Adobe/CS5 / registration

United States

If the geniuses that run Adobe ever want to know why there are so many pirated copies of their software circulating they should try going through an honest registration process of their own product.

We purchased Adobe Creative Suite 5 installed on a new Mac. We didn't realize that Apple doesn't register the software so when we went to register it is was beyond the original 30-day installation. Shouldn't be an issue but it wouldn't accept the product key. Hours of phone "service" and numerous e-mails later "Did you purchase this from Adobe?"...we went back to the Apple store with the actual computer, discs, and packaging. The Apple guys struggled with Adobe for over two hours.

You actually have to get a bit nasty to get anywhere because they just want to keep getting you off the phone with the promise of an e-mail response.

According to the the techs as the Apple Store this is not unusual. I know Adobe and Apple are arguing at a corporate level about Flash but is Adobe taking it out on the customers?

I expect a lot more from a "premium" USA-based software company.

The computer is now home and we're supposed to get a registration number e-mailed "within 48 hours". No one's holding their breath. We would be up and running with a pirated copy.

Are you listening Adobe? This is kind of basic stuff.

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