, and their approach toward the consumer is nothing short of putting you first. If there is anyway I can further assist you let me know.

    Scotty Dee

  • Li
      24th of Nov, 2008
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    I purchased starter at Advance Auto Parts, , have spent several thousand dollars buying from Advance over the years, , starter was defective after I benched tested ok and installed, called Advance to see if they had another in stock, they said to bring in car to have battery and alternator tested before they could replace starter, and starter had to be tested off the vehicle before they could replace, , this according to the new hispanic obese oppressive bully new manager...(previous position a federalle from Pancho Villas army) his head was two times bigger than his body...
    I went to the store, waited in line while the manager had two customers waiting while he slowly
    checked a customers $10 bills with a marker for counterfit?? This is a true oppresive predatory bully..
    after 8-9 minutes waiting in line (he was the only one behind counter, he had other 2-3 workers doing other work in and outside the store)..he said I had to wait 5 minutes for another customer ahead of me, ,
    I waited 6-7 minutes and then a girl came behind the counter and ask if I needed help. I told her..she looked at Pancho and said I have to ask my manager, he shouts out, , no stay on the counter (no customers in store but me and other one' also waiting to have car battery tested)..he then shouts it'll be 10 minutes before I get to you sir..with that I told Pancho, , I've been waiting a over ten minutes, I don't like your bully attitude and I demand service now, , to which he said I'll get to you in 15 or so minutes..
    I was real angry left that store and went to another Advance store where they took care of my problem at once..I asked for the district manager, whom I later called and reported bully man, , he said Advance takes all complaints serioulsy, said would look into the matter and call me back..he called ONE time left me a message to call him back..I called him back six times and he never returned my call. SO...

  • Jo
      25th of Nov, 2008
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    I'm sorry you had a bad experience at AAP. I'm a store manager in PA and I take pride in the service every individual on my team provides to our customers. I take it personally if we ever have a customer leave unhappy. I remind my team daily: If we don't take care of the customer, someone else will.

  • Sp
      18th of Jan, 2009
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    so many pros and cons, sorry for racism which it was and no less. I also being a manager in MO., can say that sometimes you get sidetracked with so many ppl asking for help just so they dont wait there turn. Also you said it was around 730, at my store I am only allowed by payrolll to have 2 ppl in a shift after 7. Company policy (for safety and security), no less than 2 workers in the store at any time. If that being the case and two workers were there one could of been honestly trying to perform excellent custmer service, even to put his job on the line to help install a battery after the allowed hours. Manager could of seen it and made him come in many things could of happened sir. I am sorry for you expierence. And with emailing the corporate office. no response means something WAS done. they dont tell the customer if disciplinary actions take place. Some ppl are ignorant enough to call in and harras ( like hahaha how did you like they pay docking?). Yes I have heard it...

  • Mc
      27th of Aug, 2009
    0 Votes

    As retail manager... Where was the manager when a store is busy. He should have been on the floor working and helping ringing. I worked in a hardware store I would have fired for not being out there.

  • Bi
      20th of Jul, 2011
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    How many people out there know where these parts come from. I would say 65 % maybe more comes form over seas . America's after market parts are almost non-Existent . I have been in the business for a lot of years and have found one thing to true, don't buy some parts after market . Brake pads, people don't look at what they are getting they look at the cost and complain when there is a problem . I bought a after market water pump for 98 Mercury, Villager, 2 hours of work, 1 year later I was doing it again, I then went to the dealer, paid twice the price but I only had to put in once. Lets say you buy a alternator
    rebuilt for x amount of dollars it last about 1 year now you have to change it again . You can have the same part rebuilt foe 1/2 sometimes 1/3 the cost, it will still only last a year but look at the cost.
    Is there anyone out there that knows what I'm talking about .
    e-mail;, or questions .
    Not all after market parts are bad, never buy rebuilt, always buy new.
    The warranty means nothing if you have to put in 2 or 3 times, your times is worth more than that . I could talk name brands but I won't it's get to complicated . I later bought a water pump from NAPA, New not rebuilt, it's been in my truck for almost 3 years, see what I mean .

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