Action Urgent Care / illegal false advertising

United States
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Action Urgent Care has contracted with Safeway and Vons. The company has Full Service Urgent Care in the San Francisco Bay area, they comply with (most) urgent care regulations and requirements to be legally identified and advertise as an urgent care.
They have a contract with Safeway/Vons for retail Health Clinics with a virtual provider.
They advertise these Health Clinics as Urgent Care Clinics. Google Urgent Care and whatever city they are in or check their websites.
If a person thinks that it is an urgent care they may make an appointment and when they show up for a wound that needs suturing or a broken limb or need an xray or lab work for whatever reason there is no provider there, and no xray or lab-they have to go somewhere else for those services. Also, the company will charge you for a cancelled appointment when you realize that they aren't an Urgent Care or want to see a real provider.

It is illegal to advertise a retail Health Clinic as an Urgent Care.

Sep 20, 2017

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