ADPhr business partner

F Feb 12, 2017 Review updated:

I am writing to issue and complaint on your HR business partner- Jessica Wu.
She is incompetent and unethical. Last week, I was told to contact her regarding an confidential issue I had and all she did was ignore my issue and dismiss me. Jessica rudely told me she would look in my issue, but I had yet to hear back from her. Worst of all, I was in the women's restroom and I could hear her back-mouthing me in the restroom speaking to her boyfriend. How could anyone trust someone from HR if she is unethical and not trustworthy? I continued to hear her talking about how she is traveling to Vegas for work but is so happy in spending company's dime and money on personal usage with her boyfriend. Is she working or spending fraudulent charges?
I do not believe a word she comes out of her mouth. She was bluntly spilling all confidential information to her boyfriend where she had no right to do this. This employee is not HR and does not know what she is doing. I spoke with a few of my other colleagues and when I mentioned her name, they all agreed that she does not know what she is doing. She never replies to anyone and when you try to schedule a meeting with her, her response time is impeccable late. She needs to get fired.


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