AccountgearRip off

I am an avid gamer and play most of the MMO games on shelves today. I play World of Warcraft with my mates and not long ago came across . The site offered virtual characters and gold which interested me due to my friends being already so advanced in the game and myself wanting to play similar content.

I purchased a character from the site which resulted in a very long waiting period for my character. I was eventually emailed by the company asking to make a different selection to the character I originally purchased due to a technical difficulty on their behalf. This continued until my fourth selection and by this time I had lodged a dispute via Paypal regarding the transaction.

I eventually received an account which was not properly secure and was taken from me by the previous owner. To make my situation worse Paypal was unable to retrieve my money because the store was a virtual item & account company. Accountgear have made no contact with me since I was informed of this.

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