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AcaiBurn / Scam

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Misleading and deliberately confusing advertising on site shows a 14 day free trial of this product for the shipping charge of $4.95 however after you put in card details, and not until then, does it become clear you have just bought into a membership of somesort to allow this company to charge $59.90 for the pills they send out to you followed by them taking regular payments of this amount directly from your credit card at 30 day intervals. On reading this i immediately phoned and cancelled the product totally realising it was a scam. I was still billed for the shipping charge, which they had hiked to $14, 90 as i was outside of the u.S. (Again not mentioned until after you have entered card details) but was assurred no further charge would be made and my order deleted. However two weeks later, sure enough, $59.90 was taken from my account. Having phoned u..S virtually the whole day, sat on a chat line to the company and then having spend hours on the phone to the u.K. Getting the run around i rang my card company for help. They immediately informed the fraud section of the card company and i await their findings. However i was told this was not the first time they had heard of this scam. On going through my statement with the card company it was observed that another two payments had been taken from my card by associated companies of acaiburn who had passed on my card details, of whom i had never heard of called health & beauty and with whom i had never ordered anything and of course of whom nothing as with acaiburn had ireceived for the monies that had been withdrawn from my account.
Do not get involved with this company it is a deliberate scam in the way it is written up. And associate companies are passed your details. I intend to go fully into this matter until my monies are returned to my account and to expose this company to the u.K. And u.S.A. Press. And media i suggest all those people out there that have been scammed by acaiburn do exactly the same thing immediately. This company must be made to explain the truth clearly there is no free trial, not only will u pay for the shipping, usually a lot more than they show before you put in card details (Explain but they also bill u for the free trial 2 weeks down the line!! They then continue to take payments on a monthly basis directly from your card and you will be given the runaround to try to stop this happening. It would appear they pass your card details onto their associate companies who run in exactly the same way. If this has happened to you ring toll free number [protected] if in u.S.A. Or [protected]. For u.K. Both of which are not shown on the internet. Their e.Mail contact tells you they will reply in 48-72 hours but never replies. Do not waste any time with their chat line girls, they are rude, unhelpful and in no way will deal with your complaint in a proper manner.
Do not accept a refusal to deal with your complaint properly and phone your card company used for purchase to involve their fraud section. Involve press and media where possible.
I will report on this site if my monies are returned to my credit card from acaiburn and how long this takes should they honour that, and will now set about tracking down their subsidary ompanies before any more payments are taen out of my account by them!!

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  • Re
      15th of Feb, 2009
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    this product is a scam.i was asked for $2.95 for postage and to date even though i have cancelled the product as it doesnt work, i have sofar been charged £86.68.they take various amounts of money whenever they feel like it out of my account which has resulted in me having to change my account details, cancelling my card and my bank is now prompting an investigation with this company.they charge membership fees and web access even though i have not been on this site since i told them to cancel.The worst thing is the amounts are not consistant and have even charged me twice in one day, no 2 payments are the same.DO NOT FALL INTO THE TRAP!!!

  • Ca
      25th of Feb, 2009
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    The terms and conditions text is buried on their web site -- accessed through a text link at the bottom of the page.

    To cancel your 'membership', you must call three different numbers. This is only divulged when you call the number provided in their T&C document.

    Product was returned to them and delivered on 11-Feb-09.
    Refund was issued on 23-Feb-09. (12 days later)

    The mysterious $1 “Transaction Fee” that is billed along with the $4.95 “Web Access” and $9.95 “Membership” could not be recovered.

    The web site uses logos from: “As seen on TV”; “60 Minutes”; “YouTube”; “CBS”; “MSNBC”; and “Google”. This is done to bolster their credibility. No doubt, the logos are being used without authorization.

    While I was able to recover the charges made to my credit card – it took a number of phone calls and $5.60 in return mailing costs.

    They had the use of my money for nearly a month – billed on 27-Jan-09 and refunded on 23-Feb-09.

    My cost for this scam: $4.95 for the initial order, $2 in unrecoverable “Transaction Fees” and $5.60 in postage. TOTAL: $12.55.

    If you’ve been scammed by these bottom-feeders, submit a complaint to the BBB and your state attorney general.

  • Pi
      13th of Mar, 2009
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    I purchased acaiburn after hearing it was on tv etc. and who wouldn't.As my grandmother said"if it sounds to good to be is.I decided to return the unused portion way before my trial period and I still got charged.Not only was I charged another 59.95 for it, but another six other charges.That I supposdly agreed to.One was transaction fees, buck apiece.Another was to have web access for 4.95 because I order it on the web, da...and another was membership to have a access to a person like a personal trainer, which on the street I would pay more than 250 an hour for.OK...Then I got about 6 different numbers to call to get this crap off my card.I called acaiburn and they said they did get my cancelation but never got the product.I did exactly what they told me to do, order number, paid for shipping to me and back, etc.They told me they never got it.How convenient.Did I get a tracking number and who did I speak to.Hum, don't know, as this was two months ago.So, ### out of luck.Then I told them had I know, or was told I need a 50 tracking thingy, I would of done it to get my 60 bucks back.AFter alot of bs, they agreed.Then, on to the other people.It tells you right up front when you call, they will cancel you but you are sol for the frist charges that you didn't even know your agreeing to.Ok, .I won't get into detail the conversation with all these scammers but I did get my money back, or when I see it on my credit card.I hate people taking advantage of other people.Do you know how much money they are making just not refunding the intial 9.95, 4.95, transaction fees etc.Of each other.If I don't, like I need the time, I am taking it up with the internet bbb.I am warning anybody, its not just you won't get you money back, you will have all these others to deal with.Its an organized scam.This is only my opinion but, it put a really bad taste in my mouth.Yea, they are agreeing after heated a conversations to give me back my money, but I will believe that when I see my credit card credited almost 80 bucks.I had one person on who refused me, it was my last called.I asked her for a supervisor, there was none.I asked her for her name.She would only give me her frist, understandable.So, I asked her for her id number, thats fair.She finally agreed to give me back my money because she said"she couldn't "take this anymore".I advise anyone to really get a magnifying glass to read all of the fine print because its a mess.I don't have time to take this to the bbb interenet but if I don't get my money credited I will.I am a singlemom with 3 kids and I thinkit sucks when companies ripe people off.This might be a good product but how they are handleing their business is bad business.I will never find out if the stuff works after so many weeks because I refuse to deal with a company that has this business pratice.

  • Co
      28th of Mar, 2009
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    Its a scam folks! But, if you call thier Customer Help line you can cancel, only thing is, when you signed up you signed up to multiple products so you have to cancel each one individually. They will give you a confirmation of cancillation number, if they take any more funds from your account go to the bank with the cancillation numbers and the Bank will liase with the suppliers whilst withholding payment, as I understand it.
    PH numbers are: AcaiBurn (for the pills) 8006593588. The next number is that of the weightloss program I think: 8009895907. And then the next number is for something else, I dont know what! 8002819006. All numbers are US, so enter the international dailling code to the US from your own country first. I dont normally fall for these things but we all get sucked in every now and again. You will get charged the full amount of the first bottle of pills. Keep an eye on statements after that and remember if you are charged again go to the bank with those cancillation numbers. Good Luck.

  • Bu
      3rd of Apr, 2009
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    STAY-AWAY FROM THIS COMPANY I order the so-called free trial. They linked me with two different companies that would contine to charge me monthly. Good thing I check my statement online. They charged me US dollars and ship from Ontario, Canada - this is where I live. When I called customer service at all three toll free #'s to cancel everything the reps were down right rude.

  • Su
      7th of Apr, 2009
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    How do you get the cancellation number if you can get in touch with them?
    This is my firs time of being in a scam and I'm really worried :(
    Please help me.

  • Fu
      9th of Apr, 2009
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    I Ordered a Free Trial of Acaiburn, The money was taken out of my credit card account on the 18th of March £!8-28 for delivery and on the 1st of April a further £5-00 no Acaiburn has arrived. On the 8th of April a further £41-86 was taken out of my account, I informed my Credit card account of this unauthorized transaction.
    So they took my money and did not deliver the goods and their is no cancellation number.
    So I would like to warn people not to fall for this SCAM

  • Vi
      20th of Apr, 2009
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    I have been scammed by Acai burn big time, similar to many people who have posted on here.
    I ordered the 14 day free trial on 10th mar 09. Now not only did they take the shipment fee of £24 from my credit card but also another two amounts of £59.95 within a single month and guess what I never even received the product! So I never got to utilize the 14day free trial in the first place.

    I had a live chat with them on their website and was told to call but as I thought it was just impossible to get through.

    I don't know how to get a refund from them now but I am thinking of going to my bank and reporting this as a fraud and see if that can help. Also thinking to cancel/change credit card details to prevent further charges. But from a few posts on here I guess people have been charged even after making cancellations?

    If anyone can throw more light on to this please can reply to this post of e-mail on


  • He
      22nd of Apr, 2009
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    Acaiburn called me 3 times in one morning a few days ago, this is after I had already cancelled my membership. I still do not know if I will continue to be billed on future statements, but I have disputed them. The phone call was to ask me if I wanted to upgrade my membership!! Unbelievable!! When I finally spoke with a supervisor, he advised me "That will teach me in the future to read all of the fine print before signing up for something". I am sure you all know what I wanted to say back, but I held my tongue. Let them bill me by mail.

  • Sa
      10th of May, 2009
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    i have been such a fool i ordered acaiburn for a free trial but they have taken money without me knowing the pills didnt work either! in total i have had 71 pounds taken out of my account for something i bgot told was sounds brilliant when you read and listen to the advert but dont fall for it !!! i feel so stupid

  • Sa
      10th of May, 2009
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    hi there did you get refunded .i feel so stupid to but were not the only ones that havw been fool by theses crooks.sara

  • Sc
      19th of May, 2009
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    This is a complete scam. They offer the $4.95 free trial. I went online and chatted with them requesting to cancel any further shipments. She canceled my order but then said your card will be charged the discounted rate of $59.95 for the first shipment. I told her I would return the remaining amount (since I've only had it a week and it's not doing anything) and she said I would have to call in. Please don't get caught up in this scam!!

  • Sb
      2nd of Jun, 2009
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    The Acaiburn Company does not tell customers they will be repeatedly mailed product and credit card charged after the free trial. Even after cancelling, the company continued to send more product and more charges. This should be mail fraud as it is certainly criminal!!

    The product is crap anyway...hence another scam!

  • Do
      4th of Jun, 2009
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    I signed up for the free trial. After taking this product for 2 weeks, I had nothing more than a severe headache. I cancelled the membership and obviously missed reading, and wasn't told, of the three additional fees that were placed on my credit card. These charges that were accessed monthly are listed under the guise of MEMBERSHIP, WEB ACCESS FEE and TRANSACTION FEE (only once). Fortunately, I called on the Web access fee and cancelled that on my own. But the membership fee slipped by for 6 mos.. It's taken me until today June 4, 2009 to learn that I have been still paying a membership fee ranging from 9.95 to 10.14 .My total charges for this seemingly free trial have been $234 (including the one bottle that was refunded) since inception in December. I was sent and charged for two bottles. I returned both and was refunded for one. Again, not having time to read all the fine print, I assumed I kept the unused portion (which I threw away).

    Today June 4, after looking at all my past statements and noticing I was still being charged for the membership, I was able to speak with a rep at at 800-659-3988 who told me I wasn't refunded for the second bottle because I didn't send back my unused portion and would be unable to do that since the 60 days had already lapsed. What a scam! Be careful of free offers- I'll never do anything like this on line again.

  • Ra
      2nd of Jul, 2009
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    Yes They are doing a illigitimate business with all the disguise they can have and surprise everybody with multiple bills which they say explained in term and condition . which most of us never read and rely on the company? generally dont rip-off people.

  • Ka
      17th of Jul, 2009
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    i was told about this diet pill by a friend who said it had worked wonders for her, i decided to check it out and went ahead and ordered a free bottle of which i just had to pay a postage charge, after recieving my bank statement i have added up the totel of £80.67 which they have just taken out of my account on different occasions, i contacted my bank who said there isnt alot they can do but to get in touch with the company to cancell the subscription, i did this on the live chat and was given a cancellation number, but to me i do not trust this to end the tranasctions although they assured me im permentently erased off the automatic shipping account. can any one help or comment on what i can do?? im a single mother on benefits and can not afford this scam happening to me, the friend who recommended it to me used her friends card who is also very unhappy with it. HELP PLZ

  • Ro
      31st of Jul, 2009
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  • Mi
      8th of Aug, 2009
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    Acaiburn online chat representative have confirmed that my continued order is cancelled and no further products will be despatched.

    In order to try and resolve this, you will have to do a lot to cover yourself, it may be a pain but it should be worth it in the end.

    1. Inform your bank, they probably are already aware of these scammers
    2. keep all communication history, so that you have an audit (email, chat window screenshots) etc
    3. Cancel the additional subscriptions, you are automatically signed up for Weight loss ebook 0800 047 0192,
    Insider secrets 0808 120 2346 (they will give you a cancellation number, make a note of it and keep and
    also send an automatic generated email, confirming cancellations of these additional subscriptions)
    4. Write to their headquarters, this address is presented in the 'contact us' section. Send an Internationally
    tracked letter. It may cost more, but would be worth it, if you have proof of receipt.
    5. Monitor your bank account and report any untoward payment transactions to your bank fraud section.

    There are steps which we can take. It is painstaking, but unfortunately it is what we have to do to cover ourselves and prove that we have done everything to unsubscribe with this company.

    ACAIBURN Support Emai:

    The return address for the receive products is:
    C/O BTB Mail Flight ltd
    Unit 2b
    Viking Ind Est
    Hudson Road
    MK41 0QB

    I hope this helps.

  • Vi
      10th of Aug, 2009
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    Are you refering to the grey on grey fine print almost impossible to read...take you diplomatic bs line about your honest intentions and pad your pillow to sleep better at night. You are or work for a company that scams people! I was a telemarketer for a while, but you know what I couldn't stand who I was as a result even thought it was for a charity. You have no benevelant intentions and your entire business model is based on trickery. I bet your P&L shows larger profit on the cancellations than the people who actually wanted the product. What is free about this trial. I called five minutes after I realized my mistake and your extrememly rude rep and supervisor tried to tell me they couldn't cancel the shipment if they wanted to...what a load.

  • Lu
      25th of Aug, 2009
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    Everyone needs to be aware that this company is a scam & you purchase the free trial then you will have nothing buy heartache. Buyer be very very aware... Not only do they charge you for 3 months worth of products after the trial period but they also subscribe you to 2 other products. They do not clearly give you info of who to contact so after the same thing happening to me, cancelling my credit card to stop these payments which has caused me a massive inconvenience... Read the fine print & terms/condiitions very carefully. This is a huge scam where they play on the vulnerabilities of people wanting to lose weight. I can't stress enough here buyer be very very aware please!!! It is only you who report these problems online who can help others like it did me too from the 1st comment posted here.

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