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ABN Amro Credit Card / Harrasing calls from collection agency of a paid card

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I had a Credit Card from ABN AMRO with a maximum limit of 15k issued in 2004. The card expired in 2006 March. At the time of expiry there was a very nominal account left to be paid as a total payable amount.

I called up ABN AMRO Credit Card call centre to ask them to not issue any new card to me and to discontinue this card as I was not interested in carrying on with it due to very late monthly bills sometimes no statement for three-three months and a very poor customer service. The customer service executive said that they will adjust my reward points against the nominal balance left to be paid and my card will be discontinued.

Now, after few months, I think in October 2006 onwards, I am getting calls from a delhi number, different people claiming to be lawyers, customer complaint board.. telling me that if i dont pay an amount of 8000 sometimes 9000 i will be asked to go to the court.

I even complaint several time by mail, fax etc to the ABN AMRO Bank but no response.

I am so harassed and tensed by this constant calling from Delhi agency who are very rude and even call at odd hours.

I wished i never have taken it.

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  • Ra
      16th of Apr, 2007
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    ABN Amro Credit Card - Balance transfer - lack of service!

    I have taken a balance transfer from SBI of Rs.20000/- to abn amro card in the month of October 2005. Till now ABN AMRO bank has not credited my account.

    3 months back, i have arranged a clearance certificate from SBI credit card for this balance transfer.

  • Ma
      18th of Nov, 2007
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    My experience with ABN AMRO CREDIT CARD & ABN AMRO BANK is much worse and I continue to document it on my blog.

  • Sa
      14th of Jan, 2008
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    I had closed my ABN AMRO credit card on 12th Jan. Even after submitting a cheque for total outstanding and a request letter to close the card, i have recieved 11 calls in 4 days (Saturday 12th to Tuesday 15th)... Its very irritating that you have to anwer to these calls on a Sunday and festival occasion like Sankranthi... The collection executives says the cheque is not reflecting in their system. One more executive says the customer care has mislead me in telling me the wrong outstanding. One more executive says i cannot close the card as i have to do a minimum cash payment. The best part is all the times different executives call , so there is no connection with the previous one. If you ask them the contact numbers of their seniors they talk arrogantly. This is the situation after i have closed the card in the ABN AMRO main Bank at Residency Road. Also i am dead confident that i will keep recieving the statements and calls if this issue is not closed.

    I am open to furnish the card details and cheque details.

  • Pr
      14th of Jan, 2008
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    I also having very bad experience with ABN Amro customer servise. The people whoever is sitting acros customer service desk believes they are the ultimate autority and no one can questuion them. Some time they have threatened me for payment even after not sending the card statement to me on time. I suggest all my friends that not go for this card even by mistake.

  • Ve
      2nd of Feb, 2008
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    hi all,

    i am facing many problems with abn amro credit. problem is they have issued me a cash draft,but that is not cash draft, its a loan which can't be stopped by phone or email. we need to write letter to their head office which is located in noida.

    Good Tricks by managemnt.....

    1) They will call u and they will say its cash draft. no fees no charges.. ..........first lie

    2) you will receive it in last 5 days before due date. so you can't use it for anything

    3)if u call customer care to close emi then they will say ....we are not entertaining through phones

    4)if u keep on calling ...they keep on sending emi through statement

    5)they can take our authorization in phone but when we call they won't agree on phone .they say we are not entertaining on phones.. good Response from customer care.

    I have given a 7000/- rs of cash draft and i paid it back before due date. but i got emi statement to pay it in installments.

    my last advice is please don't take abn amro credit card

  • Mo
      31st of Mar, 2008
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    Dear bloggers

    I have similar problems which I share with you in detail:

    During its aggressive campaigning, the agents/staff of the ABN Amro Bank approached me and offered a trouble free Credit Card with a big promise of good service and prompt resolutions of my complaints. Due to my sound financial position and goodwill in the market, I was assured of the best package in the market. On the basis of the representations, promises and assurances, I was induced into availing the facility of the credit card with Number: 5425051312176166.

    Soon thereafter I started getting wrong statement of account by the bank. Each time a wrong statement of account was generated, I had to personally visit the bank and get the same rectified.

    I was shocked to receive another wrong statement of account dated: 08/08/2007, (Copy attached), in which strange transactions of Rs. 12, 746.59, Rs. 9, 480.04 and Rs. 9, 394.04 through my credit card was shown in my name. Clearly they did not belong to me and someone must have cheated the bank by cloning my credit card. I immediately rushed to the bank and informed them about the same. However I was surprised to see their lackluster response. I also called their call center and lodged the complaint with reference number: 08021503087. After thorough check, the bank realized the error and I was promised the reversal of the amount in my next statement. I was further assured that a separate inquiry will be conducted and appropriate actions would be taken against the guilty person/s.
    In the statement of account dated: 08/01/2008, the reversal of the above amounts were shown and the account was accordingly rectified. However in my statement of account dated: 08/03/08, the bank again claimed the reversed amount without any reason and justification. I again went to their office and asked for an explanation. The staff behaved very rudely with me and threatened me that if the amount is not given within time, the bank will take strict action against me. I was surprised by the attitude of the bank. They did not bother to inquire the fraud committed through my credit card. They failed to even bring the guilty person to books. They did not even bother to call police. All this shows that the bank is looking for an easy way of recovering the money. Instead of taking appropriate action against the cheating, they chose to target their own dedicated customer.

  • Ru
      1st of Jul, 2008
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    The person who offered the Credit Card to me, gave wrong information of offers that they are offering. They delivered a wrong card to me and none of the offers described by them are valid.

    Inspite of calling them a number of times there is no response and they say the person whom you talked is no longer working with ABN AMRO.

    I am sick of the sluggish services by ABN AMRO.

  • Ak
      8th of Aug, 2008
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    dear sir,
    I would like to mention that your organisation had sent me a credit card in the name of a k majumdar 171 vidya vihar west enclave pitampura delhi 110034, to our surprise the curier company even after being given the voters i card as proof given by my wife reena, did not hand over the credit card your action is now awaited
    a k majumdar

  • Pr
      11th of Sep, 2008
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    Same problem i have faced with ABN Amro Ban. I have closed my credit card in 2004 and still recieving same calls at the odd hours.

    I do not know how to find out the solution to this so that i can have peace of mind

  • Mz
      5th of Feb, 2018
    0 Votes

    @prakash Report to Police with confidence. These fraudsters should be taken to task.

  • Ri
      25th of Sep, 2008
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    Plz close the account and ask other also to close the account, they will never listen to us let them teach a good lesson

  • Om
      17th of Jan, 2009
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    Largest fraud in ABN Amro bank with my Credit card (Card No:-XXXXXXXXXXX8327)

    Someone from ABN Amro bank has changed my all the credit card details like Mobile, Address, and Requested for LOAN on card.

    But For the same, Bank has sanctioned the loan of RS:-100005, (ONE lacs and five thousand) without any proper verification.
    My Card limit is only Rupees:-25000.

    ABN AMRO bank (Credit card Department) does not have any proof like documents, cheque details, recording for requesting loan, for requesting address change, for requesting email id change.

    Now ABN AMRO Noida Collection department is consciously giving me call for the loan amount

    This is one of the largest fraud in ABN amro bank

    Card No:-XXXXXXXXXXX8327

    NO one is ready listen to me, (BANK, Police, and Stupid ABN Amro Bank Customer care department)

    Please guide me and save me from this fraud

    Kind Regards,
    Omprakash Swami.

  • Mz
      5th of Feb, 2018
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    @Omprakash Swami This is a fraud. Report to the highest level of Police. When anyone calls from their customer service dept, tell them the matter is now in the hands of Police.

  • Ma
      29th of Jan, 2009
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    Very true by the ABN AMRO is the worst, i have ever seen. Would urge everyone who are using ABN AMRO to discontune their account with the bank immediatly else they have to suffer like me...

    I have deposited Rs. 2115/- on 22/11/08, in coordination with bank executive after reconfirmation of my total outstanding amount and had commitment that next time I will receive the updated statement with NIL amount due. When I have checked the status after 10-11 days from my last conversation, the amount still reflecting was Rs. 541 /- (approx.) which was late payment charged as per bank by phone executive ….i don’t know why this was been charged though I had cleared all my dues ????

    Again, have received the assurance on this that this will be rectified in my next statement…..but unfortunately, again I have received neither the statement nor any update till date on this.

    Today, when again checked my status, now this has been increased from Rs 500/- to Rs. 2277/- …….is the bank doing such things because of RECESSION ????

    I don’t know why ABN AMRO is degrading the brand and market repo, for me it’s the worst situation I am facing, I am totally DISSATISFIED with services which is providing by ABN AMRO to its customers .….

    Address mentioned below is correct, though i have received only one statement in the month of Oct-Nov and till date haven’t received any statement after requesting lot many times.

    Hope this time I will receive the bank STATEMENT with NIL amount due against me. Awaiting your revert on this …thx

  • Sa
      27th of Mar, 2009
    0 Votes

    send e-mail at with details of complaint & your telephone no. they will contact u.

  • Ma
      29th of Sep, 2009
    0 Votes

    I applied for ABN AMRO credit card on repeated requests of their representative and giving the benefits as Life time free membership card.My card no is 5415 3824 0312 9406
    But now i have got some bill and i have asked them to block the card and correct their records.But i am not getting any proper response .

  • Pi
      20th of Mar, 2010
    -1 Votes

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    I would like to inform you, i had purchase 21000 from my credit card no. 5415382325132595 and i had paid all those amount by cash and i had send letter also at manager operations credit card diviions after deposit this amount.

    But i am sorry to say that i am getting a lots of call from your credit card divisions for the same amount which i had submit earlier. i don't know why this call is away at my number .

    It's a very bad reppo of abn amro bank which is not good for the customer and bank also.

    Hope this submission is acationable.

  • Sa
      26th of Apr, 2013
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    I was given a ABN AMRO credit card with some limit of 65000 Rs. in the year 2007-08. I remember that I had used the card once or twice and paid too the same amount. Due to bad customer service stopped using the card from year 2008-09(don't remember at all) or may be before only. Now after so many years I suddenly started getting call from a agency by saying that I have a amount 65000 due on my name. I told them and explained that I am not using your card for four years and neither I he any dues for any cards. They( agency people) keep calling at least 20 to 30 times in a day at my office reception( work place) saying I have credit card dues and not paying. For that I am totally harassed by my office superior as well as these agency people. I am in facing tremendous mental torture. What to do ? Please help.

  • Va
      5th of May, 2016
    0 Votes

    This has with reference to the credit card number 5425 0513 0999 4951 At the time issuing the card, the representative told that it is a free card and no subscription has to be paid and hence based on his compulsion I took the card. in the month of June 2006.But they have charged Rs.2000 and the service tax on 2000 in the month of August. Hence I have cancelled the said card with the cancellation and sent the cheque along with it for the entire dues leaving the subscription on 28.09.2006 itself. But till date the repeatedly they are harrasing me to pay more than 5000 .two day s before had a call from one person Prakash from Phoneix and asking me to pay the dues. I have clearly explained him that I have broken the card sent the cancellation letter in 28.09.2006 itself and requested him to send the statement to my mail id about the details . But he never sent it to my mail id.Instead of which he has keep on telling lies that it was sent to me. Even after it I said I have all the papers regarding the cancellation and ready to mail it and ask him their mail id.That guy has given me the personal mail id but not the official mail id. Due to heavy work I could not sent.Yester day he called more than 10 times and started harassing me by shouting and using unparlimentary words.He is not even allowing me to explain and asked me the amount. and after collecting it he will keep it for his personal expenses, That is why he hesitates to furnish the official mail id. his telephone number is 43516174 . I have made a complaint with the local police and surrender my papers to my advocate to proceed in the consumer court.
    His main intention is to collect the money and keep the same with him. without sending the details he is demanding the amount is clearly shown that it is only for his needs and to send it to the bank.

  • Lo
      7th of Sep, 2016
    0 Votes

    I am also getting threatening calls from the mobile numbers 91-9066429059 name is Srinivas, claiming to be calling from Bangalore District Court police and Mr. Chandrashekher at 91-9449745320 and he claimed to be lawyer, appointed by RBS / Kotak Mahindra Bank. Very very unprofessional behavior and usage of offensive language over phone.

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