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I was out for the evening with my husband when I happen to walk by this Adore store in Cityplace West Palm Beach. I was handed a sample and told to come in for a demonstration of the product. I was whisked away to a chair. The product was applyed under the eyes and the eye serum. It seem to work and make the lines disappear and brighten the area. I purchased the 2 products for $371. I go home and open the adore skin tightening instant facelift and inside it was a white hard shell that look like plastic. Next day I call the sales lady to inform about the product. She tells me I can mail it in. I say wrong answer. I will go to the store and you will exchange it for a useable product. She didn't even remember me. In small letters it says no refund or return/exchange on open products which I never saw posted in the store as all the transaction was performed at the chair. I have been using the skin tightening instant facelift for two days at night as instructed. There is a slight burning sensation which disappears. In the morning I wash the residue around the eye because there is a coarse film that is left on the skin. Then I apply the serum. There is no noticeable change from using this product in the last two day. I have been taking pictures everyday of before and after and this product does not accomplish what it claims. I will continue to use for the the two weeks. I believe that I have been scammed. I will continue to report. This company should be closed down.

Jan 29, 2016
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  • Su
      Oct 19, 2016

    While shopping in Miami was approached by a salesman for Adore to try "free" samples. He quickly rushed me into a chair and put "magic" wrinkle cream under my eyes. Tried to sell me about a thousand dollars worth of products. I flat out refused. After leaving store the product flaked up and caused my eyes to tear and burn. I thought it was a scam from the beginning. Couldn't see a bit of difference in my eyes after he put the cream under my eyes! Stay away from Adore!!!

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  • Cr
      Jul 28, 2018

    Hello. I have tried this product. Adore instant firming syringe and I was able to see a difference in just a short period of time. I am sorry for your experience and I do agree that there is an extreme tightening feeling around the eyes but the salesperson attributed this to the tightening of the muscles around the eye and the stimulation of collagen production. I have posted a photo below and you can see the difference the product made to my left eye even as I headed back out to the car. . It is very hard to gauge the effects of this product as most of us only have limited experience with them and their claim to instantly improve your appearance seems sketchy at best. However.. I did try the product and it did seem to work in a way that was clearly visible to others. I hope other people post their experiences here as well.

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  • Du
      Sep 09, 2018

    @Craig Ravenscroft it is a scam. what is sold in the store is not the product given. it is temporary at best and i believe those who have had bad reactions to it. was also scammed in AK.

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