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Aarons Sales And Leasing / fraud and cheating

1 3908 S Suncoast Blvd, Homosassa, FL, United States Review updated:
Contact information:
Phone: 352-621-1625

My family had an account at the store located in Homosassa Florida. The manager who everyone in this town liked was fired. We were told he was fired for stealing, for doing drugs and drinking on the job. This manager was the best thing for this store and was the most professional man this store ever had, and after he was fired a lot of people we know started returning their stuff.

The problem is when all the customers started returning their stuff back to them, Ray Busiel the new manager and his boss Louis Vargas would not come pick the items up. We know four family's that waited after many calls then got told they owed even more money. These people including ME called before the due date and they waited to call us or just did not show to pick up the stuff. Then they both kept blaming the ex manager for the mix ups? This guy was gone for two months and they kept telling us it was the old managers fault? How can it be his fault that RAY and LOUIS did not come pick up there stuff.

Then to top this all off we go to Rent A Center in Inverness and after two months Aarons bought that store and our accounts. We returned it all and now go to Farmers in Crystal River. They send a nice letter if we are late and do not come to our house at 9pm at night with spot lights shinning in our windows. Lucky Dog my Butt!

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      14th of Apr, 2009
    Aarons Sales And Leasing - Credit Card Fraud
    United States

    I have a friend who works for this Arrons and she telss me that they run peoples creditr cards all the time with out any signatures. I work in a bank and one of my customers had me look into his account and it turned out that the local store was running his card becasue his son owed money on a laptop. The father was just a reference and the Manager Ray told my frind to just keep running the card each month until it is either paid out or does not go through. This is against so many laws, how can a business this large get away with such a crime against the elderly. Sham on Ray and all the staff inthis store. I hope this business fails in this town as we do not need another business that just targets the poor and elderly.

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      14th of Apr, 2009

    They are all liars. Legal thieves run by a district manager that has no morals.

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      30th of May, 2009
    Aarons Sales And Leasing - damage floor
    Aarons Sales and Leasing
    Tonawanda Street
    New York
    United States
    Phone: (716) 875-3225

    The company ordered my a table and they delivered the wrong one. After giving it some thought I called and told them to come and get it as it wasnt what I asked for. I called the manager and was told I am stuck with it for 3 months even though it was their error to begin with. I also found the right table and chair set for half of what they charge for it.

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      15th of Sep, 2010
    Aarons Sales And Leasing - threats
    Aarons Sales and leasing
    United States

    I have been with this company since Feb 2009 and making monthly, weekly, payments for my 2 TV's, my apartment was flooded and all of my belongings were ruined by water damage or i would have never went to Aarons in the first place, i have made payments after payments, i was told your allowed to be 9 days late and no late fees, but on the 10th day you will pay a $5.00 late fee, i had made payments without any issue and have been late for the past several months, i was sent a threating letter that they were going to file theft charges against me and i had paid money sent another money order and they had given me a credit on another product i had but they are in possession of, that would have all paid me up until first of month, i still got calls from the regional person wanting merchandise NOW, they dont talk to each other in that store, i am paid in 2 days and told them on the phone today i will be there friday and the rude person on the phone said that is not going to work, they have people a month or more behind i owe for 2 weeks they still treat you like a criminal, i would never rent from this company ever, if you are threatening and harrassed when your at work and can not even live a normal day.

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      15th of Oct, 2010
    Aarons Sales And Leasing - damage floor
    aarons sales and leasing
    North Dakota
    United States

    My son has been working for Aarons for over one year and has withstand working in conditions that were unacceptable. They recently began to correct some of those problems. Too many to mention in this limited space. One of their customers claim their floor was damage done upon delivering their rental items. The supervisor did not go personally to check on the facts but instead chastise my son and the other employee. Also took their Bonus away and my son's wage increase. I believe this is a harsh outcome considering how hard they work and the distance they deliver. Also, you would think that the company has insurance if indeed things like this happen. I believe check and appraise the damage before attaching the costs to the employees. It is a hard job that not too many people are willing to do yet my son takes pride and tries to do a good job. Having incapable supervisors makes the job harder.

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  • Sm
      7th of Dec, 2010

    I am complaing about a purchase i have made to your store i was given a cash price on a refig. clearly i ask for a cash price and to included tax but now at the end of my 120 days the say i owe taxes .. I have banked money with the store and now they refuse to refund my extra money that i have not used . further more the damaged the product when they delivered i want them to pick it up and return my unused money'

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  • Jo
      19th of Feb, 2011
    Aarons Sales And Leasing - Warped table they would not replace or fix
    Aaron's Sales and Leasing
    2637 10th Ave S.E.
    South Dakota
    United States
    Phone: 1-605-878-1200

    I recently purchaced a Largo pub table and after a few months I started to see a buble in the finish. due to payment and finishing the payment with this store manager name jason he was informed of the table and problem happening with this two thousand table which is over priced table. manager jason sent two people that are in no way experts in furniture had said that he was informing this two people that he would not be able to fix or replace this problem. so under the consumer law on these store that operate in the country that there overpricing and not living up to there agreements and anyone that is in legiatagtion with this company will be payed back in full. complaints that are against this company should see this company taken out and should be concidered crimminal in nature for what the products they sell are not as good they are in the store. so whoever reads these complaints should be forthright in paying attention to these vaild complaints and taking care of what there name is for.

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      10th of Mar, 2011

    The unemployment rate in this country is almost 10%, you son should be thankful he has a job

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