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A & E Factory / horrible customer service!

1 Citrus Heights, CA, United States Review updated:
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Phone: 916-537-5529

I too had a horrible experience with A & E Factory. I filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau and have also asked my credit card (used to pay them) to file a dispute on the payment on my behalf.
Anyway, I thought it would be worth sharing my experience in the hopes of preventing others from going through the same thing.

In Feb. 2008 we had a repair person come to our home from A & E Factory Service (Citrus Heights). The technician informed us that the problem was the compressor and it would take them 10 days to get the part. We let the technician know that we were going to try to find a company to replace the part sooner since we could not go without a fridge for that long. The technician informed us that we owed $72 for the diagnostic (telling us the problem was compressor). We then called a second company who informed us that the compressor was a local part and could be received in less than 24 hours. So, we had the 2nd company come out and look at our fridge. They came out and informed us that the problem was NOT the compressor, that the problem was the overload relay capacitor. They replaced the overload relay capacitor and the fridge now works fine. So, we called A & E asking for a refund on their incorrect diagnostic. They proceeded to give us the biggest run around that I have ever witnessed. My husband was directed to multiple different numbers and was told we can't refund your money. Then he looked up the company on the BBB website and reached a man in Texas who took his info and then had another person, Paula, called him back from Citrus Heights. She told him to fax the copy of the 2nd companies diagnostic to her. The fax number she gave him did not work. After several more phone calls and wasted time he was able to obtain a 2nd fax number. When he called to make sure they had received the fax they had no record of it and told him to call Paula the next day. The next day when he attempted to call the main number he was given refused to transfer him to the Citrus Heights office and told him it was closed. When he looked up the Citrus Heights number on the internet and called, miraculously they were open and he was told Paula was on the other line. He was told that Paula would call him back before she left but when he called an hour later he was told that she had left for the day. In addition, he was told that they had no such fax and he should fax the 2nd company work order again. It is starting to look like their mode of operation is to make it so difficult to receive any assistance that eventually people will give up and just go away. In addition, calls that we made from our home phone number (the one on record with the A & E) do not seem to go through to the company anymore (whether placed on hold and then hug up on, or just not going through)and so we must call from other phones if we want our calls to be answered. We are waiting to hear back from the Better Business Bureau and from my credit card company in hopes of a refund. At this point is has nothing to do with the $72. It is the principle of the matter. This is an awful company with no customer service and a policy of giving people the run around. Truly shocking.

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  • Ca
      16th of Jun, 2008
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    i too am having such a problem with a & e and sears. our 1 year 20 day old washing machine is broken. the starter button is broke and it would cost 155. to fix which is fine. but the repair man tells me that a 233. trim rim (even tho designed to pop off) will be broken to fix the problem. my husband has been back and forth between the rockaway, nj sears store and the wharton, nj repair shop. we finally got the sears store appliance manager to agree to be billed for the trim ring if in fact it is broken in the attempt to fix the broken starter button however the service/parts store would not agree to that. the store manager then gave us the number of the national complaint dept. who told me he was the liason between the store and parts/service dept but tried calling three times and would not help. he offered me a $50. gift certificate! i refused the gift certificate and was told to go back to the store since they were offering to pay for the rim. how many times does my husband have to go to the store and repair service dept?


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