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Accor / Violation of civil rights & discrimination

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Franchisee, John H. Wolf, has allowed his motel manager, Lee Judson, to engage in an egregiously questionable business practice. His manager has insinuated my wife and I are engaged in criminal activities by lumping us in with prostitutes, drug dealers and their ilk by putting us on his Do Not Rent list. This nefarious list is generally used by some managers in the hospitality industry to keep those kinds of people out, and rightfully so.

But my wife and I are both disabled senior citizens who have happily stayed at Mr Wolf's Seaside Motel 6 once or twice a year for 14 years without a hint of a problem. The worst drug I take is baby aspirin for my heart and the very suggestion that my crippled, 60 year old bride is turning tricks in the parking lot made me say a word to the desk clerk I haven't said since I retired from the military.

Another weary traveler, a lady from the Dalles, Oregon, shared with me in an e-mail that she was similarly insulted when the same Manger Judson told her she had been put on his horrible Do Not Rent list when she tried to make a reservation at the Lincoln City Motel 6 - and she had never even rented there before!

I think Accor should be sued for violation of civil rights & discrimination against protected classes, Mr. Wolf held accountable and Lee Judson fired.

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  • Ch
      17th of Mar, 2007

    Your post seems to lack details as to why you are listed on their DNR list. It may be that you have the same name as someone who had been barred or held accountable for damage to the room which you may not have caused. It helps to ask, and clarify the reason. If they maintain notes on your reservations, have them check your last couple of reservations to see if there are any notes why.

    Depending on state law, a hotel has the right to refuse service for *any* reason other than those under a protected class. Having worked in the hotel industry for many years I have seen and added people to a DNR for various reasons, not all of them were criminal.

    Some reasons include:

    Guests who are constantly unhappy with a hotel and complain... you're asked to seek accommodations at a hotel that might better suit your needs.

    Consistently checking out late and causing their housekeeper to have to stay late to clean the room.

    Smoking in a non-smoking room.

    I wish you the best of luck, however don't get your hopes up. Odds are if it was not a case of mistaken identity, they have a valid reason to deny you a room and any reason based on specific past experience with that guest excludes the option of crying discrimination.

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  • Cl
      21st of Oct, 2007

    Dick, what are we to do with you? This is becoming quite funny now!

    From Dick's MySpace page:

    ""About me:
    Truck stop Chaplain, born in Vermont, raised in New Jersey. Retired Air Force NCO. Disabled Viet Nam vet. Married, 4 beautiful kids, 1 dog. Pet Peeve: consumer screw overs - getting to be quite the pro at shaking their teeth via the Internet.""

    ""If you need help with a consumer complaint, contact me. I guarantee we'll get Mr. Big bucks attention. No charge if it's by Internet.""

    No charge? That's a relief! (whew) WHY would anyone consider asking YOU for help with a consumer issue? By your own shotgun internet postings, you couldn't resolve such a trivial matter as "no refrigerator" in a motel room without your ridiculous scheme backfiring (if we are to believe your rantings) into a $100,000 lawsuit against you!

    Now, as to your alleged lawsuits: I'll ask again – what's the case number? With which court is it filed? I checked around (PACER links – researchers will know what that is) and can't find any district court cases that could be yours in either Oregon or Washington. I found 2 cases against Motel 6, both are closed and had nothing to do with you – the motel chain was the defendant. BTW, District Court would be a proper venue for them to counter-sue you because they are (ahem) allegedly demanding damages of $100,000.

    Your claim to have filed small claims suits against the motel in TWO counties is equally fishy. Seems to me you could file in the county where you live or the county where the transgression occurred. I find it hard to believe that two different counties in Washington can both have jurisdiction. What are your small claims case numbers, hm?

    You blather about the internet begging for donations to be mailed to you, but when someone asks for a case number, docket number or some other information to VERIFY that you are in fact fighting off a $100,000 lawsuit you won't provide it! Instead, you pull out your "professional victim" script and deflect the subject. And then you're amazed and shocked that someone might think you’re a scam? A case/filing number and correct name of the court is all it takes to verify your claim – these public records are available to anyone with internet access.

    Here's some more humor – From your "Motelgate" vent:

    ""You ought to check out [redacted].com - Accor, Ivana, I'm hammering a bunch of screwball attorneys and other consumer-complaint bashers internationally, from Canada to New York, Florida, Texas, California and 1/2 a dozen states in between. Makes great reading!

    dickandsandy - 10/19/2007 4:03pm ""

    I'm not a lawyer. I'm a self-employed computer consultant and own some rental properties. However, others and I can spot BS when someone posts some. Don't you think you're stretching things just a wee bit here Dick?

    I have some information for you and anyone else who has visions of getting "Mr. Big bucks" attention: If you request donations via the US postal system to help defray legal costs to fend off a $100,000 counter suit from a motel chain– there better be a real lawsuit pending against you and you better have some real, documented legal costs relative to defending that lawsuit. If not, it's called MAIL FRAUD and it's a crime in Washington just as much as it is here in NY.

    If you have any doubts about what constitutes mail fraud, just call the USPS Inspector 360-891-3028 – that's the number for the postal inspector at the USPS Retail Center that your "donation plea" stated as the address to mail donations to.

    Give them a call Dick and let us know what advice they give you.

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  • Ri
      2nd of Apr, 2008

    Legal Notice: I fully retract and withdraw all of my previous postings on this site concerning Motel 6, ACCOR, and Manager Lee Judson.

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