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  • Ig
      Jan 24, 2009

    I have been trying to get a refund for my money, since they charge my account. They do keep you on hold for at least 45 minutes hoping that you will get frustrated and hang up. Even though the amount is minimal its the principal. Please beware when purchasing products with them.

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  • Da
      Feb 04, 2009

    In December ordered free sample.Was charged 2.95 and then31.90 same day.January charged 38.95 and 39.95 on same day. Sent Decembers acuipure back and have not received anything else but charges.

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  • Ba
      Feb 10, 2009

    Ordered the trial. Heard about the nightmare dealing with them so canceled the day I received the product. I returned the product and even received an email telling me that my account was canceled. They proceeded to charge my credit card account anyway. For your own good - DO NOT order Accupure. I wish I would have seen these prior to ordering...

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  • Ri
      Feb 22, 2009

    Where's the number to call these people. I don't have it. Nor can I find their website. I also tried to cancel as soon as I ordered my 4.95 trial but they said I couldn't because it was too soon. No I get charged 40 bucks and for some reason I can't even find the email I sent them. Oh and the WORST part is that these pills do absolutely NOTHING. I have NEVER been scammed like this.

    So, if anyone has their number/email address please post it

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  • Da
      Jun 03, 2016
    acupure - charged my account after canceling
    United States

    Suposed to be a thirty day trial. We canceled and they still charged my account for the next month worth and never shiped the product. They also shipped two other products and charged me for there trial which I did not ask for.

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