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Dear ALJ,

I would like to bring to your kind attention as my visit to the above service center proved unsatisfactory and bitter experience. I visited here as on prior appointment confirmation received for Periodic Maintenance service campaign for SR 219, under this service I requested 2 additional below services to be performed as an opportunity visiting to center, and payable (not free), which was later not performed and turned down.

- Replacement of 1 engine foundation (front, right) - requested but not done, refused.
- fixing of front tire rim cover - Request but not done, refused.

Upon receiving back my car i was literally broken as my above request was turn down upon given stipulated time, this was a first of its kind experience to me from ALJ service centers, very disappointed, and loss of time, energy. I never had such in the past I visited other centers as well.

Another issued added to my woes was the washing of car that was done only from external, internal engine was not cleaned and washed (attached pictures FYI)

I request ALJ in future to accept requested services from customers, for me as an expatriate, it takes hard time to take permission from my employer and visit your service center. Now its not possible for me to visit you center again and my car above 2 issues are still unresolved. I appreciate if ALJ can favor me by arranging to perform replacing of one foundation rubber this week, i will be very grateful.

lastly, i recommend if the ALJ service advisors also at the center if they can be more proactive and customer friendly then problems and issues we come with could have been more easily addressed and resolvable, as this time the advisor for me was so busy and hectic in his schedule so couldn't detail on service i understand that it was due to the weekend target to be closed but eventually it is the we customer who is affected.

Thanks for considering our suggestions and our issues as we are always with ALJ and want ALJ to be the best among all and steady and if the services are steeping then we/I cannot afford to see this happen whose service i am benefiting from the past 10 years so for this reason is this feedback, and not to be solemnly treated as a complaint.

Yours Faithfully

Abdul Latif Jameel IPR Company /
Abdul Latif Jameel IPR Company /

Feb 04, 2019

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