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ABC / query of geniuneness

1 India

i want to know of authentication of the below mention letter.

awaiting for your positive relply

Virgin Group Plc (UK)
Human Resource Department
Crawley Business Quarter,
Manor Royal, West Sussex.
RH10 9NU

New Ref: /JV/VG 04304-10 UK

After due screening of your resume and qualifications by the recruit team, Virgin Group has finally short-listed applicants for the job interview which is the final stage of recruitment exercise for job.

Stated below is your required information’s for the interview schedule.

Applicant Name
Mr. Chiranjib Bera
Applicant Ref No:
Ref: /JV/VG 04304-10 UK

Interview Venue:
Crawley Business Quarter,
Manor Royal, West Sussex

Salary Range:
£8, 000-£26, 000 Per Month

Interview Date:
9th March 2010.

Arrival Date Of Applicants:
4th March 2010.

On behalf of the entire recruit team, I will like to inform you that your name has been short listed among thirty eight (38) candidates, Batch (A) applicants for Virgin Group job by the Board of Directors and in that regard your application is open to all the various companies of our esteem organization.

Candidates are scheduled for arriver/interview on the above designated date, stated below are names of candidates for interview.

Batch group one of five:

Applicants Short-Listed For Interview: Batch A
Ms. Lisa Press
Engr. Dwayne Jackson
Engr. Lee John
Mr. Erhunse Nosakahre
Mr. Chandrakant Balwant More
Mr. Laisi John
Mr. Lipare Amit
Mr. Chiranjib Bera
Ms. Mi Yu Lu
Mr. David Blackson
Mrs. Scott Mattie
Mr. Rayyan Babur

The above names are listed for documentation purpose only.


-All Applicants are all expected to come with the original copies of all their qualifications and certificate.

-The Recruiting Team will be very strict with all applicants during the interview screening; therefore you are advice to submit the original copies of all qualifications and results to the Administrative department for verification and authenticity of document on arriver.

-The Recruit Team will conduct a seminar for applicant two days after arrival; applicant will be briefed on the Rules and Regulations of VG interview.

-Applicant will be tested on various areas during the interview.

-All applicants will be taken on an orientation excise by the recruit team before the actual date of the final interview.

- All applicants invited for the job interview are to arrive at the international air-port (Heathrow) on the same day.

-All applicants will be received at the Heathrow Airport by some representative of Virgin Group on arriver.

-Equal right will be given to Foreign and British Citizen during the interview excise.

-All applicants are to come with a typed copy of their application letter, which will be handed over to the administrative department on their arrival.

-All Applicants are to come with four copies of their recent passport (Digital Copy)

-Accommodations and feeding of all applicants will be totally taken care of by VG.

-Stationery materials will be handed over to each applicant for the interview.

-Job interview will last at least a week due to the seminar and orientation that will be held before the interview day, note that after the interview you will be required to spend four (4) days in London to wait for the outcome of the interview.

-All qualified applicants will be issued their appointment letter to go home and resume duty one month after appointment, while resuming, VG will take care of your traveling expenses. An accommodation and an official car will be attached to qualified applicant whose position desires it.

-Appointment Letter will be issue to qualified applicant 4 days after the interview.

-Applicant will be issued a two (2) month Visa for the Interview.

-Virgin Group will take care of the traveling expenses of any applicant who has a family to relocate with to London (Maximum of 4).

-New Frontier Travel Agency will process all immigration documents in affiliation with the British Embassy Head Office here in London. Virgin Group has a special preference with the traveling agency; VG has sent the full details of the entire qualified applicant to the Traveling Agency for the processing of their immigration document.
-The Immigration document will be processed within a short period of time three (3) weeks, so applicants are expect to make arrangement, so the immigration document reaches your hand before the arrival date.

-Applicants are expected to contact the Traveling Agency via email for the processing of their traveling documents. The Immigrations document will be processed within a short period of time by the Traveling agency in affiliation with the British Embassy home office here in London, and will be sent to VG immediately after processing.

-Booking of Air Fare Ticket will be done by the agency also through the assistances of the local terminal controller at applicant departure Airport.

-Applicants are to send the following information’s down to travel agency via email for the processing of their immigration documents (Work Visa, Authorization Letter from the Queens Court, Booking of Air-Fare Ticket etc). You will be given detail of how to affect the 33% of your traveling processing fee by the traveling agency.

-Reimbursement will only be granted to applicant with prove of payment. All applicants will be reimbursed and also with an additional 5% bonus, this is due to expenses applicant might have incurred while dealing with VG.

-Applicants are advice to follow all instruction required by the traveling agency, in other for them to process all immigration documents needed.

-Name, Ref No., Marital status, Gender, Date of birth, Passport No., Full Contact Address, Mobile Tel. No., Nationality, Traveling Purpose information of candidate is to be sent to your travels contact person for verification purpose via contact information below:

Contact Person: Mr. Alex Peters

On behalf of the entire management of VG, we congratulate you on your new achievement towards working with VG.

Wishing all interview candidates success in the up coming interview.

Mr. Tony Edwards
Chief Recruiting Officer,
Virgin Group.
(United Kingdom)

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